You are the Messenger Not The Mail

I encourage you to read! It came so strong on my spirit this morning! Here it goes….

Humility is key in positioning yourself when delivering prophesy or words of encouragement. I’ve encountered many people who want to prophesy over me or give me a word and when I give feedback on the word, (that is, whether I relate, witness or begin to ask questions regarding it) I am met with very interesting reactions.

Some people have got very upset with me and blurted out, “don’t you know I’ve been prophesying for 40 years!” Others try and deflect onto me and insinuate I’m being prideful because I am asking questions or giving them feedback on whether or not I am witnessing with what they are trying to tell me “God told them”.

I am especially cautious with directional words. I’ve had people walk up to me after a meeting and tell me God told them a direction I am to take in my ministry that in that same week I had received three dreams from God telling me the exact opposite! This is not a light thing friends, this is DIVINATION (the false decree of the enemy) and it seeks to bring confusion and a contrary instruction to the direction the Lord is leading you on.

So many Christians swallow every word they receive because they aren’t being diligent in the secret place in hearing God for themselves. They replace prophesy for intimacy, and they go off on any prophetic word they receive, and when it doesn’t work and they find themselves shipwrecked in their faith, they blame God!

If you are going to give me a word I will judge it, plain and simple. The bible tells me to do this. 1 Corinthians 14:29. I will weigh it against my discernment, what God has been speaking to me, and the word of God. AND SO SHOULD YOU! I will not flatter you if I don’t witness with it, if it is vague I will ask for more details. I have a responsibility of weighing the word, not to flatter your flesh and empower your ego.

All prophesy, personal or otherwise should be submitted with humility and the fear of the Lord.

It is not your tool to get influence, or recognition, it is not your tool to control and manipulate and push your agenda tagging “God told me this about you!” It is not your tool to display how spiritual you are.

We need to be willing for the word we release to be challenged, questioned, weighed or even rejected, without getting offended or trying to justify ourselves and salvage our egos.

If someone weighs your word or simply wants to pray about it to get more clarity on it, it does not mean this person has a religious spirit. I’ve seen many people who lack character and continue to harbour wounds of rejection, mark receivers who weigh and judge their words as having a religious spirit, or being full of pride! No I say this person is a wise steward of what they hear and receive.

We must submit the word we have from God in reverence for the Lord and love for His people. If it is rejected, despised or challenged don’t take it personally. Don’t huff and puff, leave the church or want to blow the house down.



If you identify as the mail then you won’t posses the character and maturity on truly being a RELIABLE mouthpiece for the Lord.

We need to grow and mature as deliverers and receivers of prophesy and words of encouragement. As delivers we need to position ourselves with Humilty and reverence in the fear of the Lord… and as receivers we need to weigh and discern every word and not be lazy in the secret place in our relationship with the Lord and expect prophesy to replace communion with Him. Selah!