– Learning the language of the Spirit
– Spiritual authority
– Delight & desire to meditate
– Changing the atmosphere
– Practical visionaries
– Artistic Imagination
– Rehearsing the pictures

Prophetic Ministry

Prophetic Ministry explained.
The difference between the gifts of Prophecy and the mantle of the 5 fold office of a prophet. Discerning prophecy, understanding the heart of God in Prophecy. The operation of the prophetic anointing and the functioning in the body of Christ. This series also includes practical sessions of students learning to prophesy.

Moving in the Holy Ghost

Understanding the Gifts and how to operate in the Gifts and Anointing’s of the Holy Spirit. This includes practical sessions of learning to flow in the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Understanding how the Lord moves amongst His people in waves of Glory on this earth, and how we as a people partner with Him and flow in Revival.


Understanding the processes of God in preparing His vessels like a potter does with clay. Preparation for destiny and promotion. This series also includes an in-depth teaching on the Fire of God.

Fivefold Ministry

A descriptive teaching explaining the calling and functionings of the fivefold ministry.


In-depth teaching on the ministry of intercession, its functioning and how this is the key to partnering with God in bringing Heaven on Earth. These sessions will include practical sessions of learning intercession.


Worship in the Spirit and Prophetic Worship explained. How to flow with the Holy Spirit and touch the Heart of God where He responds in an atmosphere of Glory. This module also includes practical sessions of learning in worship.


Understanding the core meaning and foundation of “ministry” and the example of Jesus to His disciples in serving Humanity with Heavens Glory.

Intimacy & Character

Along with having separate sessions, this topic is weaved throughout all other modules as it is the vital foundation from which all ministry and life flows. Understanding the priorities of a successful life, in ministry, relationships and our Christian life.

Expository Preaching

Students will learn the basics of how to homiletically and hermeneutically expository preach under the unction and anointing of the Holy Spirit. This will be practical and theory based sessions.

Sons and Daughters of God

This teaching focus around Romans 8 and teaches a deeper understanding of what it is to be a “Son of God” and practically walk in the Spirit in a supernatural lifestyle.


*We have various seasoned mature guest speakers come throughout the course who deposit into our students rich teaching and ministry.