1. Do you offer accodommations during the school terms?
No. Students have to look for accommodations themselves. The houses/rooms are (partly) furnished or unfurnished.
Granny flats: a part of a house made into self-contained accommodation
Share accommodation together and split the rental costs
Au-pair: food and board in exchange for babysitting
Demipair : 20 hours a week helping with the children and housework in exchange for board and food

There are different sites where you can find accommodations, such as:
Flatshare/Offers/Facebook groups
www.realestate.com.au (Longer process due to signing a lease with the agency; proof of income required*)

2. How much is the living cost in Gold Coast?
Rents are paid per week, which range from AUD150-250 per week.
(Be aware whether or not it includes water, electricity, and internet)
Food may vary; estimation per week would range between $50-100 a week.
Transportation options include public transportion or private car.
You can purchase a Go Card for a refundable deposit of $10 and there are different locations where you can top it up. A single ride costs $3.25
For more information: https://translink.com.au/tickets-and-fares/go-card/buy-and-top-up

It is recommended that you have a your own car because the public transportation on the Gold Coast is limited. When purchasing a car, make sure that the car is registered and roadworthy.

3. When is the deadline for school fees?
Deposit is due by the 14th of January 2019.
If you are paying the full tuition at once, it must be paid before the first day of school.

4. Is the course accredited?
No, however, you will receive a certificate at the end of the successful course completion.

5. Are there any additional costs?
Graduation cost is an unknown amount $100-180.

6. What happens after the school year?
There are opportunities to apply as an intern.
Students in the past have done internships in other ministries or at Revival Flame Ministries. Others were called to minister in other nations.


International students

1. What visa options are available?
Work and Holiday Visa (Duration: 1 year; Applicable for the age of 18 but not yet 31 years of age)
Visitor Visa

2. How is the transportation on the Gold Coast?

3. Can I use my overseas driver’s license in Australia?
In most Australian states and territories except the northen territory, you are able to drive on a overseas license as long as it is current.

4. Do international students pay higher school fee?
No, they pay the same as the local students. Click here to see fees.

5. Do I need to get a Australian mobile sim card?
Yes, it is recommended to get a Australian number. Most providers offer free national calls and text messages, which you pay month to month.
Cheaper options:
Coles Pre-paid (powered by Optus)
Aldi Call
Vodafone Pre-paid

More expensive prices:
Telstra Pre-paid
Optus Pre-paid

6. Do I need to open a Australian Bank Account?
Yes, it would be recommended.
Most common banks are: Commonwealth Banks, ANZ, Westpac.
When you open a bank account, do not forget to bring you passport (not a copy), Australian Visa, Tax File Number

7. Is health insurance compulsory?
No. You can decide whether or not to have a international health insurance, local health insurance, or pay as you go. It is however definitely recommendable.

8. Can I work in Australia while studying?
It depends on the visa that you applied for.
Work and Holiday Visa allows you to work for 6 months with 1 employer, for the next 6 months you would need to work with another employer.
Visitor Visa doesn’t permit you to work.