Why Are You Searching For The Living Among The Dead? Call This Generation Awake!

WHY ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR THE LIVING AMONG THE DEAD? CALL THIS GENERATION AWAKE! Were the words I heard as I was waking from a dream where I was waiting and waiting for the return and reunion of a living loved one, who was surrounded by people that I knew who had died and gone home to Glory.

This phrase I heard as I awoke is found in Luke 24:5 where the Angels were speaking to the women who had come to the tomb in mourning to anoint Jesus’ body with spices.

I felt the Lord was saying to me; “Anita Yeshua has risen, don’t seek your miracle, your victory from the place of mourning, the grave, but from the place of resurrection”.

Some of you are contending for a resurrection of your own, prodigals and loved ones who are dead in their trespass desperately needing God to move on their souls. Just as we are called to raise the physical dead so are we called to awaken those who are asleep in their sin, who are bound by the lies of the enemy, and are dead to the leading and the touch of their God.


Who are those watching for this generation? Where are those weeping between the porch and the alter? For the Lord says replace your complaints and accusations against this lawless generation to petitions of mercy and repentance. For the generation before have slept and were not awake and watching and have conceived a generation self-consumed and given to evil. Complaining against this generation will not bring solutions, it will not fix the roots of the rebellion. For they have been left to themselves. For the word says children left to themselves will bring shame upon their parents. This generation is bringing shame upon the generation before them. This generation have been left to the universities and hollywood to educate them, and they now find themselves bitterly condemned by those who abandoned and refused to discipline them.

Who will weep for them? Who will stand in the gap and repent?


The other night I had a dream there was a young man in a hospital room sick and he was very upset with his mother saying, “mum if you had of only circumcised me I would have been protected from Covid-19”. I immediately knew what this meant. Covid 19 is a symbolic representation of the unexpected shakings and trials of these times and how this has effected and dictated fear to this generation. Circumcision represents the cutting away of the flesh, the sinful nature so we can walk in the spirit and by faith, believing God against all odds, not needing to listen to the voice of fear or take matters into our own hands (Colossians 2:11-13). As I pondered and prayed on this dream I was reminded of the story in Exodus 4 where Moses didn’t circumcise his sons because of his wife’s opposition. Moses’ wife was not an Israelite and it was not her custom. Her custom opposed the command of God and Moses yielded to it. This made God very displeased and the scripture says that God struck Moses with sickness to kill him. Moses’ wife recognizing the source of God’s displeasure picked up the flint knife and circumcised her sons and Moses was healed.

The Lord is saying through this dream, the mothers and fathers of this generation, spiritual and natural, have failed to pick up the flint knife of the word of God and train and discipline their children in the ways of God. They have failed to circumcise the flesh of their hearts to walk in holiness and righteousness. They have bowed to the opposition of the cultures of this day and have displayed weak character like Moses. They have listened to the new age voice of sense and reason that has said discipline is harmful. They have yielded to new age philosophy that has said keep your children self-consumed and let them be a law unto themselves.

They have been a generation dead in their trespasses, therefore fast asleep to righteousness. Consequently, they are now a generation who are calling good evil and evil good.


Two nights after I dreamt of the young man in the hospital bed, I dreamt of another young man who was bound by Jezebel and was needing help to get free. He said to me I need $350.

As I prayed on this I searched the meaning of 350 and nothing came up. But the only thing that came up was the Strong’s concordance references of 350. I immediately knew this was the interpretation. In the Hebrew, the word that is 350 is Ichabod, which means inglorious or the glory has departed. The word that is number 350 in the Greek is Judgement or to prove and examine by a process, separating and judging.

Now if you remember the story in 1 Samuel 4 Eli the priest in Israel at the time fell off his chair and died hearing the news that his idolatrous sinful sons had died in battle and the ark of the covenant was stolen by the Philistines. Years earlier Samuel had prophesied to Eli of his fate because of Eli’s unwillingness to discipline his sons. They blasphemed God and Eli failed to restrain them. In hearing the news of this the wife of Eli’s sons Phinehas went into labour and birthed a son whom she called Ichabod because the glory of God had departed from Israel that day.

The Lord was showing me through this dream and the references here to Ichabod, again about the consequences of the failure of mothers and fathers to discipline their children. There is a generation held captive to the lies and narrative of Jezebel. The Lord is bringing judgement to the household of God in this hour. Like the fire that came on Elijah’s alter there is a fire that is coming to the house of God in this time to prove and reveal through examination and separation the true God. The Lord is saying as there was a judgement that came on Eli for the failure to discipline his sons, repentance is needed for the consequence of Ichabod on this generation. Let His fire come and reveal and purge the lies and witchcrafts of rebellion that have held a generation captive to lawlessness.

As we see sleeping has great consequences. But we see in Colossians 2:11-13 that circumcision is the answer to resurrection and awakening. Circumcision is repentance as it is referred to baptism. Let us who are awake and watching, instead of criticising and condemning this generation, watch over them and repent for those who have failed in picking up the flint knife to circumcise them. Let us weep between the porch and the alter on behalf of a generation who have been left to themselves. Let us humble ourselves and weep them into the kingdom, for mercy triumphs over judgement. Condemnation and judgement will not fix this. It is the mercy and lovingkindness of the Father that leads to repentance.

Let it be Lord. You are the repairer of the breach, we can’t fix this mess, we know only you can.


May the Ruach of God breathe and blow upon this slumbering generation, who has fallen asleep under a hypnotic spell of lies fueled by greed. May the spell be broken and the course of direction intercepted as the body of watchers lift up their voice for the sake of this generation. May the spirit of sorcery and pharmekia be exposed and destroyed as we stand for a generation to be loosed from drug addiction, drug reliance and medicated hope.

As one root meaning to the word revive means to “wake up and come to your senses”, may the winds of Ruach Hakodesh breath resurrection life on the dry bones of this generation causing them to “snap out of it” and “wake up” from the spell from which they had been held as seduced captives. May the resurrection winds of heaven bring the scattered bones of a generation lacking identity into form and purpose once again. May Yeshua be the hope restored, may He be restored to the center as hope for this generation, causing an army of righteousness to arise who will overcome the spirit of anarchy. For it is said, without a vision the people perish, this actually means, they cast off restraint and loose self-control. We need hope and vision restored to those lost, awakening them to the thoughts and plans the Lord has for them. May the lord take out of their heart a heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh.

We are to contend not only for the resurrection of the physical dead but also the awakening and resurrection of those dead in sin.

Call them by name, call them awake, call them to wake up to the sound of his voice, saying “This is the way, walk ye in it”!