Who Will Win The War?

Amos 9:11 – ”In that day will I raise up the tabernacle of David, the fallen hut or booth, and close up its breaches; and I will raise up its ruins, and I will build it as in the days of old,“WHAT IS THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID?Many have thought to believed it’s a physical building that hosts 24/7 prayer and worship.I propose it’s a blueprint of the life of the sons of God that will establish his kingdom on earth.New covenant – We are now the temple of God. The Lord says my house shall be a house of prayer. In other words, the way of life of the believer.The blueprint of the tabernacle of David is a life that is immersed in intimacy with the Lord. Intimacy is prayer, worship and word which causes us to live in His abiding presence, be awake, a people of faith and be led by His Spirit.We are either led by His spirit or the spirit of this age. The spirit of this age is antagonistic to the ways of God and will cause you to live a life of carnality in sense and reason.The tabernacle of David has lied in ruins because many have abandoned the blueprint of His presence and traded it for a blueprint of programs and rituals that are birthed from the wisdom of men rather than from the chambers of His presence. Aka the slop of religion.SAUL’S ENDA people who live from this space will not possess mighty exploits as their portion.David’s exploits were always birthed from the place of relationship and knowing His God. The victory over Goliath was only won because a young man knew His God was mightier than an unclean uncircumcised Philistine.Some want the victories of David but still want to hold onto the blueprints of Saul. The blueprints of Saul are self seeking, flesh feeding and reputation preserving. In other words living unto man and not unto God.Saul was not a presence / relationship man. In fact it says in 1 Chronicles 13:3 that the ark was not sought in the days of Saul.He was not presence-centred, it was not His pursuit and we see His end.The Lord is releasing in this hour battle strategies and blueprints of victory. These are the ways of God.Those who reject the Davidic blueprint in this hour and continue to remain in the blueprints of Saul – which is a house driven by performance holding no regard for His presence, will in fact endure the same fate as Saul. They will fall on their own sword.The Lord is restoring the blueprint of a Davidic heart to His people for the days at hand.We will not win the war wearing the armour of Saul.HOW GOD IS RESTORINGThis isn’t just about corporate places of worship but rather the temple of the Holy Spirit – being you and me, being restored into a place of intimacy and those breaches in the heart and those things in the heart that lay in ruins, God is raising it up.Restoring the tabernacle of David is building people not organisations and kingdoms. We are the living stones, He is the chief corner stone, and the Kingdom of God is within us. We carry His kingdom, so when the “houses of prayer” (the believer) is built and restored, collectively kingdom will come, because it will come forth out of the believer.We are the house of prayer to all nations. That is why the wineskin of corporate gatherings is changing because the heart of the believer is changing. The pursuit is being aligned to Him and His presence and as the pursuit is aligned heaven will come. And heaven coming (like I mean truly coming, not leaders who get up and tell people God’s there). Let me tell you something though, when God shows up you don’t need to tell anyone. You may need to explain it is God, because the sad fact of the matter is many of the church has been so far away from His presence, when He shows up it’s culture shock!STRANGE? NO! HIS PRESENCE IS HEAVEN TO MEAfter a service recently where God landed in His glory and no one (not even babies or kids) could move or speak for a good 45 mins, then God moved by His spirit and swept across the place, a man came to me and said, hmmm that was strange, hmm yeah strange. I’m like what? It astonishes me how people who claim to have accepted Jesus regard His presence as strange. We should KNOW and RECOGNISE HIM when he shows up. The devil and the wisdom of this age is what should be strange to a believer definitely not GOD’S PRESENCE.The sad fact is the presence of God is strange to the hard-hearted Christian and those who have been feasting at Saul’s table, but it’s normal and an absolute delight to those hungering and thirsting for righteousness. That means, hungering and thirsting to do it GOD’S WAY!In other words when you are hungry and thirsty you are desperate! Only those who are DESPERATE to do it GOD’S way will abide in His presence.IN THAT DAY!When the Lord announces “IN THAT DAY” He will rebuild, we need to understand the dynamics of that day.THAT DAY is revealed two verses earlier in Amos 9:9”For behold, I will command, and I will sift the house of Israel among all nations and cause it to move to and fro as grain is sifted in a sieve, yet shall not the least kernel fall upon the earth and be lost [from My sight].That day is upon us, the Lord is sifting the House of Israel. That His church. Leaven is being purged, the heart is being awakened from slumber, the taste buds are changing from a convicts diet of the slop of religion to the meat of doing the Father’s will.God is indeed restoring His tabernacle, His temple, to be one after His own heart. A generation of seekers who will lift up their heads, open the gates that the King of Glory may come in. These are the ones who love him first, and these are the ones who will win the war.
Anita Alexander
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