Where Is Your Allegiance?


Early January 2020 I had a dream that a young girl was playing on a fence. I began to speak to her as I pointed my finger. I could hear no sound or words while I was doing this, but my husband asked me what are you saying to her? I responded, “I’m telling her to get off the fence because the fire is coming!”

The Lord began to speak to me about the FIRE that is coming that is going to test His Church. This fire is a purifying fire, and it is coming to test ALLEGIANCE. It will test where the people of God hold their allegiance. Is it to themselves, the world, the banks, people or HIM? Fence dwellers are not safe. There is an urgency in my spirit to announce to His people that fence dwelling christianity will not serve them in this hour. Playing church will not serve them. Playing church politics will not serve them. Playing with the world will not serve them. It is time to choose. It is time to choose if you and your house will serve the Lord or not. Not half-heartedly, as the picture of the fence describes, but wholeheartedly 100% sold out to Him. What does this type of faith look like? It looks like believing God at His word and not believing what we want to believe because it is comfortable to the flesh.


For some time through progressive numerous dreams over the last couple of years and months, the Lord has shown me that PERSECUTION is coming to the church and this will be one of the fires that will come to test the genuine faith of His people. Persecution will reveal where their allegiance lies. It will test if His people are going to sell out to save themselves, their reputation, their positions, their possessions, comfort and momentary security or if they will pay the price for truth and integrity. Will they water down the word or their stance seeking not to invite persecution? Will they run from adversity and compromise their faith and deny Jesus like Peter in Jesus’ hour of great trial?

The Lord has shown me that we are entering a dark night like the night of Jesus’ betrayal and His disciple’s loyalty will be tested. Will you run, will you deny Him, will you be found faithful? Can you only be found when you need something from Him, but run from Him when what He represents is put on trial publically? That is the days we are in. Christ is being put on trial by the doctrine of the Anti- Christ message, and where will His people be found? ON THE FENCE or ON THE ROCK?

In January of this year it was also revealed to me in a dream that the economy and specifically the real estate market will go through a fall. Christians were playing a game with real estate like virtual reality and this false realm was about to crash. They had thought they had reached a level of success and pride in their own financial efforts, but were in covenant with the banks. This did not serve them. This crash and great economic challenge caused some marriages to fall apart and where that happened they lost everything and came out with nothing, worse off than before. Where marriages stayed together through this crisis, they didn’t loose everything but broke even. This caught those who had been caught up in putting their trust and reputation in the systems of this world by surprise, because they were living in a false sense of security.

The Fire that is coming is going to prove everything that is real and expose everything that is fake.

This Fire will also promote many of the Lords hidden ones who have been prepared in trials and testing like Joseph. These ones God will use as the earth falls into great need and great crisis. They will look for the answer but will find none. This is the hour the stage is set for the sons of God to be revealed.


There is coming great need in the world in these coming days and even hours says the Lord. Even like the days of Joseph the world is going to come into great crisis. Those who have kept allegiance to the King in their time of trial, like Joseph, will be promoted and used to be the answer to the great needs of this world’s crisis.

Recently in worship I had a vision and I saw Jesus in the throne room, and He was clothed in a “Coat of Many Colours”. I asked the Lord, that coat looks like Josephs coat? He said yes it is, it is the coat of sonship. I knew He was distributing these coats to certain ones in this hour. The Lord showed me the colours are His Anointing and favour. The robe of sonship is the Lord putting great favour on His ones that have endured the trials and preparation to govern in the kingdom on this earth for such a time as this. This mantle of favour and promotion into sonship was coming upon His mature ones, that understand His ways. Not necessarily mature in natural years or even years walking with the Lord, but mature in surrender that understand His ways. These ones will be positioned to be the answer in the times of crisis and will serve the world the TRUTH in times of great need.


Joseph kept his allegiance to the Lord all throughout His trials and tests. He didn’t waver in his loyalty.

Loyalty is a forgotten word in this generation. These days, loyalty is a virtue that is very rare. We now have a generation that is so out to meet their own needs, that the concept of loyalty is somewhat foreign. Chaos is a result of a generation who have forgotten loyalty.

It seems as if this generation doesn’t know how to stick through tough times. As soon as something doesn’t go their way, they leave or they move on to the next thing that will be favourable to them. Whether that is a marriage, relationship, friendship, job, career, or school or church.

But what they are failing to do is experience the test of character in unfavourable situations that prepare and ready them for greatness.

We see people walking away from marriages as soon as a bit of pressure is put on them, we see people walking away from jobs as soon as unfavourable circumstances hit.

To be given responsibility and leadership in the kingdom, loyalty and faithfulness will be tested. God promotes faithfulness.

What are we loyal to then, what does that look like?

Loyalty to His word. What does His word say on a matter?

That is how we are tested. Will we obey the word in a given situation or will we fulfil our own desires?

Our allegiance must be to the word of God and it must be the final say. Will we be persecuted for having allegiance to God’s truth? Absolutley!!!

Where is our allegiance when there is an outbreak of disease and chaos? Is it on the word?

One thing I have discovered is if we seek to go the worlds route because it looks like it benefits us, and it is the temporary present fix, it will eventually bite us.

If we seek to fit in, that need will eventually have to be tested against integrity. Will you sell out to avoid the discomfort of persecution or will you stand strong and endure the temporary adversity, to enter into a reward that striving cannot keep. What you strive to get, you will strive to keep.

The tables always turn, and character that has been tested will serve to promote you.

That’s why Jesus said in Matthew 16:25;

“For whoever is bent on saving his [temporal] life [his comfort and security here] shall lose it [eternal life], and whoever loses his life [his comfort and security here] for My sake shall find it [life everlasting]”.

To follow the Lord you will suffer persecution, you will suffer tribulation. But be of good cheer for Jesus has overcome the world.

The problem is we don’t like being uncomfortable. We don’t like not having earthly security. Well, let me tell you, if you have security in the things of this earth you will be left with no security when it fails.

The bible says “when it fails”. Luke 16 says it will. The things of this earth can fall away tomorrow.


You have allegiance to allowing those things in your life above the word of God, and what the bible says, then the fruit of where your allegiance lies will continue to operate in your life.

We need to break wrong and ungodly allegiance’s. This is where deliverance takes place.


When we repent and renounce these (ungodly) allegiance’s we can be set free. Fear is an ungodly allegiance. We can call it all we want, but we choose to either pledge allegiance to fear or pledge allegiance to faith.

We choose to pledge allegiance to sickness or allegiance to the cross. We pledge allegiance to deception or allegiance to the truth. We pledge allegiance to ungodliness or to righteousness.

In this hour the fire of God is going to test the substance of the faith in the body of Christ. Will they bow and please man or will they stand for truth and righteousness?