Consider this… even though some of you may say, “it’s elementary dear Watson”, I believe the Lord dropped this in my heart for some of you.
As we know prophesy reveals the heart and mind of God (His intent) on a matter.
We also know the written word of God (bible) reveals the Lords heart and mind toward His people.
Therefore EVERY promise and thought of the Lord towards His people Israel and later the early church that was recorded in His written word is a prophetic word to you of yes and amen for now.
You don’t ever have to question if what has been spoken by Gods own mouth and recorded in His scriptures is God’s will for you or not.
For example, As God said to Israel “though you may walk through the fire you will not be burned and though you walk through the water you will not drown”, “fear not for I am with you” (Isaiah 43:2,5) ….. that is a prophetic promise to you. It is Gods heart toward you. His thoughts toward you through trial and difficulties is that He will not let the trial and pressures of difficult situations overcome you or prevail and be comforted to know He is with you and you do not need to fear.
When God said to Israel “instead of their former shame they would have two fold recompense, and instead of dishonour and reproach they would rejoice in their portion”, (Isaiah 61:7) then that is His heart and mind revealed towards YOU.
He desires to restore to you double. He desires to turnaround what the devil meant for evil and bring forth good (Genesis 50:20, Romans 8:28).
This is showing Gods heart toward you in circumstances of loss, injustice and being ripped off.
You don’t need to question is this Gods word for me? Or is this Gods heart for me?
Yes it is. He said it towards His people Israel even though they were a backsliding people. How much more then for us who are washed in the blood of the lamb and have access to the throne of grace in our time of need.
We never need to question whether those promises God spoke towards Israel are for us or not. They are. Gods word is His heart and mind toward us therefore we can boldly and confidently and completely trust and throw ourselves upon His word in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES AND SITUATIONS.. because it has been tested and tried and it has not been found wanting.
Build your life upon what has been tested and tried… be fully persuaded in what He spoke concerning you and your family through the scriptures… even if it was spoken through prophets millenniums ago, He is the same yesterday , today and forever. What He promised of old He is still promising today. His word never passes away. Luke 21:33.
Blessings Anita Alexander