We Must Repent From Educated Emotion And Return To The Wisdom Of Above

What I find very interesting is the way people use the scripture “For we know in part and prophesy in part” 1 Corinthians 13:9 as an excuse to devalue or undermine the different parts prophets are seeing and speaking into, because they themselves don’t see it or carry that part. We need to remember there are many parts to one whole. Those who say these things don’t realise their comments are contradictory in nature. A person who truly understands this concept of prophesying and knowing in part, holds a heart position of accepting they themselves don’t have the full scope on things. Therefore, they lend their ear to hearing other voices that carry other aspects of the heart of God. This makes the whole body. But the problem we have and continue to come up against when chaos and crisis comes into the earth, is that many in the body of Christ attack others that are seeing a different angle or part to a situation because just maybe they haven’t mentioned the part they themselves are seeing. This is madness. This thinking is rooted in pride and is clothed in a religious spirit. It is high minded and presents that unless you see things the way they do or validate their angle of truth when sharing your angle on truth then you are flat out wrong. The body of Christ will gain no forward movement with this way of thinking. Let me give a for instance.

When the lock down came we saw the government close houses of worship. Within this space we saw pastors close their doors and go online, and we saw others resist this order. Woah did that spark a war within the body of Christ! Why? Are we not allowed to go by our measure of faith and run in our own lanes? Do we all have to be the same? We had pastors that closed their doors attacking those that kept them open and we saw those that kept them open attack and condescend those who closed their doors. This just exposed complete immaturity and arrogance from both sides. A leader messaged me one day and said “what do you think about such and such who has refused to close their doors?” I said I am not going to judge their faith. If they feel to stand up for what ever reason, then maybe God is using them for a greater cause. Does it mean everyone else is to do the same? No, we must all do what we see and hear our father doing. Many pastors that refused to close their doors were standing for certain freedoms and maybe God could use that in the greater good for the future.
But many times we fail to see this because we just want to attack each other and call each other stupid, yes no exaggeration, ministers were calling other ministers stupid, retaliating on both sides, publically on social media.

And now we are faced with yet another crisis and everyone is too afraid to speak the part that they know or see for fear and intimidation because people aren’t yet mature enough to rely on each other to complete a whole and have discussions of each “part”. If you do step out and commen on an angle of the situation, then you are shouted down for “only seeing in part”. Yes that’s right, I get that, I do only see in part. That is why I try to be faithful with sharing the part I see. But just because I don’t mention your part in what I am seeing, does not justify you from disqualifying my part from the whole picture. I am not mentioning your part because that is not the part I am seeing!!!! My goodness its elementary isn’t it?

I believe if your part and what you see completely detracts from truth, then that is the only time it should be thrown out, but not just because it might make me uncomfortable or challenge my thinking, or be the other side of the coin.

We see in James 3:14-15 that the wisdom of this world is rooted in selfish ambition, bitterness, pride, breeds strife, is sensual (meaning speaks to the emotions and senses), and is devilish. The wisdom from heaven is pure (meaning it has no political or social agenda to push), it is peaceable, gentle full of mercy and without partiality and HYPOCRISY!!! Amplified Classic version.

Where there is HYPOCRISY there is no truth and resolve cannot come. Jesus spoke much on hypocrisy, maybe that is a post for another day.

The Lord has deemed it that we all only know in part and prophesy in part. WHY? So we learn humility and then walk in unity. Let me tell you unity will never be accomplished without humility. And humility = maturity.

If I am too arrogant to know that I need to understand many facets of God, and that I will not find that all to myself without needing in any way to yield and submit to another believer’s view on God to receive the whole picture, then I am on the b line for deception. That is why Hebrews 10:25 says not to forsake the gathering of the brethren as is the habit of some people, but admonishing (warning, urging, and encouraging) one another, and all the more faithful as you see the day approaching”.

We need to understand there are many prophets who carry many expressions of the heart of God. For instance, the way of the Lord that needed to be made ready for His coming that was prophesied about in Isaiah 40 reflected a much needed landscape change. We see there were four parts to that landscape that needed adjustment. The valley’s needed to be lifted, the mountains needed to be lowered, the crooked places needed to be made straight and the rough places needed to be made smooth. This then means in order for this landscape to change form (and this landscape spoken of is the heart by the way), there is needed a different strategy and anointing, word and solution to each shift.

Valley’s represent the areas you have been wounded, fought battles, places where you felt like you would never recover from. But the Lord said he would raise those valleys. Well that is an anointing of comfort to those who mourn, a healing of the broken heart, a recovery and redemption anointing. Word from prophets of comfort, encouragement, hope and healing will lift valley’s.

Mountains represent the areas of pride in our hearts. Where we do things in our own strength, we rely on our own way, we try and walk in God apart from God. Its where imaginations are present that lift themselves up against the knowledge of God. Well in this case we need the hammer of the word of God to deal with those mountains. We also need the fire of God to melt the hills like wax. Words from prophets that carry that anointing of fire on the word that deals with rebellious attitudes in our hearts and calls us to repentance will deal with mountains.

Now I have only broken down two landscape areas here, if you want to know more get my book The Avenger, The Rise of The Kingdom, I explain more in there. But for todays reference to this topic I have used these two contrasting landscape examples to display how two different strategies are used by the same loving God, in order to bring about a whole picture.

We must remember this with any crisis, there are different facets of God that need to be displayed by the “knowing and prophesying” in part to bring about the whole picture and bring forth solution and healing. The issue is more with whether we are willing to listen to the other parts that are vastly different than us because it doesn’t line up with the truth we think we know that we now have turned into an idol.

Just because someone is bringing a different aspect to the table does not mean they are discounting your view, your side or your reality. They are merely bringing a fuller scope for discussion in order for the greater picture. The quicker we grow up into maturity and humble ourselves so that we may move in the higher wisdom rather than emotion, one side anger and the other sloppy agape then the quicker the church will rise to her full governmental capacity to bring forth justice and righteousness on earth as it is in heaven.


We can’t just go around sprouting this and that anymore in futility and educated emotion. Educated emotion has been the cover of true heavenly wisdom in the church government and it is now falling apart. It hasn’t worked because it is a wisdom of this earth and is devilish. The wineskin has changed and that cannot operate moving forward. We must move into a more mature kingdom operation, of humility by the fear of the Lord, and unity in order to see the results we so desperately and earnestly set our faces in prayer for.

We already have the road map. It’s called the word of God. If we collectively as a people just returned to the word of God as our manual for government we just might see some giants topple. We can’t operate in governmental kingdom authority outside the authority of the word of God. I don’t care how educated you are in the earthly realm and how many degrees you have on this or that, the heavenly realm is no match for earthly wisdom. You will not make a principality fall with your degrees. You can’t stand there and flash your degree and demand a principality bow to that. We need heavens solution for earthly problems because we must remember it is not flesh and blood we are at war against here, it is demonic principalities and rulers in heavenly places. Humility by the Fear of the Lord is where we start. It will access a higher wisdom that no earthly degree will get you. Let us as a people return to the fear of the Lord, and hook into the very wisdom that created the earth we are now needing solutions for.