We Are Entering The Days Of The Round Hole!

I believe the Lord wants to encourage many of you who have been faithful to assignments and seasons where you have felt like a round pole in a square hole.

The days of the square hole are now numbered and on notice and in this season many are now transitioning into their round hole place.

These square hole places and assignments have been difficult to endure for many but it has been for the purpose of refining, building, forging and equipping. Sometimes many have found themselves questioning the Lord’s commissioning regarding these assignments due to the level of warfare, isolation, contention, challenge and pushback they have endured. Assignments where joy is scarce and the persecution high.

Where is the favour Lord? Where is the breakthrough? Where is the fruit? Questions many have found themselves asking in this past season.

But the Lord would remind us that strength is built in resistance, endurance is built in adversity. Resolve is forged in the place of being led by the unseen (faith) to toil in the seen and not yet yield a harvest. In these square hole seasons, faith is refined and the heart moulded into a place of surrender that wasn’t thought possible.

The Lord says, it’s all been preparation to carry the call. The call is what you’re born for, the call is the sweet spot, the call is the promise fulfilled being a tree of life place. This is the round hole.

Maybe for some, the assignment hasn’t led them into a square hole season but simply the circumstance. Non the less the Lord would say, the square hole season is over and I am moving you to your perfect fit.

For some this move into the round hole will be new relationships and friendships – friends that feel like family, for others it might be finding your church family tribe, for others moving to new geographical locations, for others change of jobs or positions in the current work place, for others it may be different educational facilities or environments that are best suited to equip.

For some, there will be an awakening to the fact they weren’t aware they were in this season of the square hole. Some have become so conditioned and used to being shut down by environment and people that the call of God has become quenched.

Some have unknowingly been operating in a square hole either by pleasing man or by doing what they think is expected of them, and have wondered why they have been frustrated with limited advancement. Some evangelists have tried to be prophets and some pastors have tried to be businessmen and some businessmen have tried to be apostles. Some have tried to force themselves in square holes, force themselves into positions, force themselves before people and force themselves into promotion, but the Lord would say when you do it by your might it’s only a square hole.

Today I saw a vision of an Angel blasting a trumpet and the sound of the trumpet was an urgent call for the Lord’s people to assemble and take their rightful position, in their rank and file. This was to be ready for the captain of the host to give corporate instruction for forward advancement. The blast of this trumpet will bring some out of identity denial, and in some cases clarity to identity crisis. This sound of the trumpet will blow the “cobwebs”(lies and deceptions) of the enemy away and many will realise they need to make changes and decisions to become rightly aligned.

There is a reshuffling that is going to take place in this hour throughout the body of Christ as the Lord himself places His people in their rightful positions. He may have to remove some in order to rightly positions others. Don’t be discouraged if the door to what you are doing now suddenly closes. The Lord is just reshuffling you. For some it will be a suddenly for others it’s been a long time coming.

No matter what it is, the Lord says this round hole season is going to bring forth such a blooming that the square hole could never ever be able to render.

Get ready to find “the rest”, get ready to walk in “his yolk”, for there is going to be rest for the weary soul.