Warning!! Intellectualism Vs Illuminated Teaching – We Must Be Seekers Of The Presence In Order To Discern The Difference.

If you are a presence person you filter, weigh and discern information differently than those who aren’t presence centred.Being presence centred causes you to have the word of God as your text not psychological intellectualism.I just read an article by a well known and respected leader in the body of Christ “teaching” on the prophetic, supposedly bringing theology to prophetic language, however there was not one scripture used or unpacked by revelation. It was all school of thought and extremely great academic writing that stimulates an intellectual mind, but not “enlightening” the eyes of the understanding in any way shape or form.There is a difference between enlightening the understanding by the “Spirit” on the word of God and bringing an intellectual understanding that stimulates the “natural” mind.We need to be careful of the latter and also recognise the latter. Supposed insight without the illumination of the Holy Spirit can lead us into error as the ways of God are “spiritually” understood.I’ve read theological academic writing under unction of the Holy Spirit and I’ve read theological academic writing written creatively that appears as insight but is void of illumination. It is brilliantly written with amazing explanation almost looking like spiritual insight, but lacking the word of God in any shape or form as the text.When I am being taught on a topic especially the prophetic, you better give me scripture. Explain the workings of your “understanding” through illumination of scripture otherwise all I’m receiving is “your” intellectual thoughts. Your “intelligence” is unhelpful to understanding such a spiritual topic.The prophetic realm is predominantly the communication of man with God. Hence we cannot unpack this space without illumination of scripture. I don’t want your thoughts on how this functions, or even your experience unless you can by revelation of the Holy Spirit expound on the written word to inform me of His ways.We can not be gullible little sheep who swallow every well written piece from well known names.The only name that means anything to me is Jesus, the Word of God. If I see His signature on a written piece I will eat it, and swallow it, but if not, I will spit it out and so must you.You need to be a presence seeker (intimacy) above all as Holy Spirit will always lead you to the word. This is how we will discern what is written by Him and what is penned by a bright spark mind.We see the example in the temple how our communication and understanding works with God.We must recognise that we are the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:19-20). As the temple in the Old Testament was a prophetic picture of our body representing our makeup, a three part being. The body, the soul and the spirit. Outer court, inner court and holy of holies.In the inner court which represents how the Lord interacts and fills the soul, we see the lampstand (the Holy Spirit) shining on the table of showbread (word of God) bringing illumination to our understanding (mind) of the scriptures. This is how the word of God is able to renew the soul by the spirit of understanding. This is the “eyes of our heart” that become enlightened that we see (understand) (Eph 1:18). It’s an unlocking of understanding by the Spirit of God.Now let’s pause and bring into context what we initially began speaking of at the beginning of this discussion, that is, being presence minded and seeking.Some don’t fully understand what this means. They think it means chasing an anointing. It doesn’t, that’s power minded.Presence centred simply means intimacy and relationship with the Lord is priority. You seek His face, His presence, to know Him, and His ways. It’s being ever filled and stimulated with the Holy Spirit (Ephes 5:18).Now if we see the progression of this space laid out in the blueprint of the tabernacle we see the outer court is where the blood was shed for the forgiveness of sins. This has now restored us into relationship and has enabled us to embark on a journey into intimacy with our maker. Then we are set in a progress to enter the inner court where our soul is renewed to become one with Him not just in spirit but to now enter His “higher thoughts and higher ways” (Isaiah 55:8-9).We must see how the apostle Paul lays out the blueprint of this renewal process. Romans 12:1 speaks of an offering of our lives as a living sacrifice which is holy and acceptable unto him. This is surrender. This is the foundation of the pursuit of intimacy. There is no step 2 without step 1. In verse 2, he then goes onto explain that to understand and discover His will we must have a transformation and renewal of our mind, this is step 2.Many seek the renewing of the mind without surrender. To surrender is to seek His presence. Because you are after Him not after what He can do for you.To be the latter would be to seek renewal of the mind without surrender. This only leads to knowledge that puffs up (1 Cor 8:1). It is gaining “knowledge” that does not renew because Holy Spirit’s grace comes upon surrender and a heart yielded to the process of “knowing Him” (James 4:6).There are a lot of people who know the scriptures but don’t intimately “know His ways”. The devil being one of those beings. He is proof that you can know scripture outside of intimacy.To know “His ways” is to know Him “by the Spirit”. Again to then know Him by the “spirit” is to pursue Him with humble surrender.Intimacy is to know HIS WAYS.This doesn’t bypass the mind it is the stimulation of the spirit upon the mind.However without the Holy Spirit on the mind we will have knowledge that puffs up and it becomes just “smart talk”.Now someone who is not presence centred will not discern the difference. In fact someone who is not presence centred will be drawn to the counterfeit revelation as it stimulates intellectual minds.I love how my husband Sasha puts it, “You cannot find the ways of God outside the word of God, because the word of God cuts deep and it deals with the heart”.Intellectualism is a feel good that doesn’t deal with the soul. It is the tickling of ears and the doctrines of demons. This passage in 1 Timothy 4:1 is speaking of any kind of teaching drawing you away from FAITH. You cannot have faith without intimacy. The word of God clearly states that the “just walk by faith”. The walk of Faith will ultimately lead you away from carnal reasonings, one’s reliance in one’s own strength, and knowledge that puffs up. The walk of faith is only possible in a life of surrender and intimacy.Discernment is another thing you won’t have without intimacy but that’s another teaching coming soon.Please seek His presence rather than knowledge. To know Him is the prize and He reveals His secrets to His friends.We must always remember “knowledge of the Holy One is understanding”. Proverbs 9:10.Much love,Anita Alexander