Warning Dream – Don’t Trade Your Reward To Be “Seen” By Men

Matthew 6:1“Take care not to do your good deeds publicly or before men, in order to be “seen” by them; otherwise, you will have no reward with and from your Father Who is in heaven.”We have two choices, to seek the praises of men as our reward or to be rewarded by our Father in heaven. I know which one I prefer. I have been around the block enough to know that the praises of men are so futile and vain, lasting momentarily, and usually given by those who are spiritually immature, impure, and of carnal motivations and concepts. Those who are motivated by or feed off this kind of reward, sadly invite or permit impurity amongst their communities.Those who seek glory from men compete with others as if the ways of the kingdom are some ancient Roman Colosseum sport. You may be horrified by this comparison but a few years back I had a dream about the Roman Colosseum being a type the Lord will bring justice to. Competition resides in the heart whose pursuit is in the wrong place.Folks the reward from our Father is not glory in the sight of men, nor material possessions (even though the Lord said those things He gives to those who seek the kingdom first). Let me let you in on a kingdom secret. The reward is HIM. An increase in His presence and closer friendship with God. He is our prize and He is our portion.Let us not lose our reward. Let us not lose our promotion in His presence as He continues to reward us with more.DREAM 6th December 2022I was at a worship gathering where there was a women dressed as one of those carnival people who walk on stilts. I believe they are correctly called “Moko Jumbie”. She was dressed in white chiffon sitting in the pews. In the natural I know this woman to be an anointed worship leader as well as a recording artist, so I believe she represents pure worship.Next minute she picked up the minister who was ministering in this service and stood up tall. It was such a quick elevation. As she picked up the minister the minister began to supernaturally fly right up to the ceiling. I knew this was a supernatural act of God. The minister began to fly around the room and in the beginning was enjoying this time with God as they knew it was by the Lord this was occurring.Then the minster flying began to say, this needs to be videoed. It needs to be recorded. As soon as someone videoed it the power weakened. The person began to fall. It began to wear off. And that which was God’s sign and wonder was no longer.Interpretation.The woman in white chiffon dressed as a moko jumbie represents the purity in worship that will lift and elevate us into realms of God where the impossible is being made possible before our eyes. It will take us beyond where we are able to go ourselves and we will be able to ride the wave of His Glory and truly “soar” with Him in ease, being carried by His presence. However, the “need” to be seen, the “need” for this to be broadcasted and “recorded” was coming from a place of needing “what God is doing with me” to be “seen”.This immediately caused the minster to lose altitude and the power of this sign and wonder to wear off.The Lord is revealing to us that we cannot “mix” His reward with the desire of the rewards of man. One will be compromised against the other. He will not share His glory with another.So, I encourage you as we are in pursuit of His presence as our reward, and the Lord responds in rewarding us with elevation in His presence and the supernatural, don’t boast. Even though the culture previously has permitted this behaviour as normal. Scripture says this is not “kingdom” culture. The ways of God and the kingdom are humility and honour.In this hour every man’s work will be tested by fire (1 Corinthians 3:13). Whatever is built on the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ that is built with wood, hay and straw will be consumed in the fire. That which has been built with material that has endured the testing and fire of God and has been built with precious stones, gold and silver will remain.I believe we are getting ready for a quick turn in a new direction. Those who are poised and in pursuit of recognition and glory will miss the turn, because this new turn will not offer praise for the flesh, it won’t be inviting for those with the need to be seen. That is the old direction and we will not enter the new, or build in the new season by the old way. Those who are positioned in humility and the fear of the Lord will see the turn and flow with it, because their need is not be seen but to be a friend of God.Blessings,Anita Alexander