Warning – Be Jealous Over My Glory

A sentence I heard go off in my spirit like a thunder from heaven 6 months ago while washing dishes is making more and more sense in this season. I’ve always been one to hate showmanship and showponey stuff, hype and self promoting pretentiousness. Like serious cringe.?? So when I heard this sentence thunder in my spirit it didn’t feel foreign but rather warm and familiar, after all it’s something I had been carrying, declaring and proclaiming for the longest time. So when the Lord spoke to me my response was like “of course Lord”. His stern voice perplexed me though as it had a sense of urgency and weight that made me stop and pause knowing that when God speaks to me like that something is up ahead.
The sentence was “Anita be jealous over my Glory”.
Now you need to read that right. It’s not be jealous of my glory but be jealous over my glory. The way it was said meant, be jealous that no one but Me gets the Glory for what I’m about to do.
Initially, I thought it was relating to a personal miracle that is in process in my life. I thought it was an instruction to guard against anyone taking glory for what only God can do regarding that particular situation.
But this sentence has just been on repeat this past 6 months.
Now I know why.
It’s a word not just for me personally to protect the purity of what God is doing in my personal life but for the body of believers to protect the purity of what God may be doing in their regions, churches and communities.
I love how Asbury leadership have refused to be named. I believe it is a challenge to everyone.
As the Lord is beautifully moving among His people in refreshing ways all over the globe in this season, I beseech us beloved brethren to be jealous over the glory.
Don’t hitch this revival on your man made wagon. Don’t be like David out the front of the wagon having a big parade using God’s outpouring to big note your ministry and make your name famous and get a reputation. This is not about making anyone famous. This is ultimately about making Jesus famous.
There is a warning to those who seek to ”touch” the ark ( glory) like Uzza in 2 Samuel 6:6-7. It will bring death. There is no grace to touch and make uncommon what is holy. The fear of the Lord is upon what God is doing and if there is a lack of reverence of man desiring to get in on this… there will be a fizzling out.
There is no grace for the flesh. It stands out like a sore thumb.
See what happens when God’s glory increases it reveals the flesh. So in a time of harvest tares are revealed. Matthew 13. Before harvest tares look like wheat. But they are just imposters.
In this outpouring it is a harvest and it will reveal the imposters. The bible says that the Lord rains on the righteous and unrighteous alike.
Use your discernment in this hour because many places claiming to have revival will be tares being exposed. How do you know? Because they will be using it to make themselves famous and self promote.
You will know the real and genuine because they won’t desire to be seen they will be jealous over the glory and continue to stoke the fires of His presence by pure worship.
God is going to expose the real from the fake in this season as He pours out upon ALL flesh.
So if God is moving in your midst however large and however small, and in whatever way, be jealous over the glory , because God gives more and more grace to the humble. The fires will continue to burn and His kingdom will continue to expand.
A jealous lover
Anita Alexander