Unity Looks Like Honour

I see many posts lately with people saddened by the apparent escalation of “division” in the church or amongst Christians. Could it be that that which has been below the surface has just been exposed through storms and turbulent seasons? Tests really bring out the true nature and state of the heart. I believe the division has always been there…hence why the church at large has been in effective. Its just now been more brought into the open. Hidden pride in the heart, fleshly sense and reason, devilish wisdom, judgemental critical attitudes, etc etc etc… has just like dross been brought to the surface. I’m kinda glad to be honest. Because really the dross needs to come to the surface so the purification and separation of the precious and vile can take place.
2019 the Lord loudly announced in my spirit that “He loved the lost enough to deal with His house”. I knew right then the purifying fires were about to hit his house.
Proverbs 30:26 says,
“A wise king winnows out the wicked [from among the good] and brings the threshing wheel over them [to separate the chaff from the grain].”
The lord is a wise King and He does run the threshing wheel over His house to separate the chaff from the grain. That chaff is in the heart.
Don’t be shocked, surprised, or even offended at what is being brought to the surface in His body right now, be very careful not to point the finger in judgement, just know He holds the winnowing fan, not us. Malachi 3 says He sits as the refiner and purifies His sons. He knows what He is doing and he said He will “thoroughly” clean His threshing floor. (Matthew 3:12).
So in this season yield to the refiners fire in your own life and welcome the threshing wheel. Don’t look at the spec in someone else’s life when the lord is going after the log that is in your own.
Unity will come, but maybe not how you think. Unity may look different to the natural ways of man.
Unity in actual fact looks like HONOUR, not necessarily agreement.
HONOUR places value and worth on something. If you “dishonour” something it shows you hold little value or importance to that thing and therefore your actions toward such will be disdainful and full of contempt.
But HONOURING each part of the body shows respect to our differences, and gratitude for each other’s strengths, and covering grace for our weaknesses.
UNITY will be the result of HONOUR. And the lord right now is going for all roots of dishonour in His house. Competition, pride, jealousy, greed, insecurity, judgemental attitudes, slander, gossip, selfishness, etc etc etc.
As Peter says in 1 Peter 1:6-7 to REJOICE in firery trials because in actual fact this fire results in bringing HONOUR to JESUS.
So let us not complain seeing the dross rise in the body, let us rejoice, because the Lord is just cleaning out the gunk so He can truly be glorified through His beloved.