Ukraine: The Nation On The Lord’s Lips. 2 Dreams.

Two nights ago I had an all night dream. Before I launch into the quick, (but all night) dream I will say that I hadn’t been watching the news or hearing updated stories on social media on world news. A week before I had vaguely heard third party through someone mentioning various political tension building in Europe. But that was it, it wasn’t on my radar, my mind or at the forefront of my attention. Explaining that helps to validate the dream as some may think it is influenced by watching news headlines and television. But I can honestly say it wasn’t.
The dream is very simple, in fact I’m not sure I have full understanding but just feel to share for the purpose of intercession.
I am a big believer of the scripture in Psalm 127:1 that says “unless the Lord guards the city the watchmen wake in vain.” How does the Lord watch? He watches through His prophets. He places on their hearts what to pray or alert His people to pray for as He earnestly watches over the nations of the earth. If He’s watching then we can be sure we aren’t praying in vain.
So two nights ago all night I dreamt of an “Eastern European” woman schooling my daughter Anastasia. She was serious in manner, and forlorn, and I kept saying she is Eastern European. Then as I heard my own thoughts I heard a voice over the top of my thoughts that said she is Ukrainian. Then all night long I heard Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. ALL. NIGHT. LONG.
I woke up startled by this in a bit of a panic thinking oh my goodness there is going to be a headline of Russian invasion and war! So I eagerly googled Ukraine news and no there was no new update.
So what to do with this dream? In praying over it I was reminded of a dream I had at the end of December 2021 that I couldn’t understand but now possibly comes more into focus considering this dream and the current world events. Again it involved an “Eastern European” woman who again was a teacher. There was a minister who was also UKRAINE decent and he was being embraced by a well known prophet who carries a mantle of love and moves in powerful words of knowledge revealing peoples names and addresses. I believe the Lord is saying in this hour that the Lord is embracing UKRAINE and their descendants, (wherever they are in the world), with the embrace of prophetic words of love, hope and comfort. That He knows you and has called you by name. The Lord has not forgotten you. Though you have felt rejected and forgotten, and some still carrying the trauma and pain of the past, the Lord is saying He has not forgotten you. You are on His mind and on His lips and He is going to heal your heart. The Lord is breaking rejection off your DNA, And He is speaking life over you and is watching over your destiny to see it come to pass.
I went to the Lord about this recent dream (2 nights ago), and the interesting thing is, my daughter Anastasia has Ukraine blood. In my dream this detail was standing out to me. My husband Sasha’s father (Anastasia grandfather) was Ukrainian and his mother (her grandmother) also half Ukraine blood. I feel this was significant the link with my daughter Anastasia.
Anastasia’s name means resurrection. Possibly could the Lord be speaking over His beloved Ukraine resurrection life? For me to hear the name of Ukraine all night long, shows me the Lord watching intently over this nation. Echoing the name of the nation in the ears of His prophets, his watchers, prophetically coming to a little girl in a land far from Europe who has Ukraine blood and who bears the name of resurrection life.
I can conclude in this. The Lord is putting the name of Ukraine in the ears of the watchmen, and may what comes to their ears be transferred out of their mouths. May they Call forth life and speak hope over the nation. May Ukraine rise with courage and the strength and protection of the prayers of the saints. She will live and not die. Resurrection life.
The Lord is watching over Ukraine. So Intercessors rise and watch with Him. Declare a thing, pray a thing and see it established. Speak hope and life over this nation that is on the tongue of the Lord in this hour. God bless the Ukraine and her people. May He keep her safe and may the angels of the Lord keep and guard her and may joy find its way back to that nation. A joy for mourning, a spirit of gladness and an unfailing spirit. May the joy of the Lord be their strength and what they as a nation have sowed in tears may they reap in joy.
May God’s will be done and may His Kingdom come in the nation of Ukraine.
Anita Alexander