Tick Tock, Tick Tock can you hear the clock?

An unedited Prophetic song in worship Saturday 9th April 2016 at Golden City Church on The Gold Coast ~ by Anita Alexander www.revival-flame.org

I can hear the rumblings, the rumblings in the heavens, the rumblings in the clouds. I see a storm cloud and its rumbling. It’s a cloud the Lord is going to ride upon and come to His people.
We wait we wait we wait upon you Lord. Cause I can feel it building in the Spirit. It’s building, building in the Spirit. We wait for you Lord, we wait for You. We don’t run ahead we walk in time with you. Your timing is perfect, you make all things perfect in their time. So tick tock, tick tock, I can hear the clock. Tick tock, tick tock I can hear the clock. The timing of the Lord. May we walk in the timing of the Lord. Can you hear the tick tock, of the clock. Tick tock, of the clock.

I just see like a surfer out at sea, waiting , waiting, waiting , waiting. And I feel like we are those surfers, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, ready to catch the next wave. But we must wait, we must wait on Him. For the wave is building, oh its building. Ready the ride wave. So we must run, we must walk in the timing, that we might catch the wave. Oh don’t run ahead, and don’t linger behind. But align, align, align with my time. For this is the season to align…… align, align, align with His time. I make everything perfect in My time. Align with His time.

I’m just seeing a picture of Elijah up on Mt Carmel. He was waiting waiting waiting for the rain. But it took seven times for his servant to go and look, 7 means completion, perfection. A season completed, perfect timing. And it was the seventh time when the servant came back to Elijah and said “ I see a cloud forming in the sky, like a mans fist it appeared in the sky”. I feel like the Lord is saying to us, this is the season of completion, this is the time of perfection, this is the time of making all things new. But Elijah took the birthing position with his head between his knees, and he stayed in that position until the seventh time, I just feel like the Lord is saying, stay in position, stay in position. Don’t move out of position. For your about to see the cloud forming in the sky like a mans fist. Don’t grow weary in doing good, for it is your due season says the Lord.

Due season, appointed time, stay in your position. Tarry, tarry, tarry, tarry and wait, like the disciples in acts chapter 2, for the promise. We tarry, then suddenly, suddenly, suddenly, the sound of the mighty rushing wind, coming over you, I hear the sound, the heavens rumbling with the sound, I hear the sound, its delivery time, its time to give birth, I hear the sound of RAIN, the abundance of RAIN, break the drought!! Break the drought!! I hear the sound of RAIN.

Elisha had to tarry with Elijah to receive the double portion. Elijah said what can I give you, what is it that you want from me before I go. And Elisha said I want a double portion of what You carry. Elijah said, “that is a hard thing you have asked”. But Elijah said “ if you see me when I go, oh it shall be so”. And I just feel like, we are in for a double portion, because we are not growing weary, get ready for the double double portion! You know what happened? Fire came and separated Elijah and Elisha as Elijah was taken up in the chariots of fire. Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes to step into the new, to step into the call, to step into the double portion, FIRE must come! Fire must come and separate the old from the new. So send Your fire Lord, send your fire.