There Is A Price For Truth

If you seek truth you will find it. Truth can be uncomfortable, it can shake your status quo, it can challenge and shake your comfort zones to the core. It can deal with and expose fear that has harboured in your life, it can challenge pride and ego. When discovered truth can suddenly change the course and direction in the life of of those who seek it. Oh and how truth when realised brings freedom! Be not mistaken friend status quo and comfortability is not always your friend. It can be your greatest enemy to true freedom. I am reminded of a time in my life many years ago when I was shaken to the core. I heard the Lords voice say to me “Anita there is a price to pay for truth.”
When we think about it, true freedom has always come at a great cost. Jesus gave his life for those who may seek the truth to enter into the freedom he purchased for humanity.
I beseech you my friends, be seekers of the truth and not comfort in this day. For those who seek to save their life will loose it and those who loose it will find it. There is a price to pay for truth and this is the hour where the line is being drawn in the sand which will reveal the seekers of truth and the seekers of comfort.
Truth will challenge your moral compass, and upset religious mindsets. Truth will confront controlling systems or situations that has kept you in a prison.
My friends truth is not something to be afraid of, but to be embraced. This is the season to ask the Lord to remove any veil of deception that may remain and hinder your path of destiny and promise. Now is the time, not tomorrow, don’t miss this season of uncovering. For this is the season the Lord is exposing mass deception and lies and is inviting His beloved to walk in the light like never before. Let the mixture be exposed and uncovered and let us embrace the freedom that is ours.