The Temptation Of The High Horse

We all have one… A HIGH HORSE that is.
Definition or meaning : you are talking or behaving in a way that shows that you think you are better than other people or that you know more about something than other people do. An arrogant, unyielding mood or attitude.
What is most concerning to me is that many in this hour are using their “high horse” as a means to instruct, teach, discipline and correct the body.
I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. The Lord doesn’t use fruits of the flesh to correct His people. Aka rudeness, sarcasim, condemnation, arrogance.
Just because you are passionate about your opinion does not mean you are doctrinally correct or endorsed by God to be a teacher and instructor in the word of God. I’m quite saddened by the large number of people who now have seen to take it upon themselves to be teachers of God’s word because they have a social media platform.
The absolute heresy that is spewing out over the airways is deeply concerning. People grabbing a couple of scriptures to justify their point of view without having any idea how to homiletically prove their point.
They have heard some other flesh bucket preach a sermon that justifies their flesh and now it’s their HIGH HORSE.
To be a teacher of the word of God the scriptures need to be held in reverence. And the bible actually says you need to study to show your self approved 2 Timothy 2:15.
James 3:1 actually says NOT MANY of you should become teachers of the word. Because they incur a higher judgement. WOW!!!!
This scripture goes on to say that we will make mistakes with our mouth and say things that aren’t correct from time to time. Sometimes myself I have said things that have been misunderstood and caused offence and I’ve had to later clarify what I am saying as it may have come out wrong in the moment, or I have not brought a full balanced picture.
This is no light thing. If you aren’t willing to be judged then I suggest you be quiet. If any time you are challenged and you get angry and need to “vent” then possibly you don’t have the “grace” to teach the word.
Now this doesn’t mean we can’t preach the gospel. That’s something entirely different. What it is saying is that teaching doctrine is not for every believer and if you are not called to do it then just stick to preaching the gospel.
The word of God is not your venting tool to bring judgement on those who have hurt you. It is not your avenue of fame, to get a great following.
Honestly, you can “prove” many concepts in the word of God and make them contradict each other. And if we don’t have reverence around what we are doing and why we are doing it, we will prove any thing we like that fits with our HIGH HORSE. That’s what Paul was talking about regarding every “wind of doctrine”. Ephesians 4:14. Because let me tell you doctrines come by the wind. They float around.
Usually these HIGH HORSE doctrines come from either unhealed wounds and offences, to justify sin, to be pleasable and acceptable to the people, or one’s inability to humble themselves to walk by faith and their desire to self preserve and remain in unbelief.
Literally I have been silently watching this escalate on social media for the past 5 years and the intensity in this time is like nothing I have ever seen. The battle between lies and truth is very real.
The different topics of conflicting doctrine I have seen escalating show me the enemy is afraid. You look at any truth that is being twisted and where ancient landmarks are being challenged to be removed under the guise of “that was wrong now this is right”, and you will see a spirit of perversion which is religion, seeking to set up shop in that area.
Just remember the Pharisees could “doctrinally prove” Jesus wasn’t the messiah.
Here are a few topics I have been noticing much warfare around.
1. The presence and move of the spirit of God. (A massive topic I won’t get into for fear of getting on my HIGH HORSE LOL).
2. Forgiveness – the truth of whether we need to forgive or not, yes there is a doctrine that is being preached by well known ministers that we don’t need to forgive.
Let me pause here… I don’t care how well known anyone is, and how big their platform is, if they are preaching against the ancient landmarks of scripture just to appease our new age flesh, we need to bin that rubbish.
3. Eschatology – for some weird reason everyone thinks they have the scoop on everything… I’ve never seen so many differences in opinion on this topic ever.. it’s like everyday a new “theory” on “end times” emerges.
4. Finances… well this is a sensitive topic isn’t it. So sensitive because Jesus Himself says where your treasure is there your heart is. Seriously the amount of rage and emotion that rises with this topic is a sure sign we have a ways to go with understanding Matthew 6 for a start.
5. Sexual Purity – self explanatory – you either believe in it or you don’t.
6. Deliverance… here is another topic that raises a lot of emotion. Hmmm maybe something spiritual might be behind that lol.
7. Intercession…. Yes doctrines sprouting out intercession is not part of the new covenant.
8. Grace ….. now this is the same as the finance issue we are having in the body at the moment. See just because some teachers have taught this out of balance (just like finances) people call any kind of teaching on grace as endorsing sin. No just like with financial teaching Grace teaching is truth if it is taught correctly.
The problem is just because a few teachers have taken a truth to the extreme it doesn’t mean there isn’t a true teaching on that topic.
Likewise, all of a sudden because the teaching on finances has been, in some cases, over the years taught from wrong motives or out of balance we all of a sudden think we shouldn’t teach on finances because if we do it is coming from the same place.
No this would be playing right into the enemy’s hands. If people aren’t taught how will they know? The idea that those who teach on finances are only doing so because they need your money is ludicrous. It’s an immature, unlearned, emotionally driven statement.
Many people and pastors are now falling to this intimidation from the enemy and bowing to these new notions that are not homiletically doctrinally correct. They refuse to teach their people finance for pure fear they will be misunderstood and piled in the box of “false prosperity doctrine”, or seen as “needing your money”. Ministers and pastors have got to show a bit more courage and gumption than this. Look at Jesus’ teaching a large percentage focused around finance.
The Lord put it out very plainly you can only serve two masters. I think if he talked about it like that, then we need to as well. Don’t we realise that the God of mammon is what drives all the chaos in this world? This false humility that doesn’t want to address this topic over pulpits for fear of persecution or fear of being seen as having a heart that wants money and manipulating the people is self preservation. It flows from a place of “how we look” and pandering to the people, rather than having a heart that seeks to see people free of money being their God.
People take one passage from the New Testament and make a precedent doctrine around it which is not how you divide the word.
I saw a post last night with someone using a passage of scripture in the NT and basing a whole doctrine and precedent around it… I could prove 5 different ways scripturally that their precedent was flawed based on other teachings of Paul.
An unlearned unskilled person can really make the scriptures say anything they want to.
I guess after this whole post my exhortation to you all would be hold the word of God with reverence and if you aren’t called by God to teach then please don’t for your sake not just those hearing you.
Anita Alexander