The Season Of The Double Portion Part 1

Over the past 13 years God has been periodically speaking to me about the double portion.  It’s been the last 5 years where it has been in a more concentrated fashion.  Taking me through the story of Elijah and Elisha (of which I will share at a later date) and then repeatedly to Isaiah 61:7, which has resounded loudly in my Spirit for more than 10 years knowing that this season of double was coming on the horizon. I have been excited in my Spirit knowing that something concerning the double would be released in this season.  I find myself back once again in Isaiah 61:7 and this time it is like the word is flesh.  The Holy Spirit breathing on these words caught me up into a time in his presence and intercession of great travail that was so overwhelming it was like he was in the room speaking these very words to me;

” Instead of your former shame you shall have a TWOFOLD recompense; instead of dishonour and reproach you shall rejoice in your portion.  Therefore in their land they shall possess DOUBLE [what they had forfeited]; everlasting joy shall be theirs”. (Amplified)

God Compensates
We have entered the season of TWOFOLD recompense and a DOUBLE blessing / harvest/ inheritance.  This is the season this word is being made flesh.  This is the season of possessing our inheritance and it is a twofold inheritance.

The word recompense also relates to being compensated for loss, restoration and reconciliation.  So what the devil has meant for evil in your life God is about to restore double what has been stolen from you!!!

What ever you have sacrificed to obey God, this is the season of recompense, this is the season to possess double!!   How am I certain of this?

Double visitation = establishment of His word.
The Lord first spoke this promise (Isaiah 61:7) to me in 2003.  Over the last 13 years I have been reminded of it and prayed it through at different times the Holy Spirit quickened it to my heart.

As I said before the Holy Spirit caught me up into a time in His presence that was so overwhelming I felt like He was literally in the room with me.  He so powerfully breathed upon this passage of scripture that it was as if the word was literally living and being performed at that moment.  Since then the Holy Spirit has revealed to me that when he visits you twice on a promise the second time is when it comes to pass.  The first time was 2003 where it was sown in my heart and over the years I have been putting the Lord to remembrance of His word but this last experience was a visitation.  This can be explained or likened to when Abraham was promised an heir in Genesis 15:4-6.  This promise was not fulfilled however until years later in Genesis 18:10 when the Lord revisited him and said I will surely return to you when the “season” comes around and behold Sarah your wife will have a son”.   It was then that Sarah conceived Izaak and the word was made flesh.

Therefore this second visitation I had with the Lord regarding Isaiah 61:7 establishes to me that the season of the double portion has been opened and released.  The travail the Holy Spirit interceded through me in this moment was that of the birthing of His word. I know all you intercessors out there will understand what I mean by this and those of you who don’t understand the mystery of intercession by the Spirit of God, trust me it is something you cannot manufacture in your own strength or by the flesh.

What does this mean? The window is open to inherit this promise of double portion in this season!!!! Now that is something to get excited about!!

The manifestation of the DOUBLE – our Spiritual and Natural inheritance.
What is this double?  Three nights ago I had a dream and in short I was inheriting my portion – twofold.  There was a natural inheritance of wealth (which in the dream was a wealth transfer from the world: the wealth of the wicked being laid up for the righteous) and also the inheritance in the Spirit, which represents the fulfilment of the calling in God.  Therefore my friends this is the season there is going to be a wealth transfer from the kingdom of darkness to the sons and daughters of light, and for you to inherit the wealth God has laid up for you – that is  “ your portion” as Isaiah 61:7 says you shall rejoice in your portion.  There is a portion allotted for you!  The second part of these double blessings is your inheritance in the Spirit.  You have a destiny a calling in God.  I believe this is the year many will walk into their calling in God and also many will be awakened to their calling.  This is the double portion.

What do I do now?  Call it forth!!  The door is open the season is available, so by faith call it forth, align yourself with this season by faith and position yourself to receive!  Thank the Lord for the fulfilment of His promise to you by double recompense, restoration, joy, and inheritance. There is more to come on the double portion I will post it in a separate post.
Blessings, Anita Alexander