The Royal Rendezvous Revival

In a vision I saw the Lord dressed in the finest red velvet dinner jacket all set to wine and dine His bride. Wine and Dine always speaks to a connotation of Revival, in the sense of the New Wine of His presence coupled with feasting in fresh revelation of a word breathed with unction.

In this vision, His exquisite fine attire of a red velvet dinner jacket sent messages of love and redemption and emanated the sense that in this hour He is coming as His people’s beloved to ravish them with His love and release a redemptive harvest likened to that of Boaz.

Isaiah 54:5
For Your maker is your husband – the Lord of Hosts is His name, and the Holy one of Israel is your REDEEMER; the God of the whole earth He is called.

I sensed that the Lord is coming like a Boaz in this season and there would be recovery and redemption to inheritances lost due to the Moab season that many have been through.

Where many have felt they have made wrong turns here and there and have jeopardised their inheritance, dreams, have lost years, finances, relationships and love; that in this season, there is magnificent renewal, redemption and recovery as the Lord encounters His beloved in this glorious Royal Rendezvous .


In this captivating vision, I felt there was such a sense of urgency for His people (his beloved) to be ready and dressed for the occasion.

Don’t be found in your daggy Trackies when he shows up at your door!!!! For he’s coming to wine and dine.

Get up get dressed , get out of your bed clothes, out of your pjs , the season of slumber is over. For behold the cry is going out,
Matthew 25 : 6.

Prepare, prepare, prepare! Now is the season get up get dressed for you are about to have a rendezvous with the Bridegroom.


I feel like the call in Matthew 25 is happening in this hour, the shout is going out “behold the bridegroom cometh, go out to meet him! ”

The word “meet” in the Greek means to “encounter” or to “meet”.

As I was encountering this vision of the Lord I felt Him say Royal Rendezvous.

Rendezvous also means to meet , to have an appointment. We as a people have a Royal appointment with the bridegroom.

In the vision I saw of the Lord coming in His fine dinner jacket, His whole intention was to meet with His bride and wine and dine her. But it wasn’t a meeting at maccas! ( McDonald’s) it was a 7star hotel! It was the most exquisite, lavish classy place you could imagine. Ball gown and dinner suit is the only appropriate attire.

The Lord is saying in this meeting in this rendezvous He’s bringing His people higher, into the royal chambers. It’s an upgrade of status, of perception , of the eyes of your understanding being enlightened to know your glorious inheritance of Royalty! Upgrade in living, like Ruth, and upgrade in desires fulfilled. It’s a ROYAL UPGRADE!


There has been a significant acceleration in the Spirit of the sense of urgency for His people to align and position themselves. I sense an incredible amount of urgency in my spirit to sound the Alarm. There is a shout resounding throughout the body of Christ right now, get ready get ready, He’s coming!

I feel the alarm is likened to the bomb sirens in the second world war. If you think about it the sirens only go off when the bomber aircrafts are near.

When the watchman have picked up the presence of incoming traffic on the radar there is an alarm that sounds through them!

I feel like as a prophetic voice we pick up the air traffic on our radar. Watchmen are exactly that. They watch. They can pick up enemy traffic and alert the saints to intercede and watch for eminent attack, but there are also those watchers that see the coming of the King and announce His arrival.

The Coming of the King has hit the radar of the prophets. Its not far off, there is a move of His Spirit that is about to be birthed that is like a tidal wave of Glory! And they are getting His people ready!


In Matthew 25 the virgins needed lamps to “see” in order to “meet” the bridegroom.

They needed to actively ” go out to meet Him”.

This to me signposts that the virgins actively had to engage in their own action for this rendezvous to happen. They had a responsibility of being ready in order to encounter the bridegroom.

I am sensing there is an urgency to be prepared. There is an urgency to pay the price for your oil like the wise virgins in Matthew 25.

Paying the price for your oil involves you surrendering to His will and way. Surrendering to the ” how” the Lord wants to fulfil and do “what” He has said in your life. By His Spirit. The oil is doing things ” by His Spirit”. Not by the arm of the flesh, or the striving of man. But by His Spirit. And to move with and allow the Spirit of the Lord to flow in our lives there is a true surrender. This is the price of faith, and faith is the exchange rate of heaven. There is a price to pay for the oil.

In Mathew 25:8, When the foolish came to the wise and said give us some of your oil, the wise replied we only have enough for ourselves go “buy” for yourself.

We need oil to burn in order to see where it is we are to meet Him. To see where it is that He’s at. The virgins needed oil otherwise they had no light, and wouldn’t be able to find their way to the bridegroom.

We need to recognise Him and the way He is moving, we need eyes to see and ears to hear. The Lamp leads us to Him.

Those who are “prepared” will go in to meet him. Those who have extra oil, will find the “place” of rendevue.


Those who have placed priority on the oil (the presence and anointing of God and doing things by the leading and unction of His Spirit and not their own efforts) are the wise virgins.

Those who have placed a priority on intimacy rather than works, will have the oil to burn.

In intimacy we are led by His Spirit who then leads us into all truth. ( which is the lamp)

Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth leads us to the bridegroom and reveals to us “where He is at”. Meaning the “new thing”, His bosom, what’s on His heart in what season and how He desires to flow. In intimacy our eyes are illuminated to recognise Him however He comes, because we “know” Him and He is our desire, not our agenda, in how we want Him to come.

But those who don’t place priority on intimacy are the foolish virgins who place confidence in the only flow they know. They rely on knowledge rather than revelation. They rely on old moves of His Spirit, (note they had some oil with them , just not extra) , tradition, law of rituals and what they know and they haven’t prepared for the “new”. It says in Matthew 25:8 that after they trimmed their wicks they ran out of oil. So they couldn’t enter the new rendezvous because they “couldn’t see where He is without revelation ( the Lamp). They wouldn’t know how to find Him, or flow with Him, or maybe even recognise Him when He came, because their lamps had gone out.


Those who have surrendered their earthly efforts and know it’s not by might nor by power but by His Spirit, are the ones who have been wise to know that the oil is the precious commodity. They have learnt they can’t do this gig without Him and His empowerment. (The oil)

Many will say to the wise give me some of your oil, but their reply can only be, “I only have enough for myself. I can’t pay the price for your oil, only you can pay the price for your own oil. I can’t pay your price in your walk of faith. You can only pay your price in the faith and walk God has entrusted to you on this earth.
You can’t walk by my faith, you can only walk by your faith.”

For this last season has been about paying the price for the oil. It’s been a season of waiting, refining, purging, maturing, stretching, enduring, trusting and even at times nodding off on your dreams as the bridegroom has lingered in coming!

But alas the midnight hour and the shout is ringing out! The alarm is sounding!!!!


And so the virgin’s are Awakened to the coming of the bridegroom!!!

“Really ???? They say, Could it really be so????? After all this time???? Could He really be here? Could this longing finally be satisfied? ”

And so as they awake in the midnight hour an alignment and a shift takes place as the lamp of their heart is put in order. As the wick of the weary heart is trimmed and all disappointment and hopelessness is cut off, the trauma and grief is healed, and the bitterness of the soul uprooted, there will come a fresh fire that will light that prepared wick, so it can burn with expectation and passion once again. This new burning lamp of passion, this new revelation and new perspective will lead them straight to their place of rendevue! It will lead them directly to the one they have waited so long for, it will lead them straight into the arms of their beloved.


A “Domino” effect will happen for many in this season as they trim the wick of their heart in fresh surrender and alignment to Him. Many things just fitting and falling into place like a chain reaction going off like “Dominoes”. Accelerated breakthrough and increase as you encounter Him in this Royal Rendezvous .

The rendezvous of revival!