The Rising Wrecking Ball Reformers

Today I had the phrase going over and over in my spirit.
“The rising of the wrecking ball reformers”.
I feel the Lord is saying : As Trump has been a wrecking ball to the corrupt systems and structures in US politics and government in this hour, so the Lord is raising up wrecking ball reformers in the body of Christ who will have the forehead of John the Baptist and challenge the hidden hypocracies and religious systems that bear no fruit of the Kingdom of Heaven and keep the people of God slaves to religion and tradition.

As we are on the threshold of the 500 year anniversary of the greatest reformer Martin Luther’s challenge to the religious systems of his day, so we are there again. There is a reformation of truth taking place in the church right now which is going to GIVE BIRTH TO A REVOLUTION. This revolution is not one of violence and hatred but one of raging LOVE and PASSION that is going to turn darkness on its head and bring liberty to captives.

Reformers challenge systems of man-made ideals. Reformers reveal the truth in the scriptures and expose the hypocrisies of a self- serving agenda. As Trump is a representation of a new government for the people, so God is raising up a new Government in the church “for the People”. This is the DAVID and ESTER Government.


There is a shift going on right now in the Government of the body of Christ from the House of Saul to the House of DAVID. There is a shift going on right now from the HOUSE OF VASHTI to the HOUSE OF ESTHER. SAUL and VASHTI represent a self-serving government but God is raising up Leaders in this hour who have the heart of DAVID AND ESTHER who first of all minister unto the LORD and then serve the people. Who like Esther love not their lives even unto death and put their lives on the line for the sake of saving God’s people. These selfless leaders are true shepherds who will lay down their lives for His cause and fear Him and not people. Like David who had a mandate to restore the ark (the presence of God to the people), and danced stripped bare before his people and His God, so is the time where the David’s are arising, who are stripped bare of performance, rituals, dignity, honour, titles, self- serving agenda, selfish ambition and reputation; and who are completely abandoned to the cause, love and pursuit of the KING.


This rising wrecking ball reformers are not going to wreck lives or hearts but rather wreck demonic lies and systems that betray God’s people into living a life less than what His blood was shed for at Calvery.

This new Leadership are ones who know their God, and do mighty exploits. They are ones trained and equipped, worshippers in intimacy, coming from the wilderness like David and are going to slay the Giants that have taunted God’s people for generations.


They will lead with courage and faith. They will lead with Love and Grace. They will lead with compassion and might.

They will lead with the FEAR OF THE LORD.

For now God is tweaking and refining His new emerging Government. As David and Esther both were appointed and anointed by God for a divine assignment on earth, they still bore obstacles in their flesh that needed aligning in order to bring about the mandate of heaven on earth. This is the season of God’s refining fire upon the vessels of God bringing about the last alignment in order for the glorious outcome.

As “Esther was called for such a time as this” to petition the King on behalf of her people, she had to overcome “fear” that would try and dictate her course of action and abort her mission. But through the firm counsel of her cousin Mordecai who challenged her fear and reminded her of her calling, she died to her fear and proclaimed “if I perish I perish”. These historic words are ones that will be the mantra of a leadership arising who have died to their own agenda, their own ways and who have yielded to heaven’s mission. They will walk in resurrection power and see the impossible be made possible on behalf of other’s lives in the name of their King. They will walk in the Light of the Glory of the King as the meaning of ESTHER is bright light. This is symbolic of a government who is arising in the righteousness of the King shining as the noonday sun.

This light that is on this leadership is going to expose the hidden agendas of Satan and his company against God’s people and is going to cause the enemy to flee. Let God arise and His enemies be scattered. As the Light of this Esther Government arises the Haman’s will hang on the gallows. For what the enemy meant for evil in your life and in the lives of God’s people God will turn it for Good. The gallows the enemy (satan) caused to see you die upon, or your loved ones, God will use to destroy him. God will use everything the enemy has used to hurt you to bring about retribution to the kingdom of darkness.

There are many leaders that are called to be David’s that are going through a final refining and aligning in order to give birth to the kingdom mandate that God has put inside them. A perfect example can be found where David was about bringing the ark of the covenant to Jerusalem to be the centre piece of God’s people. This mandate is upon this new emerging Government, to restore the presence of God as the centrepiece and focal point of His people. However, in this process David found himself trying to fulfil God’s mandate with the arm of the flesh. Even though the goal was noble and pleasing to God the way He first went about it wasn’t. In actual fact the scriptures say that God’s anger was “kindled” against them. (2 Samuel 6:7)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, David’s first attempt at bringing the ark into Jerusalem.. (NB from SAULS HOUSE), was done out of order to God’s command. There was a way God had ordained for His ark ( His presence ) to be handled and David did not show the reverence or respect for God’s command and decided to do things his way.

The ark was to be carried by the Levites upon their shoulders, but David thought well, I’ve got this, I’ve got this vision from God, I’m going to make a “new wagon” and put the ark on that! Oh and on top of that I’m going to ask the grandsons of Saul to drive the wagon!!! Can you see where I am going with this? Yes we try to do God’s given vision with all these new ideas and new programs, new events, new church systems and structures ( the “new wagon”) and then do it in the arm of the flesh through performance, ( Sauls grandsons), and try and hitch “God’s presence” on it!

The Lord is saying “I will not ride on a “new wagon” made with the hands of man.”

“ it is not the “new things” we need but the “new fire” ( John Wesley )

David even had all the singing and praising and sacrificing going on before the ark. All the show was amazing!!! But it didn’t please God. And then as we see when the oxen stumbled at the threshing floor (2 Samuel 6:6) and Uzzah put his hand out to steady the ark, God’s anger was kindled against him and smote him and he died. Then David was angry and offended at God for not endorsing his lack of reverence for His presence! Sometimes we can be offended at God that He is not honouring our works and our efforts in trying to achieve HIS WILL!!! BUT GODS WILL MUST BE DONE GODS WAY! YES IT IS HIS WAY OR THE HIGHWAY LOL!!!

Those who are aquainted with God’s presence can become familiar with it and loose reverence and respect for that which is holy. Even though David was anointed and appointed in His mandate of restoring God’s presence, He became familiar with that which is HOLY. He tried to fulfil the vision in His own strength and with His own carnal reasoning. When we get into this place it is dangerous. We do dumb stuff outside the leading of God’s presence and open ourselves up to death, as it were in Uzzah’s case. David’s leadership in the flesh, caused repercussions on His people.


This is the hour God is causing the oxen to stumble on the mandates of the flesh. He has brought his David leadership to the threshing floor before this new era is birthed, before this new move breaks forth, and is sifting the chaff from the wheat. He is shaking that which can be shaken in their lives that is not in alignment with Him and is causing His sons and daughters to return to the fear of the Lord.

Now David in modern terms would be called a revivalist or something to that effect. A man whose heart was first and foremost for the presence of God. But He failed in His first attempt because there was a lack of reverence and Fear of the Lord.


The second time David went about fulfilling His God given mandate, He decided to do it according to God’s ways. And this time the significant change in his heart was borne in his attire. The second time He was stripped back bare wearing nothing but a linen loin cloth. This is the outward demonstration of the inward change in his heart and the prophetic representation of a Leadership worthy of restoring and birthing this new Era of God’s presence among the people.


This model of David’s abandoned and radical worship is the model the Lord holds for those who desire to walk in the David Government. The Lord desires and requires a people who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. This is the model of the restoration of the presence. God is inviting emerging leaders with the heart of David to strip themselves of traditions and formalities, expectations and performance, selfish- self seeking agenda’s, and carnal reasonings and be baptised afresh in His fire. For the Lord is seeking and abandoned love, transparent and raw, authentic of heart, immersed in the Fear of the Lord. This Fear of God rather than the fear of man, worships with a radical abandonment to the Love for their KING. A love that is on display and not hidden behind reputation and status, dignity and tradition. But a love that catches like wild fire and beckons the people of God to follow suit.


For, know this David’s! Know that the Lord is aligning your hearts in this season. Like in the days of Elijah where He was the God who answered by fire!!! These are those days where the Lord is going to reveal Himself to His people by Fire!! For it wasn’t the world the Lord was trying to convince but it was a people that were called by His name, who were diseased by idolatry and witchcraft. 1 Kings 18:21 Elijah addressed Israel and said “ how long are you going to alter between two opinions?

This is the hour where the alter of the heart is being restored and aligned. Where the foundation of the Kingdom Government ( doing things GODS WAY – which is represented by the 12 stones Elijah laid in rebuilding the alter), and a heart that is repentant ( the water that Elijah poured over the sacrifice, symbolising the water of Johns baptism in repentance before Jesus baptised in fire – That’s another sermon, but you get what I’m saying).

This rebuilding of the alter signifies the aligning of the heart – preparing the way of the Lord. Isaiah 40:3-5 talks about the preparation of the way of the Lord. The valleys being lifted, the mountains levelled, the rough places smooth and the crooked places straight. This all speaks of our hearts. The preparation of the heart which is the place where God comes! This is symbolic of where Elijah is pouring water over the alter- preparing the heart for the fire!

That is the shaking part, the threshing floor. Even likened to a fresh circumcision of the heart like the trimming of the wick in Matthew 25. Our wicks need to be trimmed, where revelation once burned, where we knew things and did things a certain way. But God is calling us into a new way, we need to cut off the old way, the old way of doing things, by trimming the wick, a fresh repentance of the heart. Allowing him to pour the water over the alter of our heart and be baptised afresh in the Jordan of repentance. For John the Baptist said I baptise you in water but he who comes after me baptises in the Holy Ghost and Fire. This is another representation of the preparation of the heart. He is coming with fresh fire and fresh fire won’t burn on an old wick. He is wanting us to burn with fresh revelation because He is taking us in a way we have never been before. There needs to be a fresh circumcision of the heart a fresh cutting back of the flesh, the realm of sense and reason, the place of doing things in the arm of the flesh because God is calling us higher. Now is the season of the pouring of water on the alter, embracing the refining and repenting of those things that God is putting His finger on. Of things that may have been ok for the last season but aren’t ok for the coming season. Now is the season you are being prepared for the fresh fire.

Now is the season to be baptised afresh in the FEAR OF THE LORD and remember it is not by might, nor by power but by my spirit.

This fresh fire encapsulates the FEAR OF THE LORD . The Fear of the Lord will cause you to depart from Evil and enable you to walk in His Light and His WISDOM..

Those of you who have been standing and praying for your leaders who have a David’s heart know they are on the brink of “coming through”.

The Lord says: The Fear of the Lord is returning to my people, to my leaders that have the Heart of David but need an adjustment and alignment to do things MY WAY, just like David with the wagon. To worship me in a way pleasing to me not pleasing to man or themselves. For what is pleasing to Me is not always pleasing to those of the household of Saul. To those who put emphasis on how the flesh looks, to those who fear man and man’s opinions rather than my opinion. For Michal Saul’s daughter mocked and held David in contempt for the worship that pleased Me. And those of the house of carnality will mock, and will despise that which pleases me. For the mind of the flesh is at war with the mind of the Spirit- Romans 8. For what pleases me may be offensive to the carnal mind. But those who have aligned their heart in this season and who have repented like David of trying to carry that which is holy in an unholy way, those who have poured the water of repentance on the alter of their hearts and say “SEND YOUR FIRE, WE NEED YOUR FRESH FIRE LORD!!”, I will display my pleasure of such a sacrifice and I will answer by FIRE, and it will be seen who serves me in purity and righteousness by the manifest FIRE OF MY PRESENCE IN THEIR MIDST.

For those who strip themselves of the cloak of dignity and the approval addiction of man, I will pour out my favour, I will raise up as a voice in the land that I will send them. In the land that I will send them, they shall be my light burning bright in the midst of the night! They will be my torches, they will be My beacons of truth.

For those that choose to worship me in spirit and in truth and worship around the right alter, I will meet with FIRE.

For even in the days of David where there was a procession of great praise and worship leading the ark on the “new wagon”, It was not met with my endorsement or favour. And even so in the days of Elijah the prophets of Baal worshipped around a false alter, all sacrificing, cutting themselves making a lot of “noise” it did not attract my fire. All the noise in the world at church does not mean that I have arrived, for you will know because I am a God who answers by FIRE!

Know this is the hour of the DAVIDS who stripped himself before the Lord and the people, of his kingly robes, His title, His stature, His reputation, and shamelessly uncovered himself. He stripped himself of His need to be looked upon with respect and awe and honour and became transparent.

This is the new breed of leadership. This is the new government. Who don’t fear to be vulnerable and expose their weaknesses and shortcomings, who are honest and don’t hide behind the cloak of respectability and reputation.

David was the KING. There was no other office higher that His and He stripped it off in the presence of the TRUE KING!

The House of Saul ( the flesh ) seeks honour, respect, admiration, praise, reputation, but those of the House of David ( the Spirit) say HE IS ENOUGH!

DAVID’S response to his mocker Michal – the daughter of Saul, was; “watch me, I’ll go even lower than this!!! In order for my KING to be LIFTED HIGHER!!

THIS GOVERNMENT THAT IS EMERGING WILL LIFT HIM HIGH!!! Not the name of organisations, or churches or ministries or programs or such. But THEY WILL LIFT HIM HIGH AND ALL MEN WILL BE DRAWN UNTO HIM!!!