The Rise Of The Patriots

This word does not only serve to be a word for the body of Christ in the USA, but rather a parallel prophetic analogy of what the Lord is doing throughout the earth in His people. I do believe however that this content is a direct word also for the United States in a very specific war they are engaged in right now.

Unlocking would be the word I would use to describe my latest ministry trip to the New England area in the USA this past October. A visit to George Whitefield’s Church in Newburyport was a cataclysmic moment for me, where the Lord began to reveal a movement He was arranging in secret that would unearth in this near future that will take the world by surprise and by storm. A revolutionary movement that would confront the enemies of this age that would seek to steal a generation and generations to follow. This movement is the “Rise of the Patriots”.

As we know the original “Patriots” are known as those who fought for independence and freedom from the rule of the English crown in the American revolution in the late 1700’s. But there is much more that the Lord is unearthing and wanting us to see in this time regarding this term PATRIOT and the correlation of this term that caused a revolution that birthed a nation into freedom under God.


Oxford Dictionary describes the word Patriot as a late 16th century word from Greek patriotes or patrios, which means ‘of ones fathers’, and from patris, which means ‘FATHERLAND’.

Another way of saying “of one’s fathers” would be to be called a son, would it not?

A Patriot is a son. A son who knows his inheritance and will defend and fight that heritage until death.

Now interestingly enough the origins of the term “Motherland”, according to, derives from the early European settlers to the USA! Two prominent figures of the Pilgrim Father settlers were John Robinson and William Brewster. While in Holland and planning the emigration to America on the Mayflower, they wrote to Sir Edwyn Sandys in 1617: “We are well weaned from ye delicate milke of our mother countrie, and enured to ye difficulties of a strange and hard land, which yet in a great parte we have by patience overcome”.

Now the definitions of Motherland and Fatherland are as follows;

According a Motherland was defined as a country that has or had a lot of colonies while a fatherland is the country of one’s birth.

May I say it like this, A Fatherland is a place of origin. When we speak of Origin we speak of identity.

The very key and interesting thing though is that during the revolutionary war it is well known that Patriot soldiers fighting for independence from the English were heard in their battle cry saying, “No King, but King Jesus!” In other words, “We are not subjects to a King but we are citizens answerable only to God”. Termed patriots because they were fighting over identity. They were saying our identity is not in the colonies of the mother land but our identity is from our Fatherland. Our identity is in Christ.


Isaiah 58:12
“And your ancient ruins shall be rebuilt; you shall raise up the foundations of many generations; and you shall be called Repairer of the Breach, Restorer of Streets to Dwell In.”

George Whitefield a founding father of the United states, was a key player in forerunning this awakening of identity in Christ. George Whitefield was known to be a mighty instrument of God in what is known as the First Great Awakening. His message, salvation through Grace. This message brought a divide between those who believed it was salvation through works. Truly this was an Awakening, an awakening out of religion into the freedom they had in Christ.

He was passionate about the separation of Church and State as the State was so corrupt in that day using religion as a means of political and monetary gain.

Even though George Whitefield died years before the Revolutionary war began, it is known He was absolutely a forerunner and catalyst for the birthing of the United States of America that came from the victory won in that war.

He forerun the revolution by his opposition of the King being the head of the church and spiritual matters. He passionately preached that God’s people should be under the Headship of God not a King.

This message was imparting identity in a people. It was awakening and encouraging a people to have allegiance to the crown of King Jesus rather than the crown of the State. A people who began to see who the Father was through the extravagant expression of Christs love, were a people who began to realise they no longer had to be a slave to a hypocritical tyranny. These were a people who were restored to their Father land, to their place of origin, these were the Patriots.

There is a revival in this very message of identity in this day. We will see another GREAT AWAKENING alike in these days to come and surely I believe it is already here. It is a revival where God is releasing men and women of God in this hour who carry and boldly release a message of identity reminding God’s people of who they are before they knew the motherland. Before the fall, before the counterfeit covenant. Returning a people to the Fatherland, Eden, and in that space of restored communion with the Father, through the Son Jesus, they will come forth manifesting a selfless boldness and courage to fight and wage war on that which would threaten that freedom. This is the Rise of the Patriots.

Many a time has America been judged and slandered by various nations of the earth for its bold and brave patriotism. Even though from the outside looking in, America’s passionate patriotism has been seen as a sense of arrogance and superiority, in these coming day’s if preserved, it will serve to be its most powerful weapon against the one world government agenda.

That is why Patriotism is now under fire, with the lurking and ever pressing One World Governmental liberal ideas trying to mould a generation with the sole pursuit to steal identity, individualism, national patriotism, and religious loyalties.

The enemy would seek for America to implode itself by abandoning the patriotism of its foundations and constitution. God forbid!!!

I see the Lord is causing a revisiting to the foundations upon which the nation of the United States was birthed. There has been a war over the founding constitution, people wanting to move the landmarks. People wanting to alter the foundation and roots of the nation.

But the Lord is saying in this hour I am once again raising up the Patriots. The Patriot is a picture of the anointing of identity, freedom and sonship. And in this hour I am causing those with a message of freedom to arise with the brave heart anointing of the likes of William Wallace. Who carry the sound of Freedom and Identity. They will fearlessly preach identity to a generation where identity is under war. Where the scales weigh unjustly in a society that is grossly confused and deceived, bearing an abomination before the Lord. Gender dysphoria, racism, confusion around sexual orientation, denominationalism, are all issues that revolve around identity. These freedom fighters will fearlessly confront those demonic strongholds that pose as spiritual prison guards and set a people free of the shackles that bind them in this demonic deception.


A fearless few like Gideon’s army are rising, ones who don’t want to play church but actually are sold out to the cause of freedom. Again there is a revisiting of foundations. The sound of the message of identity that was deposited into the New England soil by George Whitefield is surfacing. This sound of freedom is vibrating from the ground and I personally engaged with this sound as I stood on this very soil. A message of identity that will birth a people in the knowledge of who they are and become a mighty army.

The sound of a revolution being birthed by a message of awakening to identity. The sons are arising, and the reflection of the face of Jesus they carry will not be what the religious recognise as Jesus. They are looking for Him to come in a different way, preconceived in their own minds.

But the sons are coming, they are awakening to who they are and the power that will be released through this knowledge will cause a revolution. A revolt against the principalities and rulers of darkness, deceiving a generation whispering lies to them regarding who they are.

Yes it’s a time to call to arms and awaken those who are asleep in religion and confusion. It’s time for a sound to cut through the airways that is unlike any other sound and shock and shake awake a people back into reality from their fantasy land stupor and realise this generation is in dire straights and in desperate need of a thunderous move of God’s hand that will cause a people to know Him.


As the American revolution is a prophetic picture of what I believe the Lord is prophesying in this time. One nation that was born under God, the same One body of Christ coming forth as sons are finding their battle cry “No other King, than King Jesus”. It will be a bride who is fully awake, and fully in love. Totally divorced from any allegiance to the mother land the devil and his counterfeits. The Patriots fighting a war on mixture and perversion that is rooted in the lack of identity.

A revolution against the Tyranny of the demonic principalities who are lying and deceiving a generation to death and hell. Sons understanding who they are will be the ignition point of this revolt against such demonic darkness of this hour and the Light of the knowledge of the sons will pierce the darkness.

The sons are coming, the Rise of the Patriots.