The Release of the Fire Brands – His Messengers of Fire


This last week I have been hearing the line going over and over in my spirit. For NOW I AM RELEASING MY PROPHETS OF FIRE!

Prophets of fire that are like fire brands in the hand of the Lord are being “sent” to the church in this hour for the purpose of PREPARING Gods people for the next wave of HIS COMING on which we stand on the threshold.

These prophets of fire are coming in the Spirit and Power of Elijah, to bring about a true alignment and restoration in the hearts of God’s people, in preparation for what is to come.

When John the Baptist came the word says that he was sent in the Spirit and Power of Elijah, to prepare the way of the Lord. He prepared the way of a coming, it was the coming of the Messiah. We are now in another season of preparation for He is about to come again. Yes He is “coming” to this generation as he has promised in an unprecedented wave of Glory Fire.

Why did John the Baptist come in the Sprit and power of Elijah? Why not the spirit and power of Ezekiel, or Isaiah, or even Jeramiah? Why the Spirit and Power of Elijah?


Malachi 3:1-3
“behold I will send forth my messenger and He will prepare the way before Me. And the Lord whom you seek, will suddenly come to His temple; the Messenger whom you desire, behold, He shall come, says the Lord of Hosts.
But who can endure the day of His coming? And who can stand when He appears? For He is like a refiner’s fire and a fuller’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, and He will purify the priests, the sons of Levi, and refine them like gold and silver, that they may offer to the Lord offerings in righteousness. “


There are many in the body of Christ right now “seeking” His coming. They are “contending” and “seeking” for revival, for the awakening for the powerful move of God that has been prophesied and promised to this generation. But according to Malachi 3 there is a “way” that needs to be prepared and this way is prepared by the refining fire.

These messengers of fire will carry the word of the Lord like fire shut up in their bones which will penetrate the hearts of the seekers, preparing the “way of the Lord”. For “The Way of the Lord” is in the heart of man.


A few weeks ago I had a dream that I was “testing” a new ride for “sea world”. I had my daughter ANASTASIA in the seat behind me. The ride was quite scary as we were in a log type ride and we were riding in red muddy waters. I was so shocked and taken back by the “ugliness” of the colour of the waters I said to another passenger in the log carriage, “ these dirty waters are terrible!!” The passenger simply replied, “oh what do you expect, that is “Australia” for you! Red muddy waters!”. I thought it looked aweful and very inappropriate to have at a theme park attraction. As we continued on in the ride, it was quite bumpy and rough and very life threatening as there were crocodiles in the water also. These crocodiles were trying to get my daughter Anastasia and it was so hard to protect her. It was stressful and unenjoyable as I couldn’t believe a theme park would allow a ride of such danger. I thought to myself, I will “tell” them so!

As I began meditating on the dream the Lord began to show me the ride in Sea world represented the world. The sea symbolising the world and the log ride was the church. My daughter Anastasia means “awakening” or “resurrection”, so she symbolises revival or a move of God when she is in my dreams. The muddy waters are the mixture in the word of God. Mixed with the world ( sea world). And the crocodile is the devil, the devourer always wanting to abort and kill off a move of God ( the crocodile after Anastasia). Me “telling” is my prophetic office of warning, declaring the ride unsafe for the church.

I felt like the Lord was saying that the enemy lurks and lives in the mixture. Where there is mixture in the word of the Lord being delivered to the church, it will always harbour the enemy of revival. The flesh is at war with the spirit and it will try and kill it off. When the spirit of the world has been mixed with the church it creates confusion – ( muddy waters) and the enemy so easily dwells and abides in that place.

That is why the Lord is sending the Messengers of Fire and they will unveil the “mixture” that has crept into the hearts of believers via the pulpits. Like the days of Elijah in 1Kings 18, these prophets of fire will fearlessly challenge the “false utterances” that have watered down the word of God, embraced idolatry and built a false alter of worship, all the while beckoning God’s people to be a slave to performance and rituals.

These prophets of fire will deliver the word of the Lord “razor sharp” that is going to cut to the core of unbelief and bring about a separation between lies and truth. No longer will God’s people be confused and be hindered in seeing clearly because of the muddy waters of mixture. No longer will they alter between “two opinions” (1Kings 18), and not recognise who is the one true God. No longer will they be led astray by witchcrafts and works of the flesh. NO!!!


For these messengers of fire are carrying COALS OF TRUTH COATED IN MERCY. For it is by mercy and truth iniquity is purged out of the heart. These coals of truth coupled with mercy will bring about such a “turning” and “returning” of those who desire and seek truth and to worship around the right alter.


These messengers of Fire are ushering in a MIGHTY MOVE OF REPENTANCE that will sweep the body of Christ, like an Australian bush fire! It will blaze wild and their FIRST LOVE WILL BURN BRIGHT! And as they are baptized afresh in that river of repentance the Lord says “I will cause them to believe again. I will cause them to hope and dream again. They will walk by faith and not sight. They will trust me and no longer drink of the cisterns of the worldly mixture. No longer will they be satisfied with being LUKE WARM. No longer will they be satisfied with status quo, for this word that these messengers of fire carry, will bring a separation between those who want ME and those who don’t.”

It will bring a separation between those who desire to worship in spirit and in truth and those that are happy making “noise” around the false alter.


For the Sword of the Lord will be lifted up once again behind the pulpits. The word of the Lord is returning to the pulpits. And the Lord is raising up in this hour mouthpieces who Love and Fear the Lord with all their heart and deliver the unadulterated word of the Lord, and like Peter will feed the sheep. They won’t be ones that tickle the ears and leave the sheep in a destitute place. They will unashamedly preach the “full” gospel, and see a people come into power and maturity that that “full” gospel promotes. The “partial” gospel, the “compromised for the visitor” gospel and the “politically correct” gospel only promotes immature, carnal, lukewarm, defeated, diseased and weak Christianity.

If you look back on all the past revivals and moves of God… Holy Spirit always moved upon a message…. A revelatory word of God for that season. He moved upon the unadulterated word that was preached with conviction and power. You will never see a revival break out where the revelatory word of God is not being brought forth. But you will see a move of God die off when the word of God has stopped being proclaimed and taught. You can’t have one without the other. In the beginning Holy Spirit hovered , God SPOKE and light was!
You want to see REVIVAL/ move of His Spirit? Then let the unadulterated , Uncompromised word of the Lord be released from the pulpits for ” is not His WORD like FIRE”!!!!!!

A while ago I had a dream regarding the current state of the church (I believe it was also in reference to Australia)
It’s a fairly long dream so I will summarize it. I was ministering at a well known church in a city near where I live. I was preaching on Malachi 3 about God preparing his people for the suddenly ( Revival ) . The church was divided into 3 sections. On the left that part of the congregation were watching cartoons as I spoke, the section in the centre were Christians who had walked a long time with the lord but were quite religious. Only 1/3 of this group were spiritually mature and understood what I was saying. The section on the right were young adults looking at there watches waiting for church tom”finish on time” so they could go to their programmed social activities. After I finished preaching I didn’t really feel like I had had the full release of what I was carrying. I was talking to the pastor after, and asked him what he thought. He was slightly disengaged and I couldn’t connect properly with him. I began to explain I felt I hadn’t had the full release and then I stood up and shouted “ You have got to be hungry!!!! You must be hungry!!!!!”

Then I stood up to leave and as I was standing at the door watching the congregation leave they all appeared to be children, who were demon possessed and walking lame. I was very disturbed and my husband appeared (who represents Jesus in the dream) and I said to him, “look at all these people, they are like children, sick and demon possessed.!!!” What is wrong with them? In a booming echoing voice he said “it’s because they haven’t been challenged.” I knew it meant the word of God was not being taught, preached or shared in an uncompromised way in order to bring about maturity, deliverance and healing in their lives. They weren’t being fed true spiritual food so their appetite was supressed for the true word of the Lord. That is why I had to shout “ you have to be hungry”! The Lord was also showing me the state of the Church where the word of the Lord is being with held from the people. The result is carnal immature christians ( watching cartoons), ones who are stuck in dead religion (the ones who had walked with the lord along time), and those who are locked into the programs and hearts have drifted from the real reason to go to church to encounter the Lord. There was only a handful in the church who were spiritually mature and understood what I was ministering. As I was standing at the door watching these people leave, the Lord was showing me what they looked liked through his eyes, Because I didn’t see them like that when I was preaching to them.

Gods heart is toward His people and His desire for his beloved church is for her to grow into maturity in love and be the overcoming warrior bride He is returning for.

This is why He is sending His prophets of fire, in the spirit of Elijah to return the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the father.

These prophets of Fire are coming in the midnight hour clothed in the mantle of restoration, a torch in their hand, ready to light the trimmed wick of the wise virgins. Saying this is the way walk ye in it!! Go out and meet the Bridegroom!

Can you hear them shout? The bridegroom comes go out to meet Him…..