The New Wineskin the Warrior Bride

As we are on the threshold of another New Year I really felt to release a word I have been carrying regarding the new wineskin the Lord is bringing forth. We are truly in a new season of the emergence of the new wine skin. Get ready for the NEW WINE!!

With a thundering and a rattling ~ The identity of the new wineskin is formed!

As in the days of Ezekiel where the Spirit of the Lord breathed on the dry bones and caused them to “come together” bone to bone and joint to joint, in this hour God is aligning His people, positioning them ready for the call. He is placing bone to bone and joint to joint. He is aligning and placing each person with the joints and sinews they need in order to move. You are being connected in this season with your joints, bones, sinews and flesh in order for you to be mobile in your functioning in the body. You are being connected with the right people in relationships, the right job/career path, church family, geographical city/town or location, all in preparation for Him to fulfil what He has promised. Notice when the spirit of God aligned the bones to bones there was a shaking and a thundering. Sometimes when God is positioning us there is a shaking and a rattling going on in our lives.

But God is also shaking His church. He is shaking her out of her sleep, out of complacency, status quo, apathy, religion and tradition. He is shaking the wineskin of “how church is done” and He is creating a new wineskin. He is shaking the systems of cloning in the church and shaking his body to enter into a unique AUTHENTIC EXPRESSION of His heart that He has given each part of His body. He is causing her to come into the image of His original intent, that He has destined her to be, not what man has tried to create her to be or for her to look like. The wineskin of performance is falling apart and the new wine won’t be poured into that old wineskin.

The Lord delights in diverse authentic expression. The other day I was watching online, a Sunday school worship service in Pakistan. They were dressed in their traditional outfits and they had on their middle eastern music and all the kids were jumping around praising God. In that moment I felt the joy in the Lords heart of diversity. He delights in the different expressions of different tribes/nations and peoples. Have you ever thought that if we all try to be copy cats we are actually robbing Him of joy?
John4:23 The Lord is seeking a people who will worship Him in spirit and in truth ~ (which means reality and sincerity, not a religious cloning form of worship that isn’t an abandoned expression of the heart).

Many in the church are trying to copy whatever the flavour of the month is. It’s like following fashion. To be “cool”. Many are trying to imitate certain prominent ministries instead of stepping into their own unique expression. There is nothing wrong with being inspired and enriched by different ministries as we all are, but to then forsake the sound and expression within us to imitate and clone ourselves after another’s design is to merely abort the unique expression, purpose and destiny of our God design. If we all were a hand, or a foot or a toe then we would be in a sorry state.

Earth needs your sound!! Earth needs your expression of heaven! The earth is groaning and crying out for the unique expression you were created for! Everyone has a unique expression and earth cannot do without the expression heaven has put inside you. You carry a sound and expression of His heart unique to you. Yes there are similarities among us, But to be honest I NEED you to be You!!!

The New Wine skin: THE WARRIOR BRIDE!

After the Lord had caused bone to come together with bone there still was no breath in them. Ezekiel was then instructed to call the four winds to breath upon them and cause them to live. When Ezekiel commanded the breath of God to enter the bones they stood up and came alive and their true identity revealed, they were an exceedingly great host. In other word’s a mighty army!! Ezekiel 37:10

The Lord’s New wine skin is that of a MIGHTY ARMY!

This new wine skin is FIRSTLY of love and humility. It is real and raw, and is a “cut the garbage” type wineskin. It’s not politically correct. It’s not one that saves face, it’s not one that protects the hidden leaven and that plays the hypocrite. It’s not one that plays the game for self- fulfilling motives. And it’s not one that will replace God’s presence for religious rituals that have a form of Godliness but deny His POWER!!!

This new wineskin is not interested in the praises and promotion of man but is only interested in pleasing the father and bringing liberation through the GOSPEL OF truth that sets men free. It is a wineskin that has been through the fire of persecution, testing, wilderness and dry times. It is a wineskin that won’t bend to the compromise and pressure of a religious Spirit that squelches a unique expression and promotes a cloning of systems and identity. It’s a wineskin that is as bold as a lion and stands courageously in the face of Jezebel. This new wineskin carries a double portion like Elisha and the fearlessness of Jehu!

This New Wine Skin is the WARRIOR BRIDE!

This new wine skin are sold out LOVERS OF GOD who love not their lives even unto death. This new wine skin are more than conqueror’s through the knowledge of the Love of Christ operating in their lives. They have found victory in death, for the banner they war under declares “it is not I who lives but Christ who lives within me!”
This new wine skin walks in the wisdom of heaven because their foundation is the Fear of the Lord.

This new wine skin is a wineskin that walks in the Divine Government of Heaven and executes His will on earth as it is in heaven.
Because this new wineskin do not have the desire and agenda to be “seen”. Even though many may have a public expression of the kingdom, their motive is not to be seen/recognised or noticed but merely to see heaven invade earth. These ones will walk in true government authority for those that desire to be seen cannot bear the weight of the government of heaven.

Colossians 3:3&4
“For [ as far as this world is concerned ] you have died, and your [new real] life is hidden with Christ in God. When Christ, who is our life, appears, then you also will appear with Him in [the spendor of His] Glory.”

Government is an authority word. Any type of government has authority and power to make rules and to enforce them. In this time and season the Lord is establishing His DIVINE government in the earth, through His body, His church, who will flow and demonstrate heavens authority and power.

God is not going to empower the old wineskin of competition, slander, backbiting and twofaced game playing. For this type of Government weaken the body and keep the body immature, carnal and ignorant. The bible says “my people perish because of a lack of knowledge”. Well there has been a lot of unnecessary perishing in the Lord’s beloved body because of a church government that has been carnal and not interested in building people but building a reputation.

Competition is an attitude that desires to be the best – OR to be number 1. It has a territorial mindset and won’t embrace those that are a threat to their status or reputation as being number one. In other words it’s a divisive spirit and promotes division. It’s a lie from the pit of hell that whispers into the ears of the saints and says unless you are prominent, seen and recognised then you aren’t favoured or as important to God as much as the person that is. I say RUBBISH!!!

The Body needs to be discerned correctly in this hour. As God is causing the four winds to blow and breath upon His body in order to join bone to bone, and joint to joint, we as the body need to discern AND HONOUR each other in the body. There are people called to be the internal organs that aren’t “seen” and yet they IN MY OPINION are the most powerful functioning ministries in the earth. I know a lot of apostolic intercessors that may never have a pulpit, and their knowledge and depth in the word goes beyond a lot of pulpit prophets out there. But they are called to prophesy in secret they are called to shift atmospheres in regions and nations and declare in the secret place like Anna. They aren’t necessarily called to be seen, but yet they are making way for the most powerful move of God the earth has ever seen.


I have been seeing the number 12:12 these past months. The Lord began to reveal to me He is aligning in this hour Divine Government on the earth. His kingdom is emerging and with that comes righteous government that carries the authority and weight of heaven.

A few months ago I had an encounter with the Lord regarding the coming move of His Spirit. It was as though I was taken into the future and was experiencing the outpouring that is to come. This encounter is very difficult to put English words to, because it is something more understood than explained. I saw the Lord coming and meeting with His people in the fullness of His person, but I was overwhelmed with the power and authority of His manifest presence. I immediately knew and saw the necessity of being “hidden” in Him because unless we are hidden in Him we won’t be able to contain or flow with the velocity of power of His “meeting”. This is the new wine! The velocity and power of His Kingdom.

The government of God has been put upon Jesus shoulders. (Isaiah9:6) That means only He can carry Heavens power and Authority. His shoulders are only big enough to carry it, because He paid the ultimate price. However, Colossians 3:3 says, through salvation we are dead to this world and now are “hidden IN Christ”. We can carry heavens authority “through” Christ ~ by being hidden in Him. But we can’t carry heavens authority and power separate from Christ. We cannot operate in it in our own strength, human earthly wisdom, efforts or means. We can’t create separate from the Holy Spirit’s leading and expect heaven’s endorsement of power and authority to be upon it. Anything created or done outside of the Holy Spirits leading is not birthed of God. It is carnal. It may be a “good” thing, but not a “God” thing. Good things don’t overcome the world. Only God thing’s do.

1 John 5:4
“For whatever is born of God is victorious over the world, and this is the victory that conquers the world, even our faith.”

“Good” things usually have an earthly agenda for the glorification of man. “God” things always have a heavenly agenda for the glorification of God and for the better purpose of man.

To appear with Him in the splendour of His Glory is impossible for those that have not died to the lusts and dictates of the flesh. When there is still a desire to be “seen” death has not taken place. Those that are hidden in Christ, who have no earthly desire are able to appear when He appears. That means, they will carry heavens authority in power and demonstration in the time (when He appears ) a sovereign move of God. A sovereign move is when “He appears”.

Those who are truly hidden are those who yearn for Christ alone to be seen and meet with humanity and display His wonder on earth.

This heart position is the platform of purity that the Government of Heaven flows from. True authority of heaven is released through believers who are hidden in Christ. They have no need or ambition to be seen, they desire no fame or notoriety. They only find their identity in Him. These ones demonstrate true authority and power of the kingdom to subdue nations and walk in the fullness and original purpose the Lord gave to man in the garden of Eden, – execute heavenly dominion upon the earth.

This is the new wine skin ~ this is the Warrior Bride!