The Lightnings Of God That Bring Turnaround And Change The Course Of History

Sunday 8th of November in worship I saw a vision of a turtle on its back. It made me think of the hare and tortoise race. Where the hare had a fast start and looked like he was going to win and the turtle was lagging behind. I knew the turtle had been sabotaged and flipped onto its back. We all know when a turtle is flipped onto its back the show is over as it cannot get back onto its legs without help. I felt like the Lord was showing me situations that may say “the show’s over”, where the enemy has sabotaged the circumstance to gain an advantage. This picture was clearly revealing situations that seem impossible, where it looks like the race is done, or a circumstance that is saying it’s over.
As I began to worship in the spirit over this vision, I asked the Lord in my heart, “ok Lord how do we get this turtle on its back”. I waited and watched the vision as I continued to worship in the spirit. Nothing was happening and I continued to push in into worship and press into this vision. This vision seemed like it lingered in this position of “nothing happening” like pause on a movie screen. I was waiting to proceed with the strategy of the Lord, either a decree or a prayer or declaration. A scripture or an intercession gesture. But nothing. So I continued to worship and behold this vision before me, and place a demand upon heaven for the solution. Then suddenly out of nowhere I saw a lightning bolt from heaven strike the ground near the turtle and flip him on its legs!
The Lord says, “It’s not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6). Where ever the race seems like it is over, God says NO, press in, wait, keep placing a demand on My strategy, on My response, on My breakthrough. I’m going to release My resurrection power through my lightnings from heaven and it’s going to flip it over. Get ready for the lightnings of God to come and bring divine turnaround and turn the tables and bring that which looks over back in the race. God says your race is not done, your time is not up. No matter what sabotage the enemy may bring against you, if you continue to worship and fix your eyes on me for the answer, and the strategy, watch and see, watch and see, I will display My glory, I will strike with My power and turn that which seems impossible, and bring back to life that which seemed dead and buried.
We thank You Father for Your glory out of heaven, the lightning bolt of Your fire, to come into every situation where the enemy has decreed it’s over. We say it is not over, let your fire and wind of God come now, to reverse, to reverse, to reverse, every situation the enemy has lied about and sabotaged. We thank You Father that you see the end from the beginning, and you bring all those things together for good for those who love you and are called according to your purpose.
Where there are battles in people’s bodies, hearts and minds, where there are battles in people’s finances, where there are battles in people’s marriages, where parents are battling for their prodigal children or family members, where there are battles in relationships, and where there are battles over the nations of the earth, we thank You Father now for the turnaround. Let the lightning bolts of heaven come. May the winds of change be released from Your throne that bring turnaround.
I’m reminded of a dream I had in 2017, of fireballs of heaven bringing divine turnaround. Lightning is fire and the scripture says that the light that struck Saul of Tarsus to the ground when He encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus was lightning (Acts 9). In the Greek root meaning to that word lightning it is “fire”. Well, fire that strikes is lightning. That lightning bolt that Saul encountered changed the course of history. God says, in this hour I’m releasing the lightning bolts of heaven to come and change the course of history.
Saul was going one way and after the encounter with the lightning of God, he did a complete 180 decree turnaround from being a murderer to a martyr. He fell to the ground as Saul and stood up with a new name Paul. Paul means “humble”. When the Lord’s lightning strikes your situation He brings the proud low and raises up the humble. Lightning strikes the “high” places. The Lord in this hour is levelling the mountains that stand proud against His ways.
Zechariah 4:7 says, “who are you oh great mountain, for you shall become a plain”. All those proud and lofty things that stand in the way of the purposes of God are about to be flattened, when “BY MY SPIRIT SHOWS UP”!
We are about to see a display of “BY MY SPIRIT”, like never before. As my dear friend Ian Johnson says, “This is that, hold onto your hat”! We are in for a “this is that” moment described in the book of Joel. Who needs fireworks when you have the lightnings of God!