The Highest Calling

For those who desire intimacy with the lord and to truly be a friend of God, herin lies the “secret”:
“The secret [of the sweet, satisfying companionship] of the Lord have they who fear (revere and worship) Him, and He will show them His covenant and reveal to them its [deep, inner] meaning. [John 7:17; 15:15.]”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭25:14‬ ‭AMPC‬‬
There is no greater goal, no greater vision than to know Him.
While talking to one of our interns the other day, I asked the question, “what is your vision? What goals are in front of you?” To my delight and greatest surprise she answered me, “to be a friend of God”. You could have blown me over with a feather. I said to her, “guard this vision with your life for the rest of your life!”
You see I’ve been doing ministry for the good part of 22 years and most people who feel “called” of God are in pursuit of their calling. They somehow think the “prize” is to fulfill their calling. And to “attain” to something of noteriety , status or title. This focus is self led and motivated, and won’t stand the test of time. If we are to “endure to the end”, HE must be our prize and portion. To “know” Him, Paul said was the prize and the HIGH CALLING ( Phil 3:14). You may have a calling to fulfil in this earth, but for what purpose? If it is self centred, even in the “name of Christ” it carries very little eternal value.
I want to pursue the HIGHEST OF CALLINGS to “know” Him. Its a “high” calling because you have to leave the things of this earth to pursue it. You see Jesus actually told those who pursued their callings to depart from him because He didn’t know them. They prophesied in “His name”, did miracles in “His name”, but were called workers of iniquity and told to depart from Him! (Matthew 7:23)
That’s pretty heavy!
To hear those liquid gold words “well done though good and faithful servant, enter into thy rest”, are for those who pursue the HIGHER calling, to “KNOW HIM”. Leaving and forgetting all that which lays behind, and pressing on toward the prize.
For the longest time I always thought those words meant leaving my past behind and not rehearsing it and getting on with my walk with the Lord. But it doesn’t only mean that, what is behind is those things that are of earthly value are left behind as you ascend in pursuit to know Him. You cannot stay earthly bound and focused when you pursue Him. As your mind is set upon Him you come higher, above the dictates of this realm. That which once held importance is now insignificant. That which used to act as a hurricane of terror and move your heart to fear and anxiety, is now reduced to a slight breezy whisper fizzling out as perfect peace acts like a guard as you continue to fix your gaze on Him.
You see the pursuit to know Him, draws you to where He sits. And that is at the right hand of the father above all principalities, powers and rulers of darkness. That is where He is and so are we!
That is the High Call. To know Him, and in knowing Him you will reflect Him and give glory to the father. In knowing him you will fulfill all you are designed and created to do and possibly more! You can’t help but move in signs wonders and miracles if you know the author of such.
Seek not to fulfill your calling, and be all you are created to be. But rather seek first to know Him who wrote the blueprint of your book and has numbered your days. Seek His ways and his mind, and you won’t be able to help fulfill your calling. Fulfilling your destiny, is but only a bi product of knowing Him.
May He always be your prize and portion. And may we hear the golden words, “well done though good and faithful servant”.