The High Calling of Being More Than a Conqueror

Absolutely!!! 100%. This picture below says so much in one sentence… We may be subject to circumstances and other people’s wrong choices in life… welcome to the land called fallen earth… but will that dictate the ultimate result in our lives?

How long are we Christian’s (Christ loving companions) who possess the Full God Head inside of us, who have been told we are in this earth but no longer of it… going to swallow the lie that we are still subject to and continue to choose to be a product of other people’s actions and choices. This is not the life that Christ paid the price for us to walk. For truly we are more than conquerors through Christ who loves us!!!! There was no greater love than that displayed on the cross of Calvary in order to purchase freedom and victory for all those who believe!!!

If we continue to keep talking about and rehearsing over and over how our lives are a product of other people’s choices or lack of choices then we become bitter and twisted and find ourselves shipwrecked in our faith! We can even blame God for not doing what we want him to when we want him to do it… 1 Timothy chapter 1 references two men who did this who blasphemed against God because they lost the plot and became subject to the decay of this natural realm instead of fighting the good fight over the spoken word of God.

Abraham was considered a friend of God as he consistently waged war over the spoken word of God regardless of the narrative that this faith opposing natural realm was screaming at him. These acts even accounted to him righteousness before there was ever the fulfillment on earth of the lamb of God the Messiah!!! Now that right there you could meditate on for eternity!!! Blows my mind!!!

Christ has called us with this high calling to believe Him and be more than conquerors, own our own lives and be good stewards of it. If we are forever a victim we fail to steward the life HE has paid for and ultimately stand aloof from the victory of the cross!

My greatest desire in all the world is to hear the words “ well done thou good and FAITHFUL servant enter into thy rest.”

I desire to be found faithful in stewarding my life from a place of victory through the cross …. even if that means fighting to get the faith I lack or don’t possess in order that I don’t succumb to being a victim, inviting a root of bitterness in and ultimately loose the plot and becoming shipwrecked in my faith.

Blaming people, God and situations, circumstances and rehearsing the injustices, will not change anything and will only cause to deepen your despair.

Please hear my heart it is not to be hard or harsh, I have walked this path … I have been shipwrecked in burnout in past seasons in my walk, I have experienced MANY injustices in my life as everyone in this fallen world has…. but I have learnt that at the end of the day I alone have the power over my life. I alone decide my outcome… the question I now ask myself if my life is not where I want it to be… what am “I” going to do about it? Some circumstances we can’t change but we can change how we respond to those circumstances. If someone has wronged me… what am “I”going to do about it? If someone is in my life that is causing strife, chaos and confusion what am “I” going to do about it? The buck stops with us friend.

After years in ministry I’m reminded of what my husband so frequently says. … “ you take you wherever you go”. We want things to change… we find us in cycles that don’t seem to shift? Maybe we may need a little look in the mirror and say “this is the day the Lord has made… what am I going to do about it!”

As my lovely friend Dawn Hill so beautifully puts it… some people love on people by cuddles and stroking, but the way I Love on people is by telling them the truth. That is true for me also , just praying that that you have received this truth with the heart of mercy I have that will lead you to repentance … if need be… of being a victim into being a Victor and honouring the blood that was so lavishly spilled for you.