The Hebraic Year of 5779


Isaiah 34:8
“For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense, for the cause of Zion”


Interesting numbers that this Rosh Hashanah falls on. It is the year of 5779 and we see it lands on evening of the 9th day of the 9th month of the year 2018 (18 being double 9). So we have 4x 9 in the date alone, and 5x 9’s including the Hebraic year!

This is no Coincidence.

Dream of 999 and 4:14

In early June 2018 I had a dream regarding the number 9. I saw 999 repeatedly throughout my dream and as the number 9 repeatedly showed up I kept saying in my dream, “this is recompense, reconciliation and redemption”. In the same dream I repeatedly saw 4:14 along side 999. In the dream I was saying “this is now the time of Esther”. I knew this meant Esther 4:14

“For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance shall arise for the Jews from elsewhere, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who know BUT THAT YOU HAVE COME TO THE KINGDOM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS AND FOR THIS VERY OCCASION” (ampc version)


The biblical meaning of the number 9 is “finality” or the “fullness” of God. The finality of God comes with a connotation of justice and judgement. We see that Jesus died on the cross on the 9th hour of the day. It was FINISISHED. This sacrifice was finalised on the 9th hour and what followed was redemption, reconciliation and recompense for all those who would receive His sacrifice both Jew and Gentile alike.

We also see that there are 9 gifts of the Spirit and 9 fruits of the Spirit, which symbolise the “fullness” of God.


The number 4:14

I have literally been seeing 4:14 EVERYWHERE I go lately, and especially within these last two weeks leading up to Rosh Hashanah.

The Lord began to remind me of my dream back in June and spoke to my heart saying “This new Hebraic year 5779 is the year where I am positioning my beloved as in Esther 4:14 for such a time as this, to execute My justice in this season, where I am bringing a finality to the cause of the enemy and turnaround for my people. Through this Esther Government the plans of the enemy will be exposed on many levels in the seven mountains of society, and justice and finality will be brought as the Lord’s people lift up their voice and keep not silent. For with much given much is required and with promotion comes responsibility.”


Notice in Esther 4:14 Mordecai is beseeching Esther NOT TO KEEP SILENT. This is the time where the voice of the Lord’s beloved is to be heard. This is the time where as she is heard, Justice, Recompense and Redemption will come. This is not the time for God’s people to retreat in the fear of what man can do to them! No this is the time to be like Esther and say “If I perish I perish” (Esther 4:16), and go forth in the FEAR OF THE LORD and see a mighty deliverance come! (Psalm 34:7). As the Lord’s people choose to not sit passively by in the council of the ungodly and repent for doing so if that has been the case, but speak up and stand up instead of sitting where the scorners are (Psalm 1), we will begin to see divine turnarounds, recompenses and restitution and unprecedented victories of advancement for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Lord is positioning his people in this hour to be a voice into darkness and bring a finality to the wicked unjust plans of HAMAN!


As Esther went through a purification and beautification process before she was presented before the king (Esther 2:12), there are those who have been through a preparation season of purification that are now being beautified with the fragrance and favour of the Lord that will cause them to be positioned in this next season for demonstration. Their preparation has come to its fullness (9) and now is the time for their positioning to demonstrate the kingdom for such a time as this.


Last Monday night in a time of intercession I had a vision of the Lord spraying perfume all around Esther, representing his prepared people. I then saw a two edged sword being wielded and the Lord gave it to his people to wield in this season and I heard Him say this is a sword of FAVOUR and VENGEANCE. For you will need favour in order to execute my righteous vengeance on the enemy in this season. I knew this was a symbolic picture of His bride being Esther and the fragrance and perfume of His anointing to adorn her with favour to be positioned in the place she needs to be to do the job and fulfil the assignment she needs to in this season of justice. I have been seeing 007 (secret agent assignments), in repeated fashion also these last few days, reminding me this is the season of positioning for the execution of those assignments. The Lord is giving new assignments of justice in this season and the Lord is positioning His beloved to fulfil and execute those assignments.

Esther’s assignment in a nutshell was an assignment of Justice to expose the evil plan of Haman to annihilate her people the Jews and bring about a divine turnaround whereby her people were given the right to defend themselves! She needed the favour of God to be chosen as queen in order for her assignment to be fulfilled. And so it is in this season, those who have gone through the seasons of purification, the seasons of fire, testings and trials and have come out purified are now being beautified with the Lord’s fragrance of favour in order for there to be a positioning for demonstration of those assignments of justice.

We see Esther’s assignment brought a reversal of a decree of death to one of preserving life. It is very interesting to note that from the time of the new decree that Mordecai wrote on the Kings behalf (Esther 8:11) it was 9 months the Jews had to prepare themselves for conflict. Again we see that number 9 in relation to justice and divine turnaround.


One of those assignments of Justice the Lord is giving out to certain ones in this season is in the family mountain, regarding the laws of abortion. I see a Wilbur Wilberforce anointing coming on many in this season. And as Wilbur was positioned in a position of government to speak up for those slaves who couldn’t speak for themselves, so the Lord in this season is positioning many in more strategic, effective positions to speak up for unborn babies who have no voice for their own existence. Just as the decree in Esther went forth in Esther 8:11 for the Jewish people the right to defend their own lives, there will be a new decree that will go forth that will overturn the evil decree of death, and this NEW DECREE WILL STATE THAT UNBORN BABIES HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST.


We will see many, many, many unprecedented turnarounds in this season as the Lord orchestrates by His spirit series of Divine appointments and connections. Place a demand upon the anointing in this season, for your footsteps to be ordered by Him to bring you into positions of favour that are not possible for you in your own efforts.

If we look closely at the book of Esther we will realise this is a book of Divine turnarounds. First we see a mass display of deceit, trickery, conceit, jealousy and acts of threatened violence and murder by Haman. Then after Esther steps up to her God given assignment we see the hand of God move and not only overturn a death decree on behalf of the Jewish people, but justice, recompense and honour is brought to Mordecai while the pride of his enemy Haman is brought to destruction and ruin.

This is this season!!! In this year 5779 we will begin to see the unlocking of unprecedented turnarounds, vindication, honour, recompense, reconciliation, and redemption as the Lord position’s His people in favour to speak up for the cause of righteousness to execute finality by overruling the wicked plans and decrees of the enemy and causing justice to prevail.