The Head Has Crowned ~ The Net Breaking Harvest

ITS TIME! It’s time for visions and mandates to be birthed, it’s time for dreams to be realised! ITS APPOINTED TIME TIME!

The Lord spoke to me and said “though you think it tarry, wait!” In other words, it’s not tarrying, your vision your dream has an appointed time! Don’t give up on it, though it is lingering, sometimes other things need to line up for your dream to birth in the right environment! Don’t walk away from it, IT WILL SURELY COME TO PASS and IT WILL NOT DELAY! You haven’t come this far to cave now! Are you weary? YES!!! BUT GOD!


I felt the Lord take me to Luke 5, the story where the disciples were toiling fishing all night and caught NOTHING! Jesus came to them in the morning when they were exhausted and told them to throw the net out one more time. Then they caught a net breaking hall of fish! Sometimes when we feel our weakest, our most frustrated and weary of heart, because NOTHING is happening, the Lord comes to us and whispers, “just one more time”. Oh the resolve that is needed to surrender to that word! It’s almost impossible! The disciples must have thought, “do you know how much energy is required to throw this net out again?”. But Peter said ok Lord “at your WORD”. This was trust, it was a declaration of surrender. He first said Lord, “we’ve been toiling all night and caught nothing!” In other words, “don’t you know there isn’t any fish down there”? Jesus knowing He was going to call them to follow Him, wanted to demonstrate to them that He would never fail in His command, His power would always back up His instruction. Peter yielded to His command and thus it was so.


I feel like the Lord gave me a picture the other day of child birth in relation to birthing our visions. There is a stage at the end of the labour that is called transition, it is when the babies’ head crowns. In other words it is the moment that the baby becomes visible. This stage is where a lot of women feel like they can’t go on anymore. It’s very intense and it’s a stage where some women loose faculties of awareness. They may say things they normally wouldn’t say, they may feel like they can’t go on etc etc. But this is actually the break through stage, because when the babies head has crowned, it signifies its nearly over with a few pushes through the contractions.

I felt like the Lord was showing me this analogy in correlation to those who have come full term and have been in the birthing stage for some time now. I felt him say that we are at the “crowning stage”. Some in this phase may have felt like they are up and down, normal one day, under attack the next, hopeless and despaired other days, but that actually you have been going through contractions. I’ve felt that in recent the turmoil and turbulence has been extra intense. The contractions are coming closer together which means you are closer to your breakthrough than ever.

I heard the Lord say, “the head has crowned”! I felt He was meaning that through these recent weeks where the intensity has been to the point you feel like you will explode, the Lord says that this is the place where the vision comes from the unseen into the place of being seen. Where all night you have laboured and felt like you’ve seen nothing, now is the time where it is beginning to bud in visible forms. The Head has crowned!

Now is not the time to stop. Throw the net out one more time, Keep pushing because before you know it you will have your vision in your arms. And the joy the other side of the travail will wash all the pain of labour away!


In Habakkuk 2:3 it says in the end it will speak it will not lie. I believe the Lord wants to encourage many of you who have had persecution for the dreams you have carried because they haven’t been understood by those around you. It has cost you greatly to carry what God has put inside of you to bring to full term. Many a time the enemy has come to tempt you to abort, or others who don’t comprehend the kingdom that you carry in your heart to give birth to, have spoken into your life and counselled you to abort. It has been a battle of great cost, but the Lord says when you give birth to this mandate, this vision, it will have a voice itself and that voice will be a voice of vindication. It will not lie, it cannot deceive, it speaks of truth that your faith in God has been legitimate and tested and tried and this promise and mandate is now established. It cannot be uprooted, because it is born of God and it overcomes the world because it was carried and birthed in faith.

Noah suffered great scorn and persecution, but when the rains came, his vision spoke, it did not lie, it told the truth of that which was previously only a voice in his heart. It was the fulfillment of the vision that spoke itself to those who didn’t have eyes to see and ears to hear. It no longer needed Noah to voice it, the rain clouds and the rain were the voice. The manifestation of your promise in the natural testifies of God. It speaks and declares, and there will be great compensation of reward as you don’t loosen your fearless confidence and retreat at your threshold.

Go with it, push through the final stages of these contractions with the joy set before you, see the promise in your arms giving glory to God!