The Grass Isn’t Greener

Discerning our season is so important in our development process at Gods pace and walking into the FULLNESS God has for you in wholeness and maturity.
Many want to run before their time and are impatient with the Lord’s line upon line approach to developing them. What some fail to understand is that where God has them and who God surrounds them with (leaders and mentors) are all in the Lord’s master plan of our journey.
Sometimes the Lord will place you in a confined place and have strict boundaries on you. You may feel unseen, your giftings unrecognised, and simply unappreciated. These seasons are needed, it’s like a photo developing room, hidden and dark, but God is developing the blue print of your identity. In these times of our maturity development there can be a temptation to find a “short cut” to the “greater” we believe we are called to. Some can tend to think people are holding them back and “stunting” their growth. However in actual fact we need to realise that those the Lord places over our lives as leaders sometimes can see blind spots in our lives that we fail to recognise. They may see areas of immaturity that could potentially be a stumbling block to you and others if left unchecked and promoted too early. They could portentially discern areas that are in need of cleansing and purifying that would hinder and block Gods purposes in our lives.
Promotion is from God.
If you believe a person is responsible to help you fulfil your calling then you will also believe that a person has the power to hold you back from your calling. This is not true. Otherwise Joesph would never have fulfilled his. Joesphs brothers nearly cost him his life, but God was in charge not man. Only Joseph had the capacity to hinder his destiny.
Many people abort the process because they become impatient or they fail to understand that God’s process of maturing you is actually more focused around discipline and faithfulness than it is about learning all the mystical secrets of God.
Over the years many have come to our ministry seeking position or an opportunity to “fulfill their calling”. Because we have a revival, apostolic/prophetic culture we normally “attract” those seeking the “more” and wanting to go deeper. Additionally a main area of our ministry is training and equipping, however what I have noticed over the years is that many fail to realise that the desire to go deeper cohabits with a greater requirement from God on your life. A greater discipline. Much given much required.
I understand there is a genuine dissatisfaction that is in a large majority of God’s people for the slop of religion in this season, many are transitioning out of Saul’s house and are genuinely seeking to go deeper. Possibly move churches etc .
I guess my admonition to those ones who find themselves in this place would be to expect the discipline and boundaries of God to increase in your life as you pursue the “more”.
The grass isn’t greener.
For instance in our house, we do not promote people quickly. We probably take longer than most places because we have come to understand and know that to be a minister of the spirit God requires a level of maturity, purity, accountability, faithfulness and discipline. It’s not enough to be a good communicator, charismatic character or even super gifted and talented person. In fact those who are super gifted and talented, full of charisma etc and have not been trained in discipline, accountability and faithfulness, have been the biggest train wrecks.
Our lack of enthusiasm and patient approach towards the highly gifted and charismatic, perplexes many with great ambitions thinking our grass is greener for their personal launching pad. This has been a great culture shock for some.
Others however relish in this standard of God, somehow feeling more loved and secure that leaders would care about their personal development first and not promote them prematurely using them as a tool to build their church.
To be honest humility is what fast tracks a person, not gifting, talent or charisma. Humility is actually fruit of maturity, and reflects a pure heart.
Wherever it is God places you, trust that is the best place you need to be in that season. Don’t fast track the process by your longing for more. The longing isn’t wrong, but stepping outside of God’s timing will not serve you well. You will find yourself in many mountain trips until you yield to finish that season no matter how long it is.
I have found myself numerous times over the course of my journey shocked at the length of certain seasons God has had me in confined discipline. There is a saying the higher the building the deeper the foundation. The foundation time is unseen and lengthy but the construction of the building going up is somewhat a fast process.
I encourage you don’t abort the process, allow God to promote, give you favour with who you need favour with, and appreciate who He has put in your life imperfect and all.
Let the Lord position you if you are transitioning from one place to the next, one level to another, don’t have the false belief that the grass is greener. Don’t assume and presume how God needs to position you. Enjoy each season, space, the people who are in it along the way.
I’m sure Elisha may not have always found Elijah to be the greatest chill buddy, but I can guarantee he was thanking God for all those years with him good and bad when he finally moved in his mantle of the double portion.
Elijah said Elisha asked a hard thing requesting a double portion of Elijah’s mantle. Many of us don’t realise what we are asking when we desire to move in the greater glory. It wasn’t Elisha’s prophetic gift and charisma that caused him to receive the double portion. It was faithfulness and maturity of character to see it through to the end of his season. Along the last journey Elisha walked with Elijah before he got taken up, there were many voices trying to pull him off the path. They were even prophetic voices, distracting him in finishing his season to the end.
Don’t let distracting voices speak into possible discouragement in your heart due to the lengthy season and cause you to abort your season before completion. Stick it out to the end and let God release you into your next season of promotion.
Anita Alexander