The God Who Sees You, Will See To It!

Jehovah Jireh and El Roi.
Not everyone will be happy when your “ship comes in”.
In Genesis 26 we see Isaac sowed in faith in an unfavourable season of famine and reaped 100 fold harvest. But it didn’t stop there, the blessing of God upon Isaac began to just multiply and overflow to the point the Philistines were envious.
Envy is an interesting thing.
It means :
– to have feelings of resentment and discontent that is aroused by someone else’s blessings.
– desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else).
The thing is, Isaac’s blessing was born of faith. He decided to act in faith and sow in a time of famine. He obeyed the instruction of God NOT to go to Egypt as his source in a time of famine but to stay and dwell in the land God told him.
There are abundant blessings that make one rich and add no sorrow to those who obey and believe God.
Many look on the outside to the reward that comes from the times where you have sown your life in obedience and faith yet been in famine in every area of your life and being. They covet the same reward or even judge whether or not you deserve it. They may even make claim and contend like the philistines did with Isaac over the well of your provision.
On June 25th of this year , I had a vision of the ram that God provided Abraham for his sacrifice in place of Isaac. This ram is provision for those who have obeyed God to the point of offering their promise. This is where Abraham met Jehovah Jireh – the God who “sees” to it, our provider.
The same day I had this vision in worship, our worship leader began to sing in tongues and then began to sing El Roi. The God who “sees” me. I knew these two names of God were linked in this moment to bring revelation of what He was doing.
You see the Lord is saying I “see you” I’ve seen what you have sown in secret, and now I’m going to “see to it”, and reward you openly. I’m going to provide your Ram, and you will have your promise.
For what is sown in secret God rewards openly (Matt 6:4) and just like Isaac’s harvest yours might intimidate those around you or even provoke jealousy and envy in hearts who seek their own and not truly the kingdom.
Don’t ever apologise for your harvest and your reward. Don’t play it down nor make excuses for the blessings of God. It’s not by your righteousness anyway, but simply by not giving up and being faithful in secret when all hell was coming against you.
The Lord spoke to me recently through a dream that it’s time for the harvest of that which has been sown in secret in My church. This harvest is going to bring a great deal of shock to many for two reasons.
There are going to be two kinds of harvests. The evil and unrighteousness that’s has been sown in secret is going to be exposed and many will be so shocked and surprised.
Then there will be a harvest for those who have sown in famine in secret, in obedience and faithfulness to the lord and not gone to Egypt or elsewhere for their supply. Many are going to be shocked by their harvest of blessing, and surprised at who God is rewarding.
Oh how God delights to raise up the humble and bring recompense and reward. (Isaiah 40:10)
In my dream however, it provoked jealousy and envy. So I feel the Lord warning us that that is what happens when it’s harvest time.
So know in advance that as God shakes the heavens and earth (Haggai 2:6-7), He is revealing those who are of His kingdom and those who are tares (Mathew 13).
Sing oh barren woman, the ones who have sown in times of famine and from barren places, your harvest is upon you. Jehovah Jireh and El Roi are near.
Anita Alexander