The God of the Second Chance

As Australia stood and watched the election results pour in on the night of the 18/5/19, we stood and beheld what was truly a historical moment. Some have called it the greatest “come from behind political victory in our nation’s young history”. A believer, Scott Morison, by the miraculous hand of God swung into unprecedented victory.

I found myself all night in reverence, knowing the magnitude of the glorious spiritual repercussions on our nation by this victory, saying to the Lord, “Thank you God for your mercy upon our nation, thank you God you would be so gracious to us, Thank you God, that you have acted favourably on our behalf, thank you God that you would be so kind as to put such a leader at our nations helm.

As I continued to watch the television broadcast, I was determined to keep my eyes open in the late hours of the night to see and be a part of the glorious history in our nation and watch the victory speech of our re-elected Christian Prime Minister who was completely written off by the media and opposition of ever re-entering government.


Scott Morrison finally arrives on the podium and begins His victory speech at the stroke of MIDNIGHT. Yes folks, 12 signifying DIVINE GOVERNMENT, and Midnight representing the ending of a day and the beginning of a new. Only God. The news commentator bringing this fact of the speech starting at the stroke of midnight to all the viewer’s attention! The Lord said to me this is the time for MY GOVERNMENT. I was literally witnessing the hand of God moving in our great nation.


Upon awaking this morning, still bubbling over with exuberant gratefulness to God that He would be so kind to our nation, the Spirit of God begins to speak to my heart.

He reminded me that this weekend the 18/19 and the 19/5/19 marks the second Passover – Pesach Sheni. Recently I was speaking with a dear Prophetic Intercessor friend of mine Vivienne Docherty, she was sharing with me that God had been talking to her about the “second Passover” this year and how she felt that this year it held significance. Separately the Lord had me study the month of iyar (which we are now in) and I stumble across the “second Passover”. Ok so now it has my attention, two times in a matter of two weeks the Lord has brought “This second Passover” to my attention. I still didn’t know how this related to anything He was showing me, but my spirit was leaping. The day before the election the Lord said to me “Second Passover”!! I still didn’t clue on it was in regard to the election, I just knew He was reminding me it was this weekend. Little did I realise our nation was about to cross over and have a red sea experience of our own!

For those of you who aren’t aware, “Second Passover” is observed for the Jews who couldn’t observe the first Passover for reasons of being unclean, or other which we find in Numbers 9:9-12.

Before we go on, I need to point out something. The date of second Passover this year is 18/5 which is double nine. The verse where it says “and the Lord spoke to Moses saying…” is Numbers 9:9. This was the day of our election!!!

The number 9 is the number of finality, justice and judgement. Jesus died on the 9th hour and said “It is finished”. If you have read or followed my posts I have spoken a lot on the number 9 of recent, as the Lord has given me dream after dream about this being the season of 9. The turnaround for justice and recompense. The judgement of God on the enemy so redemption can come.

So in light of this summary of the number 9, we also see more 9’s appearing in this miraculous story of this “greatest come from behind victory in political history for our nation”.

Not only was the election victory on the “Second Passover” – signifying God giving our nation a SECOND CHANCE, making a “way for us of escape to enter into our promises”, (as Passover signifies), but it was a mighty deliverance from the enemy’s plans.

We see in Esther 8:9, (yes verse 9), a decree of turnaround and salvation was written for the Jews giving them “9” months until the time set for destruction on the first decree- thus allowing them ample time to prepare to defend themselves.

As I was speaking to my husband this morning, he made me aware it has been “9” months Scott Morrison has been in government preparing him for this election. This is the Lords Justice upon our nation, symbolising a mighty deliverance and turnaround.


As I have noted in my new book, “The Avenger, The Rise Of The Kingdom”, the Lord is shifting governmental gates in the earth, to make way for the King of Glory to come in. “Heads of Gates” in the Hebrew means the leaders, chief points. So the Lord is putting righteous Heads in place that will “Lift up” in order for the King of Glory to Come In. “Lift up”, in the Hebrew means to “bear responsibility”. So these righteous governmental gates the Lord is placing in this hour, in our nation and in the Church, will bear responsibility by acting in righteous government and make way for the King of Glory. They will “open up the way”.

As there is a shift of Government politically over our nation, there is a Shift of Government in the Church.

We are now in a time where we are going to see the hand of God move at the threshing floor in 2 Samuel 6:6 and there will be a threshing, and a death to the old order, as God raises up a new righteous Government in the Church who will make way for the King of Glory.

The Lord is positioning our nation for a mighty move of His Spirit, and as the righteous Government take their seats in this hour, they will lift up the name of Jesus Christ and then we shall surely see “ALL MEN DRAWN UNTO HIM”.