The Game Changers Are Coming Forward Out Of Darkness For Such A Time As This

Called for such a time as this = you have been positioned in the middle of a crisis for a redemptive purpose.
I’ve been hearing Esther 4:14 on repeat for the past few weeks. And this is what I believe God is saying.
Esther and Joseph both had something in common. They were positioned for a purpose of redemption in the middle of a crisis. Joseph was sent ahead some years before he was promoted but none the less he was still positioned even though in captivity.
Esther was positioned as Queen not by her own choice, however her true Jewish identity was concealed. The Lord has concealed certain reasons, blueprints, assignments and true identities in past season but now the Lord is bringing those people and assignments out of obscurity.
Both Esther and Joseph I’m sure did not have a clue of the magnitude of their destiny and how both were positioned to bring salvation to their own nation and in Joseph’s case the nations.
Recently I dreamt of a person who was in obscurity. They were the “middle child” and were in a shadow and “not seen” so to speak. There were a sibling either side of this person and they were in the light playing games and seemed to be involved. But all of a sudden the “middle child” was brought out of obscurity into the light and was given the game changer (I heard game changer). It was snooker. And it was like the least expected was given the winning game. The last shall be first and the first shall be last situation. I knew it was like the favourites always playing but the one who is last was being made first with the winning game. The least expected was given the winning game. The middle child represents the stereo type of the one “left out” or “different” in a family. This is a David situation, called out from the obscurity of tending the sheep to bring the victory against Goliath. David was positioned in the middle of a crisis for a redemptive purpose.
In this season the Lord is promoting many who have been positioned ahead but have not fully understood the purpose of their destiny or seen the fullness of it. Many that God is promoting in this hour are reluctant leaders or reluctant for great responsibility. Many of you have been positioned by sheer obedience to the Lord at great cost not understanding the plan nor the picture but have said yes by faith. There has been even a suffering in the positioning that could be likened to Joseph, and the season of preparation gruelling, challenging and painful. I hear many saying in their lack of understanding of the process, “I didn’t ask for this”. But now in this season everything is going to make sense.
Some of you have thought you were positioned because of your good efforts and your great skill, but in this hour the veil is about to be removed off the “why” and you will see and know it was the Lord who put you there “for such a time as this”.
You have been positioned for a redemptive purpose. The enemy has sought to remove you from position through despair, disappointment, hopelessness, weariness, rejection, jealousy and fear etc. But the Lord says, I have kept you. I have kept you for my purpose in the earth, and I am about to bring about a turnaround through your life.
Now you are going to step into the redemptive “such a time as this” moment.