The Forgotten will be forgotten no more

Last night I had a dream where the Lord was sending His word into the ears of those who have felt forgotten, those who have felt overlooked, those who seem to be in a place of feeling washed up and finished with. Those that feel like they are too old and they have passed the used by date like Sarah, for the promises of God to be fulfilled in their lives. I see there is a place where many are in, where many have resided to the fact that the season for those promises to be fulfilled in their lives has come and gone. They feel the dream and desire that once laid in their heart has been overlooked and in turn feel they are forgotten by God. But the Lord would want to encourage these ones that HE HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!!

Isaiah 49:14-15
“But Zion said, The Lord has forsaken me, and my Lord has forgotten me. Can a woman forget her nursing child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yes, they may forget, yet I WILL NOT FORGET YOU!” (my emphasis added)

The Lord is going to the forgotten places and sending His word as He did to Abraham in Genesis 18:14 and is saying, “IS ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD? At the appointed time, when the season comes around, I will return to you and Sarah shall have borne a son”.

To some, it might almost seem “laughable” for those promises to be fulfilled in this late hour. Just as Sarah laughed at the thought of God fulfilling the promise in her out of date body, BUT GOD is breathing resurrection life into this forgotten place, and causing a reconnecting of the heart to the dream that He once breathed in seasons gone past. As the Lord came in Genesis 18 again to Abraham breathing the original promise once again, fulfilment of that promise manifested in that season.

Many have found themselves in this forgotten place due to previously being overlooked in opportunities and promotions that have been unfairly usurped by others. Many have found themselves in this forgotten place simply because the length of season has been so long, they have resided to the fact that this is their “lot” in life. The thought goes around in their heart that maybe they have been overlooked and forgotten by God, BUT GOD is BREATHING ON THE BARREN WOMBS AND THE GRAVEYARD TOMBS and resurrecting those things that have been forgotten, unnoticed and overlooked. THE LORD SAYS though men may have forgotten or overlooked you, I HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!

This morning as I woke from the dream I was asking the Lord regarding it and I was reminded of a sentence President Donald Trump said in His Victory speech on the night of the 2016 United States presidential elections. As an Australian listening, I was alerted to one of the lines in his speech that sounded like it was amplified louder than anything else that was said. It was in reference to the returned veterans. He stated a statement that in the moment I heard it the Holy Spirit said so loud to me “this is a PROPHETIC STATEMENT from my heart for this season”. He said “THE FORGOTTEN WILL BE FORGOTTEN NO MORE!” It rang in my ears for days to follow and now once again it resounds in my heart as the Lord is “going to the forgotten”.

In the dream the Lord was declaring over a lady that was residing in this forgotten place. He was calling forth a promise she had had her whole life but had never manifested. I went to her after she received the word and I asked her what was your word. She told me and in the dream I shouted “ITS ABOUT TIME!!”

There was a sense that she had given up on this promise of God because of the seemingly delay of fulfilment. There was a sense that she had just settled that maybe it wasn’t a “God” promise because it hadn’t manifested in the season of prime opportunity. But God has NOT FORGOTTEN, and was determined and intentional in speaking to that forgotten place and pulling out the destiny, dream and God given purpose. I hear “ITS ABOUT TIME” resounding far and wide for those who have waited long, long seasons for the fulfilments of His spoken promise.

In the dream I saw two sets of keys, a set of keys that were for the vehicle for life and the second set was for the vehicle of dreams. In this forgotten place where people were residing these keys were being lost, then found, then as soon as they were found they were lost again. In the dream, I saw that the keys to the dream needed to be attached to the key ring of the vehicle for life. In attaching the two together the keys would be harder to loose.

Keys speak of authority, access and opportunity. In the forgotten place it is easy to lose sight of life and the vision and how these two connect. The bible says “without a Vision my people perish” Proverbs 29:18. That literally means without prophetic vision we lose self -control and cast of restraint. In the forgotten place, we can lose self- control in being diligent with keeping our dreams and vision before us. We can be negligent getting distracted with other things and lose sight of the keys of authority that gives us access and opportunity to our dreams. We can pick it up, then forget about it and lose sight of it, then pick it up, then lose sight of it. In the forgotten place the dream can wane and the need for caring can become insignificant because it can feel as though “what does it matter anyway”. We get distracted and busy with other things and we can miss the opportunities and access points to the dream becoming a reality. The Lord is releasing a strategy right now to not lose your keys, so you can drive your life out of the forgotten place.

The Lord is saying connect the dream keys back on your keyring of life. May the two become one and be diligent in keeping it safe. As the Lord addressed Martha (Luke 10:38-42), for being concerned and worried with MANY things, the Lord is saying in this season choose the good portion and sit at His feet. Hear the word that He is delivering right now because it is the Word that is resurrecting your promise.

The Lord is intentional in this hour and He is “going there” like in John11:11 to the dead forgotten place, and resurrecting the dream and purpose of His people’s lives.
Sit at the master’s feet and receive the word that is breathing life into the forgotten place and pulling out the destiny, dream and purpose of God in your life. Don’t get caught up with this and that, with the fundamentals of this and that, how to make this happen or that happen. But sit still in the presence of the Master, “hear” His word, and let His word call those forgotten dreams to be a reality. Let His word call forth to your attention once again, to the dreams that you have given up on, Let His word reconnect those dream keys back to your key ring of life so the two may become one and your dreams will manifest in your life!