The Fire And The Rain Together

Two years ago I had an encounter with the Lord regarding the fire and the rain. In winter we love to sit around our little fire pit. I am a country girl at heart and the smell of fire is probably one of my favourite smells. In context of a camp fire not bush fire. One night my husband had the fire pit all ready to go and then a storm came over and it began to rain. I insisted that we bring the fire pit on our back porch and still have it anyway. So we sat around the fire watching the rain saturate the ground. Now I was in my element. My two most favourite smells ever! Fire and rain! Who knew you could enjoy fire and rain at the same time, in an outdoor setting! I knew in this moment something spiritual was happening.


I then had an open eyed vision of the rain that is coming to our nation which I went into and just began to weep and weep and weep. I could feel the healing properties of this rain and it literally felt like the Lord was healing the nation. Up until that point I had never experienced the rain in the presence I had seen it many times but never went into it, I had experienced the fire but never the rain. I as overwhelmed by the rain of His presence.

I believe we are at this place now! The Lord is sending the fire and the rain together and we will see a nation purified and restored and made ready for our King.

I felt to post this song I wrote for our nation. You can take it for your nation too.

Send down your rain Lord !