The Enemy Cannot Follow Where Faith Takes You!

Hebrews 11:29 says;
“By faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land, whereas the Egyptians, attempting to do so, were drowned.”
This scripture says it was on the account of “faith” the Israelites crossed over on dry ground. It was faith that led Moses out of Egypt the verses before this one states, and it was faith that brought them through.
The interesting thing to note this scripture in Hebrews reveal is that the enemy cannot pass where faith takes the righteous.
We are seeing the wicked pursue the cause of the righteous in this hour. We are witnessing the plans of hell being unleashed upon the earth in this hour, and they continue to pursue those who stand for righteousness with the sole purpose of wiping them out and silencing their voices. But I was thinking as meditating upon this passage of scripture here in Hebrews 29:11, that the Egyptians could have saved their lives if they had of just stopped the pursuit at the Red Sea. But even after witnessing the miracle by the Israelite God they, full of conceit and pride continued to pursue them anyway.
I don’t know about you but if I was an Egyptian and saw the seas stand up on their ends I would have feared the one who miraculously parted it. I would have possibly reasoned that I was now dealing with a higher component then just Israel. But because pride blinds the heart and fools are those who are yielded to such, they continued in their pursuit.
Now they entered the faith zone. The more they pursued the greater their fall. As I said they could have preserved their lives by stopping at the shores, but they chose to ride on in at their own demise.
In the natural the enemy is relentless in his pursuit to kill off the righteous seed and stance in the earth. The gross abortion laws that continue to pass, the social media giants and their shocking suppression of free speech, the media and their twisted lies and false propaganda, the obvious evil and corruption in high governmental places, and we could go on and on and on.
In amongst all of the violent intimidating pursuits of the enemy, I felt the Lord say my people and the cause of righteous appears to be cornered. It appears we are hemmed in at the Red Sea and the evil agenda of the antichrist on this earth will wipe out the voice of the righteous. It appears that because unrighteousness is seemingly prevailing that the show is over. But God says the more they pursue, the further they go, it will be to their utter destruction.
For I am making a way where there is no way for the righteous, I am causing my people to cross over on dry ground, and those who pursue will be swallowed up and never to recover again, because EVIL CANNOT FOLLOW WHERE FAITH LEADS YOU.
It doesn’t matter what impossible circumstances seek to derail you or your destiny or the destiny of nations, God at the end of the day has the final say.
This is the day the proud will endure great destruction, but the humble will rejoice in my favour. For this is the day I will raise up the humble and this is the day that the righteous will be delivered.