The Divine Turnaround – God is Turning the Tables

A DIVINE TURNAROUND is where a situation is heading in a certain direction with a predicted outcome and that situation is suddenly intervened by a divine supernatural force that causes the outcome to be the opposite.

This is the season of the Divine Turnaround. The Lord is laying the axe to the root of the things that have caused longstanding cycles of destruction, fear, chaos, confusion, torment, despair, grief, loss, anguish and sorrow. And He is establishing new cycles of life and life abundantly in His people.

The Lord is uprooting the lies of the enemy in the hearts of His surrendered ones. Where they have harboured a foothold of the enemy’s cycles of destruction and chaos in their souls, the Lord is bringing healing and restoration to mindsets and expectations. These cycles have always presented predicted outcomes. But the Lord is turning these cylcle’s of the enemy on its head and burning them up with unquenchable fire.

Matthew 3:10-12
“ And already the axe is lying at the root of the trees; every tree therefore that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire, I indeed baptize you in repentance but He who is coming after me baptizes in the Holy Ghost and fire”.

The way we allow the Lord to lay the axe to the root is when He reveals the root to us we are to repent from it. We choose to change our mind and simply break all agreement with those lies. We choose then to turn from that belief factor and make a conscious choice to believe the word of the Lord regarding that particular issue or situation.

Sometimes we are frantically running around trying to deal with the fruit. For instance, anger is a fruit, but many times anger is rooted in fear. We think of fear presenting as timidity. Well sometimes fear presents in anger. Now fear looks very different from Anger and so this is an example of how the fruit is very different from the root and we can be going down the wrong track. We need to ask ourselves and the Lord “What is the root?”. Lord expose the Root of this cycle in my life. We need His Holy Ghost spotlight to shine on those hidden areas of the heart to expose the roots that are of trees bearing bad fruits.

The Lord is digging deep in this season, deeper than ever before and in order to get to the root, masks are coming off. He is going behind the veils of self ~ preservation, and bringing His people into a place of raw truth and in this raw truth they are getting set free. This raw truth is a place of vulnerability and humility but it is from this place freedom is found. The Lord is cutting down the trees in our lives that are rooted in lies and that aren’t bearing good fruit. These lies may even be generational, that have been cycles of destruction for many generations. But the Lord in this season is turning the tables and hearing the cries of His people and laying the axe to the root. Many of you have been crying out for God to change something, cause a shift, I even hear many of you saying “how long” “ when will this stop?” “when will I get this breakthrough?”.

The Lord is saying the shift has already begun. The tide has already turned. For what seemed to be going in one direction is now going in the other. Situations that are against impossible odds, are going to turn in your favour. For this is the season of Favour, where the divine influence of the Lord is being poured out in your life to get the desired favourable outcome. Where you were once the tail now you will rise to the head. Where you were once forgotten now you will be known. Where you were once forsaken now you will be loved and accepted. Where you were once mistreated now you will be respected and honoured.

This is the season of the 10:10 ~ BREAKTHROUGH INTO LIFE AND LIFE ABUNDANTLY

The number 10 refers to breakthrough- testing and trial and then comes blessings. But also John 10:10 says “the enemy only comes to steal kill and destroy, but I came that you may have life and life abundantly”

Let me tell you, the enemy has had his fair share of killing, stealing and destroying, the Lord is saying this is your season of BREAKTHROUGH, this is your season of LIFE AND LIFE ABUNDANTLY.

This is the season of the DIVINE TURNAROUND. Where death, robbing and destroying may have marked your life, God is turning it so that NOW LIFE IS MARKING YOUR LIFE. Life in abundance, life in joy, healing, prosperity, peace, provision, restoration, reconciliation and desires fulfilled.

I see where what used to be impossible God is now making possible. Where what used to be impenetrable God is going to open the way. Where what used to be closed, God is going to open. Where you used to be despised, now you will have favour. Where circumstances say it is over, the Lord is going to birth new beginnings. Where all the odds are stacked up against you God is going to bring you out a winner.

The Lord is beckoning His people to humble themselves under His mighty hand and let him exalt and perform the impossible in their lives. Our position of divine turnaround is to be “under” His hand. For it is by His hand that he delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt in such an awesome deliverance. And so it is by His hand that you will see the impossible be made possible in your lives.

I believe that we are in a season whereby what may have been the “normal” out come in the natural in a given situation the Lord is showing Himself strong and causing a “heavenly overcoming outcome”.

As God’s people are getting free of the LONG STANDING trees of bondage in their lives in this season, and as they allow the hand of God to weild the axe and lay it to the root of the trees, to put a stop to the cycles of destruction, they will enter into the season of abundance, promotion, favour, and exceedingly great joy!!!!

I declare New Cycles of LIFE over every reader in Jesus NAME!!!