The Dawn Breakers

Recently in a time of prophetic worship I went into an encounter with the Lord that evolved like the story of a movie revealing a prophetic timeline I believe that is playing out now.

(this is where I believe the Body of Christ is now).

In this scene I was caught into a vision of where Jesus was walking amongst the lampstands. I was in great awe and the fear of the Lord as I was beholding Him. He was firery and He was serious, it was a Holy atmosphere as He was searching intently amongst the lampstands for who had filled their lamps in this hour. He held a torch of fire in his hand ready to light the lamps who were prepared and ready to burn for Him in this hour. In this moment I was reminded of a word that He had been speaking to me regarding this time we are in which is as follows:


Who has heard the call? Who has heard the call to prepare and trim their wicks? Who has heard the call to fill their lamps with oil? For the trumpet blows in this hour to the church to assemble. There is a call to assemble to hear the instructions from the Captain of the Hosts. But in order for His people to hear the new instruction they must hear the trumpet that is calling them out, calling them into repentance, calling them into position to raise their arm and salute the King of Kings and say, “YES SIR!” There is a trumpet that is blowing from the mouth of the prophets to God’s people to COME OUT!!! This call to come out is a call to come out from TWO places.

1. A CALL TO COME OUT FROM BABYLON – The mixture of the world.

2. A CALL TO COME OUT FROM SAULS HOUSE – The mixture of religion, tradition and the pride of man-made systems.

The Lord gave me a dream in January 2020, with such an urgent message to tell His people to;

The fire of God is going to test and approve His house in this hour. It will fall and burn up the worldly mixture of Babylon that has infiltrated itself into His house and it will burn up the religious systems of Saul’s house. When God’s fire comes it burns up His enemies (Psalm 97:3). The Lord is going to burn up the enemies that have set themselves up in His house and have led His people astray. The Lord told me in a dream in August 2019, that He is going to release a fire we have not yet seen. When His fire comes it consumes all that cannot endure the test (Malachi 3). It consumes all that is built upon wood hay and straw (1Corinthians 3:12-13). The Fire of God however is good news for those who have their lamps filled, it empowers the righteous to be bold witnesses upon the earth (Acts 1:8).

The Lord is calling His people OUT. Come out from being mixed in the world (Rev 18, Jeramiah 51). Come out from being mixed in religion and tradition that makes the word of God to no effect (Mark 7:13), for the Fire of the Lord is coming to test and purify His house.

The call to His people right now is to come out from the kingdoms that are built upon wood hay and straw and be found in the Kingdom of gold, silver and precious stones.

This fire is going to expose and judge the corruption in his house that have been built on Babylonian systems (the world) and the religious systems (Sauls house). It will expose the perversion of Baal and the deceptions of Saul’s leadership. For instead of repenting before the Lord for the fear of man and his gross display of his lack of the fear of God, Saul stooped further into sin going to witchcraft as his inspiration (1 Samuel 28). Witchcraft is works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21), and the fire of God is going to come and burn up the works of the flesh that have built a system unto the praise of man rather than unto the praise of God. The Lord is going to deal with the Saul leadership in His house that have quenched the Spirit of God moving in His people’s midst, in order to build their own kingdoms. In this hour He is going to raise up David’s to take their place (1 Samuel 15:28). He is going to deal with the Ahab leadership in His house that has tolerated the mixture of the world and has allowed the alter of the Lord to be polluted by the spirit of perversion and in their place He is going to anoint Jehu’s who will UPROOT Baal out of the land (2 Kings 10:28).

But for the righteous, this fire is going to promote and thrust forth those who have been wise virgins and have filled their lamps and trimmed their wicks in this last season. For as in the days of Elijah the fire will land upon the alters of the righteous and reveal the Living God in their lives.


The next scene I entered in this encounter was like a still moment. It felt like I was being cloaked by this swirling light. I knew it wasn’t just me but I represented those who had had their lamps lit in the previous scene. I asked the Lord what was I being mantled with as I knew I was receiving a new mantle. He said, “this is the FEAR OF THE LORD. This is what my people will need to OVERCOME”.

This scene seemed to go on for a while. It wasn’t a fleeting moment, it was like a drenching, a new baptism a real moment of pause to be mantled. I felt this will be a move of the Spirit of the Lord upon His beloved”.

This move of the Fear of the Lord, will mantle the Bride with governmental power. She will shift gears into the apostolic breaker of the THIRD DAY.


As I was being clothed in light before entering the last scene of this encounter there was a pause. Then I saw gross darkness. But the Lord said “look toward the horizon”. As I looked I could see this shadow of a hill. Then the Lord said “watch and see”. As I looked the Lord changed my position from the darkness to peering over the hill. He said” look what’s coming”. As I looked my whole insides began to tremble, I felt like I was literally going to explode with the power, awe and even a sense of dread at what I was beholding. It was a FIERCE ARMY. The Lord said “Here they come! IT’S The DAWN BREAKERS. These are the ones who will break through the darkness. Look and see My Glory is rising on them, My Glory will be seen on them. Nations will come through them to the light. The light on them is the rising of the dawn and they will bring forth the new day. They are the VICTORIOUS ONES, they are the OVERCOMERS, this is the ARMY OF THE DAWN”.

The scripture says in Malachi 4:2-3

“Unto you who Fear My name, shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings and His beams, and you shall go forth and gambol like calves [released] from the stall and leap for joy. And you shall tread down the lawless and the wicked, for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day I shall do this, says the Lord of Hosts.”

As I have said many times before we should always take note to how the Lord signs off when He declares something in scripture. In Malachi 4:3, He signs off as the “Lord of Hosts”. Which means the captain of Hosts, the Man of WAR, The captain of the army. These verses are war talk. This is the coming forth of the overcoming ARMY OF THE LORD.

Notice it says here though, “FOR THOSE WHO FEAR MY NAME”. So we see here after the mantling of the Fear of the Lord there will be the rising of the Mighty Ones that will have the Light (Sun of Righteousness) arise on them that will break through the dawn and call forth the NEW DAY. They will carry the Fire and the Glory, and they will cause His enemies to be His footstool.


Fill your lamps, trim your wicks, humble yourself afresh and be clothed in the fear of the Lord, be a part of the government of God and the overcoming army of the Lord. The house of sin and mixture is not where you want to be found in this hour. The season has changed, the move of repentance is here, the Elijah prophets are pouring the water of repentance on the alter in this hour preparing the way of the Lord, LET THE FIRE FALL.