The Battle Is A Birth Canal Carrying An Impartation For Faith And Miracles

There is a battle waging for truth and justice. This battle is acting as a birth canal for those who have chosen to engage. This battle is necessary, for the promotion that is about to come upon many in these coming days. This promotion is another level of kingdom governmental authority on this earth. It is because of this battle process of fighting the fight of faith and waging war on the word of the Lord, faith is being strengthened and an impartation for faith and miracles is being released. These ones will come out on the other side in victory with a faith for miracles. Nothing will seem impossible. They will have faith to say to mountains be though removed and cast into the sea. Many may mock and scorn as they did Noah, but we are about to see the days of Noah on display. As I once saw a meme that said, “Noah was deemed crazy until it started to rain”. Get ready faith filled Gideon’s it’s getting ready to rain, and rain on the enemy’s parade at that. God will not be mocked.