Take The Gates Of Tomorrow

The enemy is NOT going to have this next generation. God has sent us “before” to take the gates of tomorrow, and even though the devourer seeks to kill, steal and destroy, Jesus is pouring out resurrection life and bringing Lazarus (that which seems hopeless, lost and impossible) back from the dead. What gates you take today will be an inheritance for tomorrow. What giants you slay today will be deposited in the bloodlines of generations to come.
Caleb secured the giant slaying gate in the bloodline of Judah, ready for David to step in and slay Goliath. Abraham and Sarah broke through barrenness which enabled Isaac to sow on the land of famine and reap 100 fold in that same year.
What ever gate/s you are contending for today, know it’s not only your breakthrough, but you are releasing an overcoming in the bloodline of your posterity… your children and your children’s children…. Spiritual and natural.
Be encouraged though the battle wages fierce, don’t give up or give in in the battle, for the King of breakthrough and vengeance, He comes!
Much love,
Anita Alexander
May be an image of sky, mountain and text that says 'TAKE THE GATES OF TOMORROW ANITA ALEXANDER'