Stay Calm, Hold Your Peace, Keep Your Cool and Pray for Wisdom! It’s the Battle Before Promotion!

I sense tension in the spirit realm right now where movement, advancement and ground taking is happening for Gods people, but there is an aggravation from the enemy as he seeks to provoke the saints into fights and battles where they would settle for natural weapons. Don’t take the bait, you cannot win a war with mere carnal weapons. I see the enemy laying all sorts of different traps and snares to lure Gods people into a fight where they would be tempted to engage in retaliation by the arm of the flesh or flight by fear.

I feel the Lord is saying “hold your peace and pray for wisdom”!
Act according to what the word would say in these situations that have been stirred up by the enemy.
For the Lord wants you to know that : THIS IS THE ENEMY!!!
Stay calm, keep your cool, and don’t fear!

Many times we are a bit slow on the uptake and don’t even recognise the enemies fingerprint until we are fully engaged in a battle. Sometimes we think it’s us, sometimes we think it’s other people and sometimes we plain just blame it on the weather! But the Lord would have you know there is some demonic activity coming against the saints right now because there is territory that is being taken and kingdom advancement that is happening.
LIGHT is rising upon many in this season, and the enemy is seeking to hinder and oppose this rising. His efforts are in vain however, for who can stand against the plans of the Lord?


I see many are being set for promotion in this season, many are being positioned for promotion that has been long in the wings. The Joseph’s who have thought to be forgotten, the Lord is causing His Light to rise upon them and bring them into promotion. Destiny promotions like that of Joseph are taking place in this season as the Light of the Glory of the Lord causes Kings to come to this light.
I see though, that the enemy would seek to stir up trouble. I see jealousy, accusations, undermining sly betrayals, thoughts of discouragement, fear and infirmity being sent against these ones who are moving into new governmental positions. But the Lord would say that the momentum that has been set in motion by His Spirit will be too great for any effect of the enemy.

The Lord is saying don’t be discouraged by these attacks but know it’s only the battle before the promotion and your position in the battle is simply thanksgiving and trust. Bless those who curse you and pray for those who despitefully use you. A soft answer turns away wrath. Overcome evil with good and know that God is for you and if God is for you who can be against you!

Don’t yield to the temptations of the carnal nature and respond in natural reasoning or carnal impulses. Don’t engage in this battle. Don’t fight back with the arm of the flesh. Take hold of the word of God, submit to that truth, resist the devil and He must flee!