Sons of Thunder its time to Roar

On awaking in the early hours of the morning today the Lord spoke to me to release this word via written text. Although some of this content is in the last video post of “Divine Turnaround of Explosive Breakthrough”, the Lord’s voice boomed in my ears in the early hours of this morning “Sons of Thunder it’s time to ROAR” and He prompted me to share as a written post.

A week ago I had two dreams that coincided with each other. One night after the other.

The first night I dreamt that I was walking in a mall, and I saw a father with a little son. I went over to the father and said, “oh isn’t he cute! What is his name?” In my spirit I heard the answer before the father responded. The father replied, “Jeramiah”. I said to myself, “I knew that, I knew that!!”. Then moments later almost in the same place I saw another father with a son the exact same age. I approached the man and asked, “what is your son’s name?” The same thing happened. I heard his name before the father could reply. The father said, “his name is Thunder”. I had the same response, I was so ecstatic that I knew his name before it was told to me. For some reason this detail stood out.

The next night I had another dream. In this dream I saw balls of Fire Glory exploding in front of me. I knew it was bringing breakthrough. Then I saw a Fire Glory Ball explode over this young man who was sitting down reading. I knew he wasn’t walking with the Lord but he was seeking. He may not have been seeking the Lord but he was seeking in general.

Upon waking I asked the Lord regarding the two dreams.

The second dream’s interpretation came straight away. The Lord led me to the book of Acts regarding Saul’s experience on the road to Damascus. In Acts 26 there is a detailed expository of Pauls life changing experience with the Lord. As I studied this passage, I found that the light that Paul encountered on the road to Damascus was in fact the “fire” of God. As this same Greek word was used in various other places in the bible meaning fire. One example of the use of this same Greek word was when Peter warmed himself by the “fire” after he denied the Lord. So this light that Saul encountered on the road to Damascus was an encounter with the Glory Fire of the Lord that brings sudden breakthrough and Divine turnarounds, the same to that which I saw in my dream.

The Lord showed me that we are coming into a season of explosive breakthrough, that causes divine turnarounds, like the very situation that occurred with Saul. An experience with the Fire of God changed his whole direction by interrupting his path and causing him to go in a complete opposite direction.

The first dream is a result of the second.

The reason I already “knew” the names of the sons was a symbol of God doing nothing unless He first reveals it to His prophets. So that symbol in the dream confirms this dream needs to be released to the body as a prophetic word of what God is about to do.
Jeramiah means “appointed by God”. Interestingly enough in Acts 26:16 when Saul met Jesus in the explosive Glory Fire, Jesus “appointed” Him to bear witness of Him.

The second son named Thunder refers to the sons of Zebedee, James and John that Jesus nicknamed the sons of Thunder found in the Mark 3.

The Lord then tied these two dreams together and I saw what He was saying.

The Lord is releasing a Glory Fire as in the days of Saul and out of that Fire He is “appointing” a generation of the Sons of Thunder.

Thunder in the reference in Mark in the Greek means to ROAR.

These Sons of Thunder who will be released throughout the earth will ROAR with the voice of God and shake the earth. They will walk in unprecedented POWER and turn the world upside down for the Kingdom.

Job 40:9 “who has an arm like God? Or can thunder with a voice like His?

Psalm 77:18“The voice of thunder was in your whirlwind, the lightening’s illumined the world; the earth trembled and shook.”

Job: 26:14 “but the thunder of his power who can understand?”

With these three scriptures, we see that Thunder refers to the VOICE of God, THE EARTH SHAKING and HIS POWER.

As in my dream This Glory Fire first exploded in my path means, this Fire will be released on believers that are praying and believing for divine turnarounds and breakthroughs in their own lives. But in this breakthrough will see “appointments” of upgrade, and they will be released into new levels of the expression of His heart. For though the season has been long and hard to endure, the Lord has been positioning these ones for an upgrade, for a new appointment, an appointment greater than they first expected, for this appointment is to be a Son of THUNDER! For many have wondered why has this season been so long, been so painful, been so hard to bear. The Lord says that it is for the purpose of the high calling. For much given much is required. The Lord has required a faith that He doesn’t ask of everyone, He has required a humility that not every vessel can endure. But for those He is about to release in this calling and appointment of Thunder, the last season will begin to make sense. For those that have been through the wilderness of humility and the fires of faith, the Lord can trust with the Thunder of His Voice and Power. They are a vessel ready to be catapulted into destiny in explosive Fire and Glory.


Divine Turnaround: DIVINE TURNAROUND is where a situation is heading in a certain direction with a predicted outcome and that situation is suddenly intervened by a divine supernatural force that causes the outcome to be the opposite.

Paul was in unbelief when he was on the road to Damascus. He was murdering those who believed. It was only the Glory Fire of God that penetrated His hard heart and brought a murderer to His knees.

Sometimes we think things are hopeless and impossible, we think our circumstances are unfixable or our loved ones are unchangeable, but one encounter with the Glory Fire and everything is turned around.


This Glory Fire will pour out over the believer and unbeliever alike. As in my dream the ball of Fire Glory exploded over the young man who was not walking with God, but sitting reading, seeking, not knowing what he was seeking. These unbelievers are ones that have had prayers prayed over their lives for seasons upon seasons and now the Lord is interrupting their course like He did with Saul and changing the course and direction of their lives. He is penetrating the darkness they are in by His Glory Fire, calling them into His heart and setting them on course for Him.

Get ready for your loved ones to come into the Kingdom and be appointed as a Son of Thunder! For God has not forgotten them and His arm is not short that it cannot save.

Luke 1:17 Amplified version
“And he will go before Him in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn back the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient and incredulous and unpersuadable to the wisdom of the upright [which is the knowledge and holy love of the will of God] – in order to make ready for the Lord a people prepared [in spirit, adjusted and disposed and placed in the right moral state].”

Disobedient: rebellious, insubordinate, perverse, contrary

Incredulous: disbelieving, unbelieving, doubtful, dubious, unconvinced.

Unpersuadable: obstinate

These words speak of an impenetrable heart, BUT GOD!

The Spirit of Elijah mentioned here in Luke 1, is an anointing of Fire that brings restoration and reconciliation. It is an anointing that TURNS THE TABLES and draws those that are distant from God into the heart of their father. I believe this explosive Glory Fire of DIVINE INTERVENTION will draw a hard hearted unbelieving generation into the wisdom of the upright and according to Luke 1:17 to LOVE the will of God. These then will prepare the way of the Lord, preparing a people made ready for His coming.

We are now in the days of Divine Turnaround, of wrongs being made right, of courses of destruction being turned to mirror life and life abundantly.