Sons Of Freedom

A religious spirit will accuse sons of the kingdom who know who they are in Christ as being Prideful. I’m sure Paul would have looked arrogant to many church folk of today.

Orphans play political games of reputation building and keeping, because they see the praises of man as a valuable goal.

Sons don’t make excuses or pretend to be humble by toning themselves down for the religious. If you have to tone yourself down, or apologise that your expression or faith appears too full on at the risk of being judged as prideful, then you are being attacked by a religious spirit whose very essence and foundation is rooted in PRIDE. Pride seethes with competition, and those operating in a religious mindset will attack those who walk in true kingdom authority through intimidation, sending projections and accusations in the spirit toward them seeking to shut down their Liberty in the Spirit.

True Humility is knowing who you are. Kingdom authority will only operate from a surrendered humble heart. When true authority shows up, so does freedom. The problem is this freedom can expose the lack thereof in those that don’t possess this same freedom. Sadly, this can then result in accusations rooted in insecurity, against those who are free as being prideful and thinking they are better than others. True authority threatens those who operate from an earthly system and mindset. Just like in the days of Jesus, those bound by traditions of men (the Pharisees) were jealous of Him because He walked in an authority whereby the Spirit of God backed him up and would move and manifest wherever he went.

Sons need not apologise for the liberty in the spirit they possess, in fear of offending those who want to stay in the comfortable confines of Sauls house. Neither do they need to apologise for the anointing they carry.

Sons don’t tone themselves down to fit into the political protocol. They are just busy doing what they see and hear their father doing.

Sons don’t apologise for being sons. This does not make them prideful nor for one moment does it mean they think they are better than anyone else. It simply means they acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifice of their saviour and have chosen to now no longer live, but to step fully into Christ and find life and freedom. They choose Christ daily and
will not for a moment consider to take off all Christ has given them, because a Saul is accusing them of the very thing he is in bondage to. P.R.I.D.E

No Sorry, Sons will not take off Christ to appease those who don’t want to lay their life down enough to loose their reputation and religious political standing. No Sons will not take off Christ to avoid the accusations of being prideful, full of themselves and thinking they are better than others. No Sons will not take off Christ to fit into Sauls picture of unity that is fake and political to the core. No Sons will not take off Christ and water down the Word of God that has the power to save peoples souls, to be politically correct. No Sons will not take off Christ to fit the pseudo expression of the worldly narrative of love.

Sons remain in Christ and thereby honour His blood and sacrifice, taking deliverance and healing to a sick dying dark world. They actually believe that where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. They cry Abba Father, not the name of another.

I encourage you today, if you have been a slave to mans opinions, step into Christ. Die to the things of this world and it’s dictates that has had its hold on you. Find a victory and a peace youve never known. His opinion is the only one that matters, and in sonship you will find the freedom that His sacrifice possessed for you.