Shedding Of Old Identities – The New Year 5783

As we are approaching this Rosh Hashanah 5783 all I have been seeing in my prophetic mind’s eye or eyes of my heart you might say are butterflies, snakes shedding skin and the old structures dying off, being deserted or being dismantled. All of these pictures symbolizing the ending of an old identity and the birthing of a new.
There is a more unusual excitement and anticipation in my spirit approaching this new Hebraic year than with any previous. As I was praying, I was seeing like a threshold to be crossed and I saw old garments being removed, as we step into the new.
When meditating on the butterfly I am reminded of the drastic metamorphosis process the caterpillar goes through in order to exit the cocoon in its newfound magnificence. It eventually liquifies before becoming. It’s old identity literally becomes liquid before becoming its blueprinted final result that was originally etched into the caterpillars DNA. The new identity is formed within the cocoon and the wrestling process causes the exit into the new world as a new creature. This is somewhat the prophetic movie or story if you like, that is playing out in my spirit right now.
In this new season, there is literally going to be a shift that is going to look like night and day, comparable to the caterpillar and the butterfly. I say this with all fear and trembling as I recognize I am only “seeing in part”. However, I acknowledge the spirit of the Lord gracing me with a glimpse of things to come in the sense of preparing His beloved to “Let Go” of that which speaks of an identity of an old season because He is moving us on out and moving us on in.
As the extreme contrast the children of Israel encountered from their time in the wilderness to the promised land so will this next season be marked by such extreme difference.
The shift of that season was marked by a Jordan encounter.
The crossing of the Jordan held many significances.
1. The river was in flood – they crossed in harvest which is the most difficult time in the natural to cross. We could liken this to a rise in inflation, swelling prices, but God said that was the time to cross. Not in the time of drought or winter, but in harvest. God wants you to cross at the most inconvenient time. When the season doesn’t look ripe for crossing but in heaven’s perspective it is.
2. The Jordan represents a death to the old. It means a descent … “going down”. It’s where our flesh has to be quieted to “hear” and be able to do the next step. We have to completely die to the old season in order to be led into the new, but not only the new, it’s the promised land.
3. There is a new battle strategy, there is a new way of warring, there is a new way of being led. We cannot rely on the old way of doing it. The instruction to Joshua was to leave a gap between the people and the priests carrying the ark because you’ve not gone this way before. Being led by the spirit “through” the Jordan will mark this crossing of all things impossible.
You know we can walk with God one way in a season but when we enter new seasons sometimes we walk with God in a new way.
The way the children of Israel walked with God in the wilderness was different to how they walked with God in the promised land.
For one, they didn’t need to believe God for daily manna, but they had to enter into a different level of stewardship of their time and their substance. They had to defend their faith from idolatry and yet partake in harvest.
If we are going to walk with God in new ways, then we need to be prepared to “hear” and “see” in new ways.
Joshua didn’t receive the instruction to take Jericho this side of the Jordan. He didn’t receive the visitation until he “passed” through the Jordan.
There is a death to the wilderness, a death to that way, and a new way to lay ahold of.
You have to die to old and past insecurities, fears, betrayals, the ways of doing it, the old comfort zones and the old places of control, to truly enter the promises on the other side.
Shana Tova everyone!
Anita Alexander
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