Season of Transition and Giving Birth ~ Its Your Shiloh Moment

I see we as a people prepared of the Lord, are moving into a TIME, SEASON AND MOMENT of Harvest and Breakthrough and the enemy has come at this time knocking at the door with one last attempt to deceive many into aborting their mission before they give birth.

Many are in a place of “Transition” right now, and those of you who know anything about natural child birth, transition is the stage where the baby’s head is crowning, but also can be the stage where the mother delivering feels she can no longer go on. Some women in this stage of labour feel like they are literally going to die!

I feel many in the body of Christ right now are in this stage of giving birth to desires, promises, harvests and mandates and there is a sense of breathlessness from a tireless season of exertion and pushing. In this stage of labour many women can also have a sense of panic overtake them. Where they are just soooo tired and feel there won’t be an end to this and they will be stuck like this forever. Unreasonable I know, but in the transition stage of labour in child birth, it is very common for women to not be able to “think straight” or logically reason, and to say crazy and very irrational things!. They are not in a reasonable place in their thoughts as their body is engaging in one of the most powerful and painful things in all of creation, and that is bringing life into this world.

This can happen to us as we metaphorically or spiritually give birth to things, and when we are in transition stage, we can tend to be overtaken by panic and irrational thinking which partners with a spirit of fear. I am sensing for many who are spiritually or metaphorically giving birth right now, that you may be feeling overwhelmed in this stage of the process. For whatever reason this may be, everyone is different in how this looks, but panic still the same gives room to the voice of the spirit of fear to operate and begin to decree over you a foreign decree opposite from that of the Lord. Panic could look like you wanting to take the reign’s back from the Lord and say “ok enough is enough, I’m going to do such and such in my own strength and timing because the tension of this place is unbearable”. Or it could look like you completely retreating and giving up and going back to a status quo miserable lifestyle. Be encouraged, and be reminded, you’re in this place because you said YES to the “more”. You conceived a promise in your spiritual womb as did Sarah and Abraham. One that is out of your natural ability to perform or bring forth. You said yes to the Lord in defiance of status quo in pursuit of the “more” that you know is in you and available for you.

And so now, you find yourself transitioning from one place to the next. From one level to the next, from one season to the next and it can be the most testing time for your faith, because in transition your vision can be attacked. You aren’t where you were, but you aren’t where you are meant to be. The tension in this place and stage of giving birth, is intense and there is just such a temptation to let go to ease the tension. There is a temptation to believe God isn’t with you in this and you have missed it. There is a temptation to think the years and months keep going by and “did God really say”? There is a temptation to yield to the thoughts the enemy throws at you in this vulnerable time “it’s not worth it”, and lets forget the enemy for a moment, our own heart can be our greatest enemy with loud thoughts such as “I can’t do this, and actually I don’t think I want to do it”!

You are in TRANSITION!

I’ve given birth 4 times in this natural life, and every single time in the transition time of the delivery of my beautiful child, I would say “I can’t do this”!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You would think by the 4th baby I would know evidence shows I could, but the natural thing to say in this stage is “I can’t do this”. I said it EVERY time!!!! In this stage, your mind fails you as your strength already had hours ago. But there is something your body does that your mind has no control over. It continues to contract to push the baby out. I sense many of you are in this phase. Yield to the contractions and let the process transition bring forth your awaited desire.


For it was transition where Hannah poured out before the Lord at Shiloh. She was in heart labour. She had had the pain of contractions going on in her heart for years. The pain of feeling the Lord had passed her by. The pain of seeing her husband’s other wife bare and give birth multiple times over and having to sit at the dinner table every night empty hearted and emptied armed with no children to embrace.

Hannah’s delivery time had come at Shiloh whereby she wept before the Lord saying, “I can’t do this!!” She was in delivery. The head of her heart’s desire was crowning and even though scripture doesn’t say this I believe part of her prayer as she collapsed distressed before the Lord was, “this pain, this sorrow is too much to bare, I can’t go on”. Eli the high priest found her in this place and thought she was drunk. Well, let me tell you when you are giving birth in the natural, all inhibitions go out the door. You don’t care anymore what you look like, you just want this baby OUT!!! Some women may look or act drunk. They say and do things they wouldn’t normally do or say in labour, and Hannah I believe was in that place. She wasn’t pretending, even in the presence of the High Priest. No her journey had gone beyond her inhibitions and self – preservation. She was giving birth. And we know the stories outcome, that day she gave birth to her promise by receiving the miracle of breakthrough in her barren womb and she brought forth Samuel within that same year, which means “heard by God”.

Know that in your transition, you are being “heard by God”. As Hannah wept before the Lord at Shiloh the Lord heard her and sent Eli to prophesy into her barren womb.

I believe we are in a Hannah season. Over the past couple of years I have had the word of the Lord come to me regarding Hannah and how the Lord is opening the barren womb. But I feel this word is a timeline word for you Hannah’s out there. That this word is time lining your journey to let you know you are now at Shiloh, where in your transitional prayers of desperation and distress the Lord “has heard” you and you are moving into breakthrough and harvest.

I say to you let the tension, of this transition catapult you into the new season. Allow the tension, the unrest, the wrestling, the groaning, the “I’ve had enough of this”, “I can’t do this anymore God”, launch you into where you need to be. Whether that be a place of harvest, receiving new mandates, going to another level of revelation and insight or all of the above. To be honest I believe many that are transitioning right now are actually transitioning into all three catagories. I believe many will experience their harvest AS new beginnings, new mandates and new levels and spheres of authority and insight.


As we are in transition and moving into birthing and breakthrough the enemy would come knocking at your door for you to open the door to his deceitful devisive ways to rob you of your harvest. John 10:10 says Satan only comes to kill steal and destroy but Jesus came to give life and life abundantly”, know this one thing, when you get a knock at the door from the enemy, it is only for the purpose of 3 outcomes. To kill you, to steal from you and to destroy you.

The Lord showed me the enemy is “showing up” knocking on God’s people’s door desiring access to a foothold. The Lord is saying “test the sprits”. For you will know them by their fruit. You will know the voice or the person or by which spirit is operating by their fruit (Luke 6). Is the fruit confusion, fear, anxiety, depression, despair? Is it intimidation, control, contention, strife or division? If so DON’T ANSWER THE DOOR!!! The enemy is seeking to kill, rob and destroy you in this threshold season of NEW BEGINNINGS, BREAKTHROUGH and HARVEST.


The enemy would seek to manifest to you through OLD FACES (situations and circumstances), FAMILIAR VOICES (oppressive negative thought cycles, fears and torments) AND OLD CAPTIVITIES OF THE PAST. The very thing that the Lord is about to do for and through you, the enemy would seek to not only do the opposite, but try and cloud your vision and heart in an attempt to cause you to believe the opposite. Make no mistake, there is a war over your agreement.


As the Lord is taking His faithful ones higher in this season and delivering NEW VISION, NEW INSIGHT AND NEW REVELATION, the enemy would seek to send forth CONFUSION, DESPAIR, DEPRESSION, AND HOPELESSNESS with an attempt to cause God’s people to faint under the weight of His lies.

As the saints stand at a tipping point of HARVEST and BREAKTHROUGH in diverse and vast capacities, the enemy would seek to throw arrows of witchcraft, fear, weariness, strife, and even causing false witnesses to rise up against you. All of this the enemy sends with the mandate to manipulate God’s people to quit, throw the towel in and yield over to him their territory of harvest, influence and inheritance.

I want to encourage you though, now is NOT the time to quit! Now is NOT the time to give in to the familiar lies of the past! Now is not the time to renew your vows with the old familiar strongholds of the past!

I saw many of God’s people come under FAMILIAR assault these past weeks and days. FAMILIAR meaning old battles of the mind, old patterns of the past manifesting, old cycles of fear, torment despair, depression, and old enemies of the soul presenting themselves as if they haven’t ever left.

People of God, these enemies have been defeated in seasons gone past, but the enemy is “showing up” in familiar ways and is KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR TO LET HIM IN. It may feel “out of the blue” but He is wanting a foothold again, so he can immobilize you in your forward advancement. For the Lord would have you know that you have taken much ground in this last season. Much ground for your inheritance but also for your children and children’s children. The enemy would want to deceive you into thinking you are back at square one and haven’t progressed forward. BUT THAT IS A BIG FAT LIE!


In march of this year I posted a word titled Ding Dong the witch is dead, and all this week I have had that running through my mind. It refers to a time of intercession I had with the Lord where he showed me a vision of a parable portrayed in the Chronicles of Narnia regarding the ending of the ICE QUEENS reign of terror. In very short summary, I saw the winter time begin to melt away and spring time emerge. But as quick as Spring time emerged I saw Summer appear. Summer represents harvest.

For the full word you can look on my facebook page dated in March 2017.

I believe the Lord has highlighted this word and vision to me because I believe the ICE QUEEN refers to a Jezebelic influence and stronghold.


Last week I had a dream where a person from my past (18 years ago to be exact) was talking to me. Just to give you a history on the symbol of this person in the natural they were under the influence of a Jezebelic Spirit and I did not have a very favourable encounter or relationship with this person all those years ago. In fact in some ways it had marked my life in very unfavourable ways.

So continuing on in the dream I could feel a very “familiar” feeling speaking with this person. It was like a luring feeling. Then the next minute this lady came into the room and I was briefly talking to her. I remembered while talking with her “oh no, this is Jezebel!”. I thought to myself in the dream “I said I wouldn’t let her back, what am I doing talking to her”!!! She left with the other person from the past, and I thought to myself, “I must not let her back”. So I waited behind a hideout/ fort type thing to ambush her when she came back. She came back and I grabbed her and I was holding a green pair of handcuffs. She didn’t fight me as I grabbed her as I felt she “knew” it was “over”. I fumbled a little to handcuff her but then I not only handcuffed her I went and put her in an attic and locked her there as a prisoner never to influence those people around her again. This person from the past was now free of her control and so was a girl who apparently was the daughter of Jezebel in the dream. Her daughter said she was now free to go study as if she had been under a control where her desires and identity were held captive. At the end of the dream, the Lord said to me, “she came to steal your vision”.

There were a few other details in the dream I do not have liberty to reveal as they are intercessory strategies for certain assignments that Lord has currently given to me. However, I felt the broader part of the dream was for the body of Christ who are in transition in this time and would be sought out by a Jezebelic Spirit to lure them away into old familiar cycles of control and intimidation whereby the only outcome being death. For we know that death is the ONLY result of partnering with a Jezebelic Spirit. Death to your calling, death to your identity, and death to health, finance, and spirituality.

The Lord showed me in this dream that the enemy would seek to arrive with old familiar bondages of the past that are being fuelled by a Jezebelic Spirit. But this time even though you may “talk” give ear to it for a moment you are recognising what it is and are being commissioned in this time to disable it once and for all. The handcuffs represent how Jesus led captivity captive, and those things that sought to hold you captive in seasons gone past the Lord is causing you to take captive in this season. The attic means finality. As an attic is for things of the past to be stored, not used and in some cases forgotten, so in this sense it means prison. The handcuffs being green are healing. And that the Lord through this final defeat is bringing healing into your life through the victory you have in Him. The daughter who is now free from her hold to go “Study” is the next generation being free from this demonic influence able to pursue their dreams. Not only is a next generation arising that are free from this perverse spirit, they are a generation who are free to seek His face, which in Psalm 24 the word “seek” in the Hebrew refers to “Studying, learning and seeking Him out”.

The Lord showed me Jezebel didn’t give up a fight because this spirit is loosing its hold and has lost her power of influence. Even though I was fumbling with the handcuffs, her strength has failed her because of the Grace of God operating in the saints. THAT’S WORTH A SHOUT RIGHT THERE! That is why I felt led to share with you the word I released in March, Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. Because the Lord revealed to me in this dream that this is true even now in this season. Her reign of Terror is over! THE WITCH IS DEAD!

So as we people of God say NO to the KNOCK at the door, and decide not to renew vows and partner with that familiar Jezebelic influence of past captivity and bondage, by giving ear to its lies of despair, depression, false accusation, witchcraft, control, fear, manipulation, intimidation, and seduction, but rather decide to yield to the word of the Lord at the threshold, that He is faithful, His promises are Yes and Amen, that He is perfecting all that concerns us and is making everything beautiful in its time, we will not only see our breakthrough for ourselves but we will make way for a generation to “ascend to the Holy Hill of the Lord, with clean hands and pure heart, to seek His face, and seek His presence”. Psalm 24

And finally this assignment in transition of the familiar voice and face of Jezebel that presented in my dream was sent with the intent and purpose to steal vision. Because if it can steal vision, it has stolen faith, and you can only go as far as you can see. And if you can’t see, you aren’t going anywhere. We are in advance forward mode right now. We are commissioned to take ground in this season, and ground we will take.