Prophetic Word France 15/09/2022

I saw a cave where the prophets were hiding out like in the days of Jezebel. I saw a stone over this cave where they have been sealed inside. The Lord says, there are prophets who have been hiding in France, now God says He is going to break open the cave and roll the stone away. The enemy has sought to shut up the voice of God through the prophets in the land. The perverse, religious spirit that has ruled in that nation and has sought the blood of the prophets as in the days of Joan of Arc, it has tried to seek the blood of those with the word of the Lord, God says in this hour I am bringing vengeance. I have ordained the land of France to be a voice of the prophets. Watch and see in this hour as the stone will be rolled away, and the prophets emerge out of the cave, the ones that have not bowed their knee to Jezebel and worshipped around the altars of Baal. In this hour I am going to break through intimidation, I am going to break through fear, and the prophets are going to begin to prophesy.Watch and see the hammer of the Lord come and break up the hard, fallow ground. Watch and see the prophetic plough and till the soil of the hearts of men and women in that nation. Watch and see, there will be a John the Baptist, Spirit of Elijah anointing that will now come forth and will turn a nation back to the heart of God. It is going to take the resolve like that of Joan of Arc to turn the nation, and God is sending prophets with foreheads of steel. The blood of the martyr that has been sown into the land centuries ago, will be harvested in this hour to see the nation turned. There won’t be a cost too high for them to ride with the armies of heaven. For the ancient ruins are going to be rebuilt, the desolations of many generations. He is sending the repairer of the breach.No longer will France sit in the darkness of religion. There is going to be a turning as veils over hearts and minds are removed. God says that which the enemy has meant for evil, God is going to turn for good. For where there has been darkness I am about to birth light. I am about to bring light and expel darkness in the hearts of men and women. For there has been gross darkness in that land, but God says where sin abounds so does My Grace much more abound. Where the roots of the religious spirit has found its way deep into the earth, the Lord says I am going to lay the axe to the root and to the depths of the roots of evil will be the level of the move of my Spirit. For I have reserved France, I have called her by name. She has an appointment in this hour among the nations.I then saw a bride coming forth, the Bride of France. I saw her dancing and rejoicing, I saw her adorned for her King. Her gown beautiful, arrayed in His glory and splendour. This is an hour where the Lord is rejoicing over the bride in France with singing and restoring her to covenant with Him. For France is coming back to covenant. I the Lord am her maker, her husband and France, she shall be called Beulah (married), her land shall be owned and protected by the Lord. (Isaiah 62)

Anita Alexander