Prophesy With Integrity And The Fear Of The Lord

You don’t have to have ALL the answers when you are bringing the word of the Lord to a person or into a situation. We prophesy “in part”. I believe that is for a reason. Sometimes that person receiving the prophesy has the understanding of the cryptic message being delivered to them. And other times it is for them to search it out.
And sometimes with words over governments and nations the Lord wants to supercede the deception in the natural realm and propaganda narratives on both sides that are in the airways of media, culture, education and religion, and have His saints simply press into the word of the Lord as it comes. And sometimes that word is cryptic or super basic.
We who hold the great responsibility to deliver the word of the Lord must only say what we hear and see. Not filtering it through our own worldview, cultural beliefs, or even theological standpoints. I’m telling you the word of the Lord is not subject to our agreement, political bend, will or desired outcome.
There is too much mixture in this realm that has brought the prophetic into disrepute. Prophets competing to be the “one to get it right” and puff their chests out and say “I prophesied that first”.
Paul says not to prophesy beyond your portion of faith. That means beyond what you “see”. Sometimes you don’t understand all you see. And the problem is with the prophetic some try to then put natural understanding and interpretation to what they are seeing. Either by this and that that is said in the news, or by mindsets the messenger has about a person, or their situation etc. This is grounds for grave error and misguidance and can cause a lot of damage to people’s lives and the body.
Sad to say it but when you add some pepper and salt to the meal, or on the other hand add water, you begin to enter the dangerous terrain of divination. And maybe that is a discussion for another time. Many don’t realise they are doing it, because they haven’t been taught the fear of the Lord around prophesy and carrying and releasing the word of the Lord.
The Word of the Lord is precious, as it carries the heart and mind of Yahweh. We are held responsible to NOT dumb it down, water it down, spice it up, add to it or take away from it.
Many times I’ll release a word and many will comment or private message me and say yes And, or you need to address this side of that too. No I won’t. I will only release the part I get. Because I only have authority to speak into what is revealed to me. I will not step into the carnal realm of witchcraft which leads to divination to appease the souls of man.
Weight is on words that are delivered in faithfulness to how they have been received, and in reverence to the Lord. Prophets need to stop trying to be superstars and return to fearing the Lord in being a mouthpiece of Yahweh.
Don’t underestimate simple words. The other day I had a text from someone with a very simple but cryptic word from God. The language was odd but held such mystery. I searched the scriptures for the meaning of what this person heard and simply delivered as they heard it and I was mind blown with the revelation of what God was telling me. This person did not know what I was walking through or what God had been showing me. They just said what they heard. I wrote back and thanked them expressing that one of the lines they used was such a profound revelation to me. They messaged back and said they nearly weren’t going to write it because it sounded so odd and they didn’t know what it meant. If that person had withheld or added to that line it would have mucked up my whole experience and understanding of the message God was delivering to me.
Let us not rob the people, whoever it may be, that we deliver the word of the Lord to, by adding to it or taking away from the message as we see and hear it from heaven.
After all we are just the messengers not the message.
Anita Alexander