The Day of Ruach: The Third Day Reign – Dr. Anita Alexander


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Can you feel it? The shudders? The shakings? As believers find themselves on the cusp of one of the most pivotal times in church history, the groanings of all creation for the revealing and unveiling of the sons of God on the earth are increasingly becoming tangible to the natural senses. There is an overwhelming urgency in this hour to equip believers for the ever- changing and accelerating days at hand. The prolific signs of the times point us to the closing of this age where the sons of the kingdom will come forth marked by governmental resurrection power and authority, subduing nations and kingdoms as they execute heaven’s mandates. This is the Third Day Reign, The Day of Ruach.

This prophetic piece reveals that the knowledge of the glory of the Lord is bringing forth the kingdom of God on this earth like never before. Jesus said He is coming back for the overcomer and to stand ready as we know not the day nor the hour of His return. In this book you will discover keys to overcome and will learn the process of becoming a son all creation is groaning to see.

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