Pray For Trump And Melania

Recently I’ve had numerous dreams regarding President Trump and two of these dreams were a significant urgent call to prayer for both the president and His wife Melania. In one of the dreams I was a secret agent who was an advocate for the president. Secret agents in dreams speak of the undercover work of Intercessors or intercession who play the roll of advocates on behalf of. In this particular Dream I saw from his private chambers the toll the immense pressure was having on him, and some of this was specifically relating to the economy and certain people around him who were turncoats. The web of deception was so strong it was suffocating. The second dream I had was in regards to Melania and again an intimate view behind the scenes of the toll and result of the assault and pressure of the position. They are both engaged in a war and need the prayers of the saints to go to another level of covering and warfare. The enemy would try and wear them down physical health wise and mental health wise. Please be praying into these two areas specifically. I don’t feel to go into detail of what was revealed to me but just feel an urgency of releasing the message I have received to pass onto the saints.