Pioneering Ancient Paths – What Is A Pioneer Anyway?

Since 2020 Jeremiah 6:16 has been the echo of heaven in my ears. He is calling His people back to the ancient paths to find “shalom” – wholeness.
The Lord is making every crooked place straight as he prepares his devoted for kingdom rule. This preparation involves calling His beloved back to the ancient paths where they will find rest. (shalom).
These ancient paths are blueprints of His ways. The ways that are found in HIS WORD.
This is why the Lord has had many “prophetic pioneers” “preparing the way” for kingdom rule. (Sons of God being manifest – said in its easiest term).
The Prophetic not only foretells and “carries” the blueprints of God’s heart and heaven’s design, but is instrumental in tearing down and rooting out old, false, wicked foundations that stand in rebellion to the purposes and plans of Yahweh.
Now in saying that, many in this past season have been mandated with blueprints to pioneer. You hear many words and terms referring to pioneers. In a lot of cases (not all) these pioneers aren’t actually pioneering “new” things. They have actually been sent to pioneer ancient paths, which is, the blueprints of God’s heart that have been lost in a world of wicked perversity.
Now why it’s referred to as pioneering is because with pioneering the blueprints are being discovered from the unseen. No one is living or building according to that “design”. It’s “prophetically revealed” or inspired by a burden of the Lord.
What that means is the blueprint begins to weigh on one’s heart as a deep dissatisfaction of the present structures that are out of alignment to “Kingdom” design.
So another term of pioneering is forerunning. You are going before, making a way, so that the “building” in the next season is being built according to that design.
Some may carry multiple blueprints or designs, some may carry one. The Lord calls many to carry the same blueprints so that people don’t become legends in their own minds and also for the fact that we all see in part and have our gates to posses.
In this season where there are “MANY” voices proclaiming design, and calling the Lords beloved back to His ancient paths, there is a possibility to feel overwhelmed. Like we have to have it all together and there can be a tendency to be intimidated by a blueprint of heaven being proclaimed that exposes how out of alignment we are.
Even as a pioneer of certain blueprints you yourself are being refined by the blueprints others are carrying and proclaiming that is not your strength or lane.
The blueprints you carry are the areas of reformation you will engage. This means the out of aligned structures that are in operation to the design you carry will be your field of labour.
To be honest in this hour the Spirit of Elijah is the mantle that is reforming and preparing the way of the Lord by calling His people back to the paths of His presence. These ones at large are accused of being rebellious and trouble makers.
Under this mandate true altars of worship are restored, family and the blueprints of family is restored, perversion and occultic mixture in the church is addressed and purified and identity is restored as a people return to “knowing” and loving their God first!
Many are carrying the blueprint of “family”, and within that mandate of forerunning some have been called to war and be a voice for “pro life”. Some have been called to reform the education system as a result of carrying family blueprint. Some have been called to reform what being called into ministry and doing family look like. Some have messages of marriage and relationship and what that looks like in a kingdom way.
Whatever these mandates you carry all will involve going against the grain to some measure.
Some have been called to carry blueprints of worship. The Davidic tabernacle blueprint. To usher God’s people into His presence and not feed their flesh on performed entertainment.
Some are carrying church governance blueprints, restoring the foundation of God’s heart for His corporate body and community function, in worship and in ministry.
Some are carrying wealth mandates blueprints of design for the market place.
Some are carrying faith mandates. In these blueprints they are called back to operating in Abrahamic faith to walk in their blueprint that appears ridiculous and goes against every “way” of the world. These ones are subject to ridicule and mockery of loosing their mind and being “super spiritual” or not living in “reality”. The enemies that surround these ones tend to mock by cause of envy as it exposes their own lack of faith and present unbelief because of the level they rely on the systems of this world.
Some carry the future in terms of what is not yet and has not been. The eye has not seen space. They unlock mysteries of the ages to come. These ones are called to “expand” the limited hearts and minds of God’s people who have been dumbed down by religion and unlock their new creation identity. These ones are more likely to be termed heretics.
Not everyone is called to pioneer. It is a unique make up and many don’t enjoy the level of selflessness and time it requires. Many are good at building upon foundations others have made, but not many enjoy the hard slog of actually laying the foundation. That is the blood sweat and tears part. Ground breaking and ploughing against the flow of the present isn’t for the faint of heart. But somehow God likes to call the faint of heart to accomplish these tasks. Just like Gideon He calls those who feel they will die under the mandate but somehow end up surviving fires they never would have dreamed to survive. Because at the end of the day the foundation is never laid with the strength of man’s hand but by the grace of God that infuses in a soul that is weak. That makes the foundation sure.
You know you are a pioneer because you live with a groan. It’s a groan that has many painful contractions but in the end it gives birth and brings forth heaven’s design that was conceived in the womb of faith.
Pioneers are warriors at their core and that is why there aren’t many who join them or stay with them in their mandate. The flesh cannot rule or have preeminence. Ego and reputation cannot be fed or maintained on this particular battlefield. In fact it is the first to die or be exposed in a pioneering environment. Ego and reputation hide really well in self-seeking environments…. But that’s building of another kind, according to another design. Those who won’t let go of ego and reputation will not last alongside a pioneering mandate. You see no matter what blueprint the Lord has you pioneer, ALL of them cannot be motivated by a selfish need. It actually goes against the design of kingdom.
Lastly just a word to all the pioneers out there. As we know it takes great focus and resolve to pioneer the blueprints of kingdom the Lord has you carry. Remain in honour towards others who are carrying different blueprints and towards the body of Christ. Don’t think your blueprint is the be all and end all, you only know in part. When we have this attitude arrogance and judgement creep in and we tend to throw the baby out with the bath water.
This is immature leadership. The blueprint hasn’t actually fully formed in you yet. The groan and the pain of the contraction of what you are carrying is forefront. What does this mean? It means the tension of the contrary place of the now is pushing against the blueprint inside you. It can be persecution, opposition etc. Know that the Lord uses this to purify and fully form this design. There is a temptation and tendency in the pain to dishonour, be critical and judgemental. I see many people share their teaching on the blueprints they are forerunning and there is a critical, frustration thread through the whole thing. It comes with judgement and a sense of superiority that they are seeing something that everyone should see and isn’t and condemns those who can’t yet see.
What is then birthed is elitism. “We can see and they can’t!” “We are the new and they aren’t!”Ummm yeah that’s pride, and let me tell you there is nothing new about that!
Instead of teaching with a pure heart to draw those who can’t see into the blueprint of Liberty they carry, they rant with condemnation.
I’m seeing a lot of “church haters” out there. Something to think about. The Lord actually loves His church. Yes that’s right He does.
Any burden you are baring that isn’t producing fruit that lines up in the word of God is coming from a crooked place in the heart and that crooked place needs the fire of God on it. I’m not saying that the blueprint isn’t from God but it can be distorted by a defiled heart. If it produces arrogance, elitism, church hating, division, isolation, etc. then question why? Bitterness is in the heart. Don’t put God in that mess. Don’t say God feels that way. That’s not scriptual.
Condemnation will never bare fruits of repentance. Let me say that again. Condemnation will never bare fruits of repentance. Isn’t that what this is about? Desiring to serve the Lord’s body in this service of pioneering to aid them to enter a greater place of truth, revelation and freedom? Or is this about you beating your drum because you have a beef with some folks?
Something to think about?
One last thought.
The Lord loves those He corrects. Love is the motivating factor of His heart to correct and bring alignment to His sons. So if there is no love present in one’s heart for His people then there is no qualification to correct them.
Bless ya, and love ya, beautiful body of believers. You are the apple of his eye.
Much love,
Anita Alexander