Patriots Of The Kingdom – The Spirit Of Elijah

The battle wages so strong in the realm of the spirit in this hour. Today I had some devestating news that has shaken me emotionally and spiritually. In these times despair and confusion can set in, the opposite manifesting in the natural to that which God has promised or spoken. Make no mistake the devil only comes to kill, steal and destroy. Jesus has come to give life and life abundantly. (John 10:10)
When praying and seeking God this morning in regards to my personal situation I am reminded of the war in the spirit that is waging over nations particularly the US in this time.
Patriots is the term used for those who are fighting to defend freedom the founding constitution was designed to uphold.
Oxford Dictionary describes the word patriot as a late 16th century word from Greek patriotes or patrios, which means ‘of one’s fathers’, and from patris, which means ‘FATHERLAND’.
Another way of saying “of one’s fathers” would be to be called a son, would it not?
A patriot is a son. A son who knows his inheritance and will defend and fight that heritage until death.
Now interestingly enough the origins of the term “motherland”, according to, derives from the early European settlers to the USA! Two prominent figures of the Pilgrim Father settlers were John Robinson and William Brewster. While in Holland and planning the emigration to America on the Mayflower, they wrote to Sir Edwyn Sandys in 1617: “We are well weaned from ye delicate milke of our mother countrie, and enured to ye difficulties of a strange and hard land, which yet in a great parte we have by patience overcome”.
Now the definitions of motherland and fatherland are as follows;
According a motherland was defined as a country that has or had a lot of colonies while a fatherland is the country of one’s birth.
May I say it like this, A fatherland is a place of origin. When we speak of origin we speak of identity.
The very key and interesting thing though is that during the revolutionary war it is well known that patriot soldiers fighting for independence from the English were heard in their battle cry saying, “No King, but King Jesus!” In other words, “We are not subjects to a King but we are citizens answerable only to God”. Termed patriots because they were fighting over identity. They were saying our identity is not in the colonies of the motherland but our identity is from our Fatherland. Our identity is in Christ.
Therefore no matter what situations confound me in the natural, no matter what plans of the enemy that are in direct opposition to God’s plans that apparently play out before me in the natural, I will continue to stand as a patriot for the kingdom of God. I belong to the fatherland and refuse to accept and bow to the divinations and prophecies of the motherland Jezebel.
We must continue to fight for other’s freedoms in the spirit and we must continue to wage war in the spirit for those who are in darkness to come into the light. We must never give up for the cause of truth and freedom, we must never quit, we must endure to the end.
Let the patriots of the kingdom rise who will fight and uphold the blueprint and origins of COVENANT Christ purchased through His suffering, death, buried and resurrection. Let the patriots of the kingdom continue to fight for the truth of freedom the new covenant decrees.
Be not mistaken there is a battle against the truth of the covenant of freedom through Christ. There is a counterfeit expression of freedom that is guising itself under the banner of a false Christ, sprouting and declaring Jezebelic heresies.
Just like in the days of Elijah, there is a remnant in the body who have not bowed their knee to the sorcerers and idolatries of Jezebel. There is a company of patriots arising mantled in the Spirit and power of Elijah, restoring many back to the fatherland. These being restored back to Father will be restored into covenant sonship. Luke 1:17 says that the spirit of Elijah will turn the disobedient, stubborn and incredulous back to loving the will of God. This is a return to covenant. These ones restored will have a fearless boldness against the deceptions that held them prisoner. They will be mantled with the anointing of Jehu and will uproot the demonic mixture of Jezebel from the midst.
Let the patriots of the Kingdom come forth, let them bear the true spirit of prophesy – the testimony of Jesus Christ, victory is found in death, not seeking to save ones life. That is the testimony of Christ, this is the power of the overcomer, by the blood of the lamb, the word of our testimony, taking up our cross, following Him and loving not our life even unto death.
And so, even though this natural realm is fabricated with the counterfeit expressions of the enemy’s supposed victory, I stand with Christ- I am a patriot of the kingdom.
I am a patriot, I am of the fatherland, the King’s kingdom, I am a daughter of the Most High and I stand with Christ. The book says light wins in the end, until then let justice and mercy be our cry!